PKR grassroots leaders lobby for Zakaria's sacking to be reversed


Several PKR leaders aligned to party deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali's faction have called for the sacking of central leadership council member Zakaria Abdul Hamid over his alleged graft to be reversed.

In a statement, Wanita PKR information chief Syarul Ema Rena Abu Samah said Zakaria's sacking was undemocratic.

"The decision was made without allowing Zakaria (photo, above) to defend himself against the allegations," she said.

The PKR disciplinary board had sacked Zakaria after receiving a letter from the MACC about his alleged wrongdoing.

MACC deputy chief commissioner Azam Baki later said the letter was only intended for government agencies and was mistakenly sent to PKR.

PKR president Anwar Ibrahim today said the mistake does not negate the contents of the letter which he said was serious.

However, Syarul Ema said Zakaria has yet to be charged for any offence.

"Zakaria was not charged nor arrested, how can the MACC interfere in the matters of a political organisation? It is out of the ordinary for the MACC to do so," she said.

She added that an apology is due for Zakaria for the rash action against him.

Meanwhile, Srikandi PKR chief Nurainie Haziqah Shafii also called for Zakaria's sacking to be reversed.

"Srikandi is disappointed by the action that does not follow the principle of justice when the decision was made without going through the proper process.

"The injustice against Zakaria must be immediately addressed so that the good name of the party is not tarnished by this foolish decision," she said.

The disciplinary board had said that Zakaria can appeal the decision. He was dismissed together with Bera PKR committee member Ismail Dulhadi.

The MACC investigation against Zakaria was based on an audio recording purportedly of him offering government contracts during the PKR elections last year.

Zakaria was formerly the political secretary to Works Minister Baru Bian and had contested and won a PKR leadership council position, garnering the eighth highest number of votes. He was also the Bera PKR chief.

'Resign if you can't toe the line'

Meanwhile, Zakaria's PKR branch said the action against him was rushed.

"The case is clearly election season slander manufactured by Zakaria's political enemies to end his political career," it said.

The statement was signed by the branch's secretary Dahalan Ismail and vice chiefs Mohd Shakri Othman, S Saravanan and Hamzah Bawa.

They urged the party to reverse the sacking.

Meanwhile, PKR vice-president Chang Lih Kang said senior party leaders, particularly those who chose not to attend the meeting that decided Zakaria's fate but are now publicly criticising it, to resign.

"I would like to remind these leaders that they are part of the decision-making body. They have every right to raise their concern or dissidence in the meeting but not in the media after the issue has been decided.

"If you forgo your right to decide, you are not qualified to make a fuss over the decision made by others in the meeting.

"Collective responsibility is simple organisational discipline, that should be respected and upheld not only in the cabinet or political parties but all organisations.

"If leaders cannot toe the party line, the most honourable thing for them to do is to quit," he said in a statement.