Other races also needed, says Khaled amidst Umno-PAS euphoria


Umno vice-president Khaled Nordin has reminded his partners in the Umno-PAS accord that the political alliance needs the support of Malaysians beyond the Muslim-Malay community.

"Many do not think that Umno and PAS will adopt the concept of national unity; instead they expect it to be a unification of the ummah in line with their belief that it is a union whose orientation is racial and religious," the former Johor MB said in a statement today.

He reminded the public that both parties which signed the Piagam Muafakat Nasional (National Cooperation Charter) shared long histories.

"Much has been achieved by both, as government and as opposition.

"In reality, Umno and PAS have always held that any cooperation between the two must be for the good of our homeland," he said.

Nonetheless, he reminded supporters that the cooperation of Umno and PAS alone would not bring about the desired political victory.

"To form a government, we need the support of all Malaysians, not just from the Malays and Muslims. We have never ignored the interest of other people in the country,” he added.

Khaled said the charter will enable both parties to discuss issues such as education, federalism and the economy.

“We can also no longer allow the country’s direction to be determined by just the prime minister.”

Khaled also urged parties from Sarawak and Sabah, as well as civil society groups and NGOs, to join the new charter.

“Those who believe this alliance to be about only Malays and Islam are misguided. We are not trapped in debates about racial and religious sentiments that are being played out by Pakatan Harapan,” he claimed.

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