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Umno Youth chief claims slandered by Malaysiakini, but...
Published:  Aug 20, 2019 8:40 AM
Updated: 9:46 AM

Umno Youth chief Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki has accused Malaysiakini of slandering him with regard to an article about Kluang MP Wong Shu Qi's name being given a vulgar twist.

In that article, Malaysiakini had reported that at a rally in Kluang on Saturday, some in the crowd had referred to the DAP lawmaker as Wong "p**i", a Malay vulgarity referring to female genitalia.

This occurred during Asyraf's speech. In its report, the news portal did not mention that the Umno Youth chief had uttered the word.

However, in a Facebook posting yesterday, Asyraf claimed that Malaysiakini had attributed the vulgarities to him.

"It looks like Malaysiakini is trying to spin and slander me, by accusing that my speech at the rally... had referred to the Kluang MP, who had insulted Jawi, with a vulgar word.

"This is not the first time Malaysiakini has lied, recently (preacher) Zakir Naik's speech was also spun and manipulated to distract from bigger issues," he said.

This is believed to be in reference to Zakir's remarks about Chinese Malaysians, which the preacher claimed was taken out of context.

In his posting, Asyraf attached a full video of his speech at Kluang on Saturday as proof that Malaysiakini is lying.

In the portal, the exchange in which Wong was referred to with vulgarities was reported as follows:

Asyraf: Why are we here this evening? What is the significance of us gathering in front of the office of the DAP Kluang representative, Wong?

Crowd: Shu Qi

Asyraf: Shu Qi. Wong?

Crowd member: P**i!

Asyraf: Shu Qi

Crowd: P**i, p**i! (followed by laughter)

Asyraf: The other things I don't want to say. I did not say that; I just came back from the haj.

This exchange can be heard between 9:17 and 9:47 in the video shared by Asyraf.

An excerpt from the rally pertaining to this part of the speech was also uploaded by KiniTV.

Asyraf's predecessor in Umno Youth, Khairy Jamaluddin, had ticked off the protesters for resorting to vulgarities.

The group protested in front of Wong's office in Kluang to protest her statement that Jawi had also been used in erotic novels in trying to make a point that the script is not exclusive to Islam and learning it does not amount to Islamisation.

However, Wong said her statement was taken out of context to show that she was allegedly insulting Jawi.

She also said using this irreverent material had made Jawi more relatable to her Chinese audience at a talk last week. This was when the proposed introduction of compulsory khat lessons for the primary school syllabus was still a hot topic.

In his speech on Saturday, Asyraf said Wong's reasoning was insulting, not just to those who used Jawi but also to the Chinese.

He added that Wong should be crowned the country's "mother of obscenities".

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