Yoursay: The PDRM X-files: LTTE and CPM


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YOURSAY | Why is the celebration of the Hat Yai Peace Accord an event that should be investigated by the police?

Cops probe event commemorating anniversary of Hat Yai Peace Accord

Anonymous_1543386425: The Hat Yai Accord is part of our history and so is the communist insurrection that was brought to an end.

It is good to let the younger generations know why the communists fought the Japanese, then the British colonialists, and our newly independent nation Malaya, and later Malaysia.

The government and historians under its influence have downplayed this part of our history and the individuals/parties involved in it.

What's wrong with this senior citizens group holding a commemoration of the peace accord? We should be proud that with the help of our allies, we were able to defeat the communist insurgency.

In fact, while many seniors are still around, our history before and after Merdeka should be re-written to correct the half-truths which have been fed to us through our education system.

Vijay47: The Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) is investigating a commemoration of the Hat Yai Peace Accord - in case the point eludes, it was a peace accord.

With that treaty, a period of hostility between two streams of Malayan political philosophies came to a welcome end, and the respective combatants no longer viewed as enemies.

Or so we thought. The Malayan government reneged on honouring its part of the bargain, and a man who fought for national liberation was not allowed to die in tanah air (motherland).

Chin Peng's remains are a mere handful of ash, yet craven fanatics fear it will overwhelm an entire nation and bring it to its knees.

Ace: Aren't the police force and this government happy that the communists laid down their arms and stopped the insurgency and signed a peace accord?

Come on, for God's sake, it's celebrating a peace accord, not attacking other religions and citizens like one of your favoured guests is doing.

David Dass: Indeed, why is the celebration of the Hat Yai Peace Accord an event that should be investigated by the police?

It was a historical event of momentous significance. It brought to an end an insurgency that had taken many lives.

Communism, as a threat to democracy and capitalism, is a spent force.

HKTan: There was no probe on the group of men spewing and promoting hatred in a stadium some time ago.

It is ridiculous that the police are now probing a commemoration of a peace accord signed between our government and a warring faction half a century ago.

Anonymous_1544340881: Well done PDRM, I see that our tax dollars are being well spent.

The Chinese communist threat is a critical and pressing issue. Our country is being invaded by thousands of communist Chinese tourists each year. They are buying up our properties. They are buying our products. They are buying our durians. Is there no limit to their crimes?

Chinese communists and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) are great threats to the nation. Over the last few years, all around the world, they have slaughtered thousands, bombed churches, beheaded people, tortured and enslaved many, with a little genocide thrown in.

Incisive: Yes, our police seem to have nothing else to do. They are investigating LTTE supporters after LTTE is no more. They are investigating supporters of Chin Peng after Chin Peng is no more.

Will their investigations take them into the afterlife?

As a M'sian citizen, Muhyiddin concerned about 'communist trend'

Anonymous_1550607211: We are worried about communism? Seriously? We have diplomatic ties with communist countries such as China, Vietnam, Laos, North Korea and Cuba. And Malaysians can freely travel to these communist-run countries.

Perhaps the real issue is a fear of Chinese nationalism espoused by China permeating into the local Chinese political awareness, and the Chinese language media and educationists deferring to the motherland?

A clear case in point is the Belt and Rail Initiative (BRI) comic book which is clearly pro-Beijing propaganda published by a local businessman.

Quantum: I have no problem with this gathering. But the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) struggling to bring freedom and democracy? More like dictatorship as a satellite of communist China.

Get real. The party is always right and anyone disagreeing gets shot or imprisoned. That's the communist system.

Bravemalaysian: The Hat Yai Accord is a peace accord. Were these people gathered to celebrate the peace or did they gather to try to revive the CPM?

The government should be happy they remember this momentous occasion when we found peace with our fellow Malaysians.

The CPM has been dead for decades, but we still make them an issue for political purposes. PAS has even labelled the DAP as communist. So Muhyiddin, is your party Bersatu ruling with closet communists?

The Japanese came and killed and tortured many more of our people, but we now glorify them with our Look East policy and accept Samurai bonds. What hypocrisy is this?

BebekTepiSawah: If the government is so scared of communism, it should sever ties with China, stop taking China’s money, ban China’s tourists, or else they will spread “communist trend” to Malaysia.

Government corruption, ministers’ stupidity and ignorance are greater threats to Malaysia than communism.

PKC: Islamic State (IS) fighters are welcome back, dead bomb makers are flown home for a proper burial at the taxpayers' expense, but a dead communist's ashes is a threat to national security?

We should be more worried about our national security when only four fighter jets are flying, while the rest are grounded due to spare parts/maintenance issues; six air force helicopters ordered and partially paid for and not a single unit has been delivered; navy patrol boats ordered and still to be delivered; rampant cross-border smuggling under the watchful eyes of the police, etc.

Wira: "Muhyiddin asked if the nation had become so democratically mature to the point that anyone was free to do as he or she pleased without considering the consequences."

He should also ask this of the organisers and attendees of the recent Malay Dignity Congress. What is sauce for the goose must also be sauce for the gander.

Anonymous_1cfb3ab6: There are no more communists in Malaysia, only racists, capitalists and opportunists.

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