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Yoursay: Companies race to make money, not make money for a race

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YOURSAY | ‘None of Umno folks protested when two Caucasians, in a row, were made the CEOs of MAS.’

Yoursay: FT Umno Youth raises Malay concerns on rumoured GLC CEO

Vijay47: Just a few days ago, Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad described Malays as lazy and poor, implying that the former created the latter.

Now Federal Territories Umno Youth chief Mohamed Nizham Abdullah Hamidi is out not only to prove Mahathir right, but also to add to the repertoire of supposed racial attributes - befuddled, idiotic and parasitical come to mind.

This Umno leader seems upset that a Malaysian of Chinese origin may soon be heading Sime Darby.

Perhaps Nizham would care to let us know how the rumoured CEO is disqualified from leading the GLC (government-linked company). Are there any legal, ethical, corporate, or constitutional grounds for this stance?

None of you folks protested when two Caucasians, in a row, were made the CEOs of MAS.

You are further outraged that corporate leader Voon Tin Yow “would always be chasing profits.” Hello, isn’t that supposed to be what a GLC is expected to achieve?

Maybe you want the show to continue with our GLCs making huge losses, even as their heads take home obscene salaries and bonuses.

Newday: Yet again, another ill-perceived threat to Malays. I am not surprised this is from Umno. They are veering uncontrollably to the far right, which is all about racial supremacy.

Voon is Malaysian, and that is all that matters. Sime Darby is a local company with a global outlook.

There is no logic to the argument that Voon would not look after Malay interests. He is, first and foremost, there to look after Sime Darby's interests. He will be working on a ‘business’ model, not a ‘race’ model.

Your argument has only one purpose - to stir up racial strife.

Headhunter: Indeed, the most qualified person to be a CEO is one who can sustain the company's profits, and build it into a reputable business entity. Not his skin colour or race or religion because it is not a charitable organisation. Of course, idiots don't get it.

One Day At A Time: I was with Sime Darby long ago.

During one of the annual dinners for senior executives, Tan Siew Sin, who was our chairperson then, told us why his own company, United Malacca Plantation, was making money despite low commodity prices sometimes. It was because he only employed the best, not his own family members.

Sadly, after a decade with the company, I downed tools and started looking for another job because our so-called personnel director then was slowly becoming racist in his job.

I never regretted my decision, and many of my colleagues followed suit. We worked hard, very hard, but when politics came into play, Sime Darby was not the right place to stay.

Raikonen: Voon is one of the best superiors I have had in my career. Sime Darby will be lucky to have him as CEO, but will he leave Ecoworld and its chief, Liew Kee Sin? Unlikely.

Kural: Such battles for Malay-only CEOs should be quite exhausted by now, considering the recent debacle consequent to the dismal failings of some prominent government-supported business entities and eventual bailout by the government.

The undoing of a number of entities like Felda, MAS, etc, is consequent on a fundamental disregard of fundamental business practices.

Myviews: Nizham, for goodness sake, for once, find some useful work to do and not be always chasing the shadows. Why do people like you feel threatened at every slight change?

Even if the rumours are true, what's wrong in placing the best man for the job? That is how a nation progresses.

The past government has created a nation of crutch dependents - CEOs who earn obscene salaries but hardly doing anything useful, and rent-seekers like you.

Of course, you may feel threatened because if you are in the company of hardworking people, you, too, will have to work to earn your keep.

The best brains have been chased away to other countries, and yet you still want to maintain your superiority complex. Hello, we live in a globalised world. If you don't move forward, the country will fail.

Taiwan and South Korea were behind us, but are now far ahead. Singapore started at the same time as us, but they're miles ahead. We're still struggling. All because of deadwood like you.

Anonymous 770241447347646: Sixty over years and 70 percent of the Malays today earn just enough to provide a roof over their heads and some food on the table.

The small percentage of the select few live like dukes and duchesses, because of their connections and relationships.

Before opening your mouth and being a hypocrite for saying that you are concerned for the welfare of the Malays, which Malays are you talking about? The majority have nothing to do with Sime Darby.

Sixty years of history speak for themselves. Now that the truth is revealed that there are many Malays still living below the poverty line, it proves that Umno and PAS have failed the Malays.

Fair Play: Yes, Umno had the opportunity to effectively enforce the quota system and preferential treatment, and after more than 60 years, the majority community is still in poverty.

Sime Darby, as an entity listed in Bursa Malaysia, is measured by performance, that is, returns on investment.

Thickskin: Nizham forgets what happened to FGV (formerly Felda Global Ventures) under inept, incompetent and corrupt Malays. The best thing to happen for Sime Darby is to have the best person for the job.

This type of stupid argument will only bring down the country. He should understand that this is one of the reasons why Umno was booted out in GE14.

Gerard Lourdesamy: Stop being racist. Why can't the best person be appointed to the job, based on merit, experience and competence?

GLCs are not just for the 50.2 percent of Malays in the country. What about the rest of the country?

It is sickening that after 62 years of independence and the relative success of the New Economic Policy (NEP) in creating a big Malay professional and middle class, reducing absolute Malay poverty, increasing Malay ownership of businesses, and achieving the 30 percent equity target, Umno still wants to talk in terms of race and nothing else.

Anonnon2: Where in Sime Darby's mission statement does it say that the company prioritises one race above everything else?

Clever Voter: Sime Darby shareholders are aghast at the low returns of this once great GLC. The property division has lost its competitive edge.

Associating race with appointment is a dangerous thing, but it would not surprise if we see this government buckle under pressure.

Anonymous2359: The ingrained DNA will forever keep them down. For them, it's better keeping the little oven and sharing the little cake among themselves, than baking a bigger one and sharing with more.

They have eyes, but can't see.

Anonymous_82aa018f: Nizham, when you are sick, do you ask for the best available doctor, regardless of race, or will you insist on seeing a bumiputera doctor? 

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