Azmin 'welcomes' Hadi's support for Dr M to complete full term
Published:  Jul 29, 2019 3:23 AM
Updated: 5:36 AM

PKR deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali said he "welcomed" PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang's support for Dr Mahathir Mohamad to complete a full term as prime minister.

In a statement today, Azmin said this would ensure the necessary stability to implement institutional reforms and measures to revive the economy.

"Bipartisan support for the prime minister marks a new page in Malaysian politics where the interests of the people are given priority.

"This has manifested in the amending of the Federal Constitution to lower the voting age to 18.

"(The bipartisan) support was evidence of confidence in Mahathir's leadership, which has shown the appropriate integrity in line with his role as the country's premier statesperson," he said.

Azmin said he shared a similar position with Hadi that the restoration of Malaysia's former glory must be worked on immediately.

Political differences will exist in a democratic country, he added, but these should be properly managed to ensure the interests of the rakyat are upheld.

"Mahathir's leadership is needed to ensure stability, continuity and consistency of government policies to stimulate investments, create jobs and create wealth for all.

"I am confident that political stability will lead to firm policies and collective wisdom, including the concept of 'shared prosperity' which will restore Malaysia as an Asian Tiger," he said.

During the inaugural Pakatan Harapan leadership convention in January 2018, top coalition leaders had signed an agreement for Mahathir to hand over the premiership to PKR president Anwar Ibrahim without stating a time frame.

Since winning the general election last year, he has been waffling on the transition date, though repeatedly stating that he would hand over the reins to Anwar.

At the same time, Mahathir has been shoring up the number of MPs in his party Bersatu by accepting defectors from Umno.

He has also accepted a written commitment from PAS, who pledged to have their MPs support the incumbent prime minister should there be a move within Harapan to oust him.

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