Yoursay: A race that let its leaders steal can never progress



YOURSAY | Bersatu’s dilemma – stay with Harapan or join Umno-PAS.

Team up with Umno and PAS for Malay unity - Mat Hasan tells Dr M

Hmmmmmmmm: So, finally the cat is out of the bag. This the whole purpose of organising the Malay Dignity Congress, isn't it?

The organiser tries to bring in the leaders of the Malay-based political parties Umno, PAS and Bersatu to ‘persuade' them to work together. Those who might not be amenable to the union were not invited.

Quigonbond: I would like to see Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) comment on Umno deputy president Mohamad Hasan’s proposal for Bersatu to pull out of Pakatan Harapan and join Umno and PAS for Malay unity.

If GPS agrees to join the racial-theocratic coalition, they should be prepared to lose the next state election.

Anonymouss: Before Bersatu president Dr Mahathir Mohamad even agreed to join the Umno-PAS alliance, Mat Hasan is already asking for positions - "But Umno and PAS should be given a significant role in restoring this country. We don't want to be just passengers."

The Umno politicians are so eager to take up government positions again.

They are trying to hoodwink the Malays into thinking that they are fighting for the community’s interests. Instead, politicians like Mat Hasan are just using religion and race for their own political benefits.

Jaya Jayam: Bersatu leaving the Harapan coalition to team up with Umno and PAS would be for the greater good of this nation.

Harapan would be rid of its cancer. Unfortunately, this could lead to a major racial rift which can cause mayhem unless PKR president Anwar Ibrahim and the other Harapan parties can steady the ship.

But from past experience, there appears no hope to educate the masses about intellectual politics instead of racial politics.

There seems to be little hope for racial unity in this country as the rakyat has been conned by politicians for far too long. Only God can save us.

Guuunner: If Mahathir decides to take Bersatu out of Harapan, the remaining parties in the Harapan coalition can form a purely multiracial government with Warisan and GPS, and steer the country clear of racial extremism.

That’s the way to go for a truly New Malaysia.

Just A Malaysian: A race where its leaders steal can never progress. See certain countries in Africa and Asia being ruled by dictators as examples.

And then look at countries like South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, China and Australia. See how the population reacts when their leaders misappropriate even a small sum of money.

See how their leaders are thrown to jail or commit suicide for a very minuscule sum when compared to the size of the corruption in Malaysia.

These countries are administered well. Mat Hasan, it is never the unity of a particular race which is the crux of our malaise.

It is corruption by politicians and those holding important positions, who then hide behind the veil of race and religion, which is holding the country back.

The people, including the Malays, should ‘bangkit’ (rise) and get rid of these pests once and for all.

Malaysianheart: Mat Hasan’s offer to Bersatu seems to be still grounded on the feudal style of thinking and doing things. This does not sound like a democracy to me.

Heads of political parties cannot simply suggest or do things as if the whole party belongs to them. What happened to shared governance in administrating a country? Is the government made up of only one party? Do all these politicians really know the Federal Constitution?

They talk like they don't even know that there is a Federal Constitution that guarantees the position of Islam, bumiputera privileges and the national language.

If every politician, especially those in the ruling government, are carrying out their duties diligently, honestly and fairly, there should be no worry about the race, religion or language.

Perhaps those sharing their fears, insecurities and tendencies for division are really saying that they are afraid of non-Muslims ruining the country if placed in a position of authority.

Could this really be a reflection on how our previous ministers and government machinery have been practising over the past 60 years?

Fair Malaysian: Mat Hasan, let me tell you something in a short and simple way.

Great empires of the world have collapsed. Take the Roman Empire, not to forget the rulers of Egypt, the French, the Russians and the Caliphates.

They all have one thing in common for their fall - greed and parochialism. When Umno fell after ruling for over 60 years - greed and parochialism were at the forefront.

What Umno, PAS and the Malay NGOs are talking about - racial unity and ummah (religious ties) - are not new.

While Umno had a good start during pre-independence, over the years, greed took over. It became a party for getting contracts and positions and ultimately, included allegedly corrupt leaders.

Not that Umno may not get a bite at the cherry again, but it will be an uphill task for the party to win in the next general election. People generally will identify it with the wrong reasons, especially corruption.

PAS and parochialism are inseparable. The inclusiveness of the late ‘Tok Guru’ Nik Aziz Nik Mat saw the party shedding this image for a while, but with current president Abdul Hadi Awang, it continues to distance itself from the non-Malays in the country.

The inability and unwillingness of Umno to purge itself of rogue elements had weakened the party exponentially. It may look like the race and religion factor had given Umno a new lease of life but it is going to be a dead end.

For a revival and as a long-term strategy, Umno needs to go back to the drawing board.

The best chance for Umno to regain its influence is by becoming a multiracial party in word and spirit and embrace and extend a hand of sincerity and friendship to all Malaysians.

The party needs to distance itself from money politics and take the lead to report its members suspected of corruption to the MACC.

However, with the same faces around like Annuar Musa and Ismail Sabri Yaakob, the party is heading nowhere.

If Umno follows this path sincerely, it doesn't need to ally with Bersatu, or even PAS, in order to regain respect and support.

Newday: Bersatu was formed because something had to be done to get rid of Umno's gross corruption and self-enrichment.

Has anything changed yet within Umno after their failure in the election? The answer is a resounding ‘No’.

Mind you, Bersatu itself is showing many signs that the Umno DNA is still floating around within the party.

Anonymous 0123456789: I respect Mat Hasan but I do not agree with his call for Bersatu to join PAS and Umno.

Bersatu should stay with Harapan. Mahathir is doing a great job there... breaking Harapan apart.

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