Yoursay: Sadly, nothing in Malay Dignity Congress to save oldest Malay paper


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YOURSAY | 'If Utusan had been truthful, it would still be going strong.'

Internal memo states Utusan to shut down today, all staff dismissed

Stand for Truth: What are Umno’s three million members and the thousands of Malay NGOs doing to save Utusan Malaysia from closure?

Sadly, nothing was said or proposed at last Sunday’s Malay Dignity Congress to save the oldest Malay newspaper.

I hope it can be saved by the new owners and management so that it will serve the nation as a credible newspaper.

Wira: Yes, where is the dignity and shame of those who organised the recent Malay Dignity Congress?

You can't even come up with some money to save the oldest Malay newspaper that is the bastion of Malay nationalism (and chauvinism) in this country?

Keropok Ikan: They should have used the money wasted on the Malay Dignity Congress to save this paper’s dignity.

Kangkuong: Malay Dignity Congress organiser Professor Zainal Kling, if you really care about Malays and have an ounce of dignity, you would have mentioned Utusan's plight and used the Malay Dignity Congress to unite Malays to help Utusan.

Instead, you were spewing hatred against others.

And just a week ago, Ummah chairperson Aminuddin Yahaya said the Buy Muslim First campaign was a huge success. What say you?

Kneazle: This is how Umno and PAS fight for the Malays and yet they blame others if things didn't work out.

Where are those people who shouted buy Malay/Muslim products first? If Utusan didn't publish trash, it wouldn't end up like this.

Dummies Dhimmi: Nobody to selamatkan (save) Awang Selamat. Not even their political masters who hugely gained from this racist paper. What an inglorious end.

This newspaper, especially its partisan editorial, is the cause and downfall of the Malay dignity.

Anonymous 5237890145285379: My only memory of Utusan was when they published the headline ‘Apa Lagi Cina Mahu?’ just after the 13th general election.

Its sister newspaper Kosmo!, in turn, headlined ‘Pengudi Cina bersikap talam dua muka’ (Chinese voters are two-faced).

Anonymous_8a8199e7: Awang Selamat becomes Awang Tak Selamat and Awang Menganggur.

The “Apa lagi Cina mahu?” (“What more do the Chinese want?”) headline is still fresh in my mind.

Do I pity them? The answer is a big ‘no’.

Just Me: Utusan has never been a newspaper anyway. It is a propaganda paper for Umno from day one. All are hatred and lies. The sooner it closes, the better.

Pity the staff? Never.

They are the ones that helped propagate racial hatred in the first place. Good staff will easily be absorbed by other news companies. Bad staff, who only know how to spread ill-will, will receive their karma.

Paul Warren: Damned employers! You can be an owner of a business, but that does not mean you can play with fire, become partisan, and get all your staff to be as racist as you.

Trusting you, your employees get married, have children, take a loan to buy a car and a house. Now they are caught in a lurch.

When you start a business, your first responsibility is to be a good employer. Last comes your political, religious and racist beliefs. Even your interests as an investor precede your political, religious and racist beliefs.

But no. You put your political, religious and racist beliefs first. You got your employees to believe in you and got them to subscribe to your priorities and your political games. Yes, for you it was all a game.

You got them to believe that it was safe for them to get married, have children, buy a car, take out a mortgage for a house, and now you walk away.

Unfortunately, your employees are just too dumb to realise that you sacrificed your responsibilities for your selfish aims, and you fooled them. Do they even realise how foolish they look today?

Anonymous 2401191456463140: We may have differences, but we cannot thump our chests and say “serve you right”.

We sympathise with all the staff affected.

Anonymous28374649023: Indeed, no one should wish this upon anyone. Hundreds have lost their job. They now have problems putting food on the table for their families.

It is those who blindly served a kleptocratic government and attacked its enemies and ran the company to the ground who should be blamed.

Jaded: My thoughts go out to the innocent staff and their families who have lost their livelihood because of this shutdown.

Companies rarely become insolvent overnight but over a long period of time. The rot and deadwood set in and the lackadaisical management's failure or inability to see the change in sentiment and behaviour is what killed it.

MA: I’m very sorry to say this, but I cannot help it. The newspaper has gone to where it belongs - flushed away into nothingness. This is the dignity that certain people need to scream and scrawl about.

I bet some of the Utusan staff would have been at the Malay Dignity Congress to cover the event, and they would not have seen it coming. The indignity of it all!

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