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Hadi: DAP wants to give Chinese control of S'wak and its wealth
Published:  Sep 16, 2019 5:57 PM
Updated: 11:37 AM

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang today warned that the DAP wants to give control of the state and its wealth to the Chinese.

Speaking at a Malaysia Day event in Bintulu, he said the bumiputera community must unite to prevent this from happening.

"In the 14th general election, the BN was defeated and Pakatan Harapan, in which the DAP is the biggest leader, came to power.

"Unfortunately, the DAP wants the wealth for Chinese only, not for all people; other people are left behind," he said in his speech which was streamed live on Hadi's official Facebook page.

He said Malays and Orang Asal were sidelined and this situation is similar in Peninsular Malaysia.

"That's why we hope Sarawakians will prioritise for bumiputera and Malays to control Sarawak.

"We're not chasing the Chinese away but don't allow the Chinese to control Sarawak. The DAP wants the Chinese to control Sarawak, we will stop them," he said.

As such, Hadi said people should not support the DAP or parties allied to it.

"Malays, Ibans and all other Orang Asal should unite to defend bumiputera power in Sarawak.

"PAS asks that you unite and don't support the DAP or any parties that work with the DAP," he said.

Earlier, Hadi spoke about the formation of Malaysia, which was foreshadowed by clashes between then Malaya and communist-backed Indonesia.

"In the end, the United Nation held a survey and the majority of Malays and Orang Asal agree to join Malaysia.

"Many Chinese supported the communists - this I must state. Their numbers are not many.

"In the end, Sabah and Sarawak were governed under Malaysia and (its formation) was postponed to Sept 16 due to the survey. It was originally supposed to be Aug 31," he said.

However, he said after independence, a situation that needed rectification persisted.

"The situation was not rectified. The towns were still controlled by the Chinese. They controlled the wealth and economy.

"The Malays and Ibans in the interiors, whose numbers were the biggest, were in poverty.

"By right, the wealth should be divided. PAS wants to be fair to all races, not just one race," he said.

At a press conference later, Hadi elaborated that the Chinse were in a better situation than the natives.

"Among them, we see that the Chinese have identity cards (ICs) but the Ibans and Penans do not.

"How did they come here? They were immigrants. We accept them as citizens but many Orang Asal in Sarawak still do not have ICs," he said.

He also reiterated that the DAP was an "extremist" party.

"We hope the Chinese will choose a Chinese party that is not extreme - don't choose the DAP.

"This also includes the bumiputera who should not vote for any parties in Pakatan Harapan," he said.


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