Yoursay: When a politician can spend RM1.4mil on credit cards alone

YOURSAY | 'One must accept that even if Zahid is punished, there will be others following his example.'

Court hears of Zahid and wife's RM1.4m credit card spending

Anonymous_1544340881: Apart from the extravagant spending, what I find curious is the lack of financial probity among these elite politicians.

Like former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak, there were late payments and late payment penalties involving their credit cards.

When they are PM or DPM, it really reflects very poorly on them. This is a sign of very poor money management.

With these Umno goons running the country, no wonder we are so deep in debt and the economy is in the doldrums.

No wonder all the government and bumiputera-aided companies run by these Umno leaders fail and do badly. They just follow their leaders.

But we can't blame Umno alone. Look at Kelantan. It is another sad case under PAS.

For heaven’s sake, if you insist on running the state, at least have the good sense to leave the economy alone and let people who are competent and talented run it.

I mean, if you go to a surgeon, you want the best to treat you and this is not based on race or religion. This is obvious since many of the Malay elites and even royals go to Singapore for medical treatment.

So why are we killing our livelihood by placing incompetent people in positions of power?

LeadWithoutTitle: Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is playing a denial game. He refused to accept the allegation that he is corrupted and a failed Muslim leader.

What a shame to have a hypocrite leader who preached so much about Islamic values, Malay dignity and ‘ketuanan Melayu’ (Malay supremacy) but he does not realise himself what a low life he is.

Clever Voter: Spending millions seems to be the favourite past-time of crooked politicians. It's not only a show of power but reflects a tacky lifestyle that only they will understand.

Zahid is not alone. His bosses before him, his colleagues and subordinates are all part of this culture.

One must accept that even if Zahid is punished, there will be others following his example.

Unless the roots of these problems are eliminated completely, the nation will end up as a failure. The sad part is, I believe we are already halfway there.

Mosquitobrain: Unbelievable! The Umno president is allegedly involved in money laundering, graft and criminal breach of trust.

Zahid now faces a total of 87 criminal charges, giving him the ‘distinction’ of being the politician facing the most charges to date.

He was charged at Shah Alam Sessions Court with 33 counts alone of having accepted RM42.76 million from a company over the overseas visa system.

What an insult to the ‘ketuanan Melayu’ and a betrayal to the nation.

Xiao Zhu: For more than half a century, in the name of race and religion, their leaders have allegedly plundered money meant for the people.

Meanwhile, their people keep needing government aid and blame the world if they don’t get it.

Yet, they don't realise that it is their own leaders who have cleaned out the country’s coffers. This is mind-blowing.

RR: The irony is that these people pray five times a day and preach good values to Malaysians, especially to the Malays. What hypocrites.

The Malays must wake up and select honest and dedicated Malays as leaders, so that the future of our country is not destroyed.

There are still plenty of very good and honest God-fearing Malays around.

GalaxyM: The Chinese voters in Tanjung Piai must have been charmed by the corrupted, racist and religiously bigoted Umno and PAS leaders to give support to the BN candidate in the recent by-election.

Despite the 61 years of bad governance under allegedly corrupted leaders like Zahid and Najib, the voters still voted for BN.

FlabberPro: I guess the 'charity' here is for Zahid and wife. It was not for the poor; it was for the defenders of Islam and Malays.

Yet, he still joins in the chorus to say that Malays have been marginalised by the Pakatan Harapan government.

From the way I see it, the Malays have been marginalised by BN and Umno, which have allegedly stolen financial aid meant for the people in need.

Anonymous_4056: This is why the Malays remain poor. Their leaders keep stealing and stealing without any guilt or end up getting caught.

Zahid is so rich that he is able to spend RM1.4 million on credit cards alone.

Those who support him are indeed truly blind.

Kangkung: Najib allegedly spent more than RM3.3 million at a jeweller in Italy in a single day in 2014, and Zahid allegedly couldn't lose out so he had to spend RM1.4 million.

But all this revelation means nothing as they are still worshipped by the Malays.

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