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Yoursay: Ministry can’t wash its hands of 'Zakir icon' exam question

YOURSAY | They are, after all, in charge of monitoring the performance of local universities.

Education Ministry: We're not responsible for Zakir Naik question

Anonymous #13571680: Universities come under the purview of the Education Ministry. Its minister Maszlee Malik has a duty to monitor what the universities are doing.

When such issues arise, he has to ensure that the universities adhere to the Federal Constitution in preserving unity and harmony.

The ministry cannot wash off its hands when such a problem arises. If so, we may have to shut down the ministry instead of wasting the rakyat’s money.

Anonymous 2465861491622056: The Education Ministry is super-efficient in introducing Jawi in vernacular schools.

The ministry has also given permission for Yayasan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia (Yadim) to carry out Islamic programmes in schools and colleges.

And now this Zakir Naik issue. This trend is worrying.

Anonymous_1527654283: “The Education Ministry wishes to stress that every (public) university has an internal and external quality assurance system. "The academic committee and university senate are responsible for their own academic standards," said the department.

“The department added, therefore, it does not interfere in the academic programmes of universities.”

This statement does not make sense. The question on controversial Muslim preacher Zakir Naik has no academic value, whatever the level of education.

Anonymous_3f4b: This is a classic case of passing the buck. Are they saying that the Education Ministry has no control over the public universities, which are funded by taxpayers’ money?

Can the local universities implement their course structure and contents, appoint their chancellors and staff without the knowledge of the Education Ministry?

Fei Ma: The Education Ministry’s response confirms that Islamisation is creeping into education institutions which the ministry claims that it has no knowledge of.

They recently allowed Yadim to conduct to conduct religious propagation in schools, teachers’ training institutes, polytechnics, community colleges, public universities and selected private universities in Malaysia.

Worried Sick: This is a typical and irresponsible standard answer by the Education Ministry. Why is there a Department of Higher Education within the ministry? What is its function?

Under the previous government, there was a Higher Education Ministry but the Pakatan Harapan government decided that the Education Ministry can take over its functions.

Hence, the new Department of Higher Education. It is this department that should be held responsible for the Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) exam paper fiasco.

UniMAP must come out with the truth: is it true that lecturers who teach their subjects set the questions and mark the papers of their own students?

Secondly, is it true that questions set in examination papers are normally discussed in class by the respective lecturers before the examination proper?

David Dass: It was an absurd question. Malaysians who disagree and disapprove of Zakir Naik are compelled to accept the assumptions made in the question - that he is an icon, that he represents true Islam and that he answers every question raised.

In addition, the prescribed answers also assume the respondents’ agreement to each and every one of them.

The truth is that many Malaysians find his views abhorrent and consider his continued presence in Malaysia an affront to them.

Headhunter: Aside from the obvious hero-worship of Zakir Naik, I find it horrendous that our universities are using objective type of answers.

Even a primary school student would be able to answer the questions by just ticking an answer and will achieve the same results as some of the university students.

Now I understand why our graduates are unemployable.

Anonymous_1392781899: Yes, for a university to set objective questions for students is a shame. University education is to test your opinions, ideas and logic.

Indeed, no wonder our graduates are unemployed.

Ayfy19: This incident shows that there are sub-standard lecturers employed in local universities.

In the multiple-choice given, the students have to second guess what the examiner "likes". Clearly, any choice can be considered as right or wrong.

It's a shame that our education system is in shambles.

Oriole: It is this sort of weak educational leadership that has led to the development of cult worship in universities. The Education Ministry has to stop disclaiming responsibility and take charge of this situation.

Fanaticism is being taught via the Ethnic Relations subject. Send out a directive to re-educate academicians on the nature of education – that it is not a means for cult worship.

The nation holds you responsible. This is happening under your watch, Mr Education Minister.

Quo Vadis: However you look at it and study it, the options are as absurd as absurd can be.

Can we ask the university and the lecturer responsible for the question, what was the underlying objective of this Zakir Naik question?

Surely, a questionnaire is not an exercise in evaluation by means of an objective test. And they say this is a university. What a laugh.

Hold everyone involved responsible in UniMAP uproar

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