Yoursay: Kit Siang, it's time to bell the cat


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YOURSAY | 'We voted Harapan to usher in 'New Malaysia', not for Mahathir to hijack it...'

Kit Siang acknowledges many feeling 'winter of despair' but urges perseverance

Anonymous 422521500127666: You are right, DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang, Malaysia has no place for racial and religious bigotry. The world is becoming borderless and we have to look at the bigger picture for progress and growth.

We have to take action against anyone who breeds hatred and divisiveness. And we all know who is the main leader today indulging in this for political expediency. So, what is our next step?

Send a strong message for him to step down.

Pro-justice: Lim, please for heaven’s sake, stop all your platitudes and apologist mantra.

It was not only the khat/Jawi issue that has brought about so much of chaos and instability and a sense of bleak future in the country, especially for the non-Malays and the law-abiding, tolerant and peace-loving non-radical Malays.

It is your DAP, PKR and Amanah that allowed the racist prime minister to start the rot, starting with his all Bersatu MPs in the cabinet as if to thumb his nose and say all the veteran MPs from the component parties in Pakatan Harapan are not of calibre.

Not only did he condone the racial and religious vitriolic at the Malay Dignity Congress but added fuel to the fire when he went on his usual anti-non-Malay speech showcasing that he was PM for the radical Malays only.

He made very disparaging remarks about the election manifesto and he has not made any move to repeal the draconian laws, but as usual, wants to review them. Are you people not able to come up with more humane laws without loopholes for abuse by the Home Ministry?

He appointed Azmin Ali to the cabinet as economic affairs minister although he was the designated Selangor menteri besar. This move was clearly a sly move to sideline PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim. To make it worse, he appointed Maszlee Malik as the education minister.

Instead of asking for the rakyat to exercise perseverance, please get the other leaders from PKR and Amanah to make Mahathir step down at the end of the two-year period,  as agreed by all parties in Harapan.

Please take heed. People are really fed up with the antics of DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng and you. It looks as if DAP has sold out its principles for power, prestige and perks.

Voice of a Rakyat: Yes, it’s about time you stop being philosophical. Just reflect what you have been hammering the BN government before the Harapan era and see if you have rectified those issues.

If you can't even do that, just pull out from coalition and become an opposition party. Only then, you deserve the Chinese support.

Capo: Kit Siang, we can have perseverance until May 10, 2020, provided the Harapan presidential council exercises its power and authority to elevate Anwar to the eight PM as was promised us before GE14.

So go ahead and do your job and stop pandering to Mahathir. We voted Harapan to usher in 'New Malaysia', not for Mahathir to hijack it and turn it into a Taliban state.

F-22 Raptor: Chinese are losing hope with DAP because the party is kowtowing to Mahathir. If you want to see New Malaysia, try to implement a new law to stop racial discrimination in Malaysia.

If you cannot do that, you are wasting the people's time. Don't always speak about fake news because it only helps politicians like you.

Mah Kau Fan: The people gave you a real voice and real power to make/influence decisions that can help pull the nation out of the doldrums.

Yet, you have not or don't know what to do with it. Can the cushy new-found positions and feel of power drown out the earnest promises you made to the people?

Nagu: Kit Siang, in all your wisdom and experience you are seriously misjudging the mood and pent-up frustrations of Malaysians who desperately were looking for a new national narrative and leadership and vision.

Unfortunately, with Mahathir at the helm, this will never happen. Have the guts to bell the cat, even if it means tearing up this mutated Harapan. Force the old man down and rein him in, soonest.

Headhunter: I feel for Kit Siang. It must be quite frustrating for him to watch the decline of support for the new government and the way it is acting like the bad old days of BN.

What can he do when one man is putting his foot in the door? All our hopes are evaporating into thin air. Like the Chinese say, talk much also no use because no one is listening.

Bravemalaysian: Race and religious extremism have deteriorated further under the Harapan government, and this is by design of the PM.

While Malaysia burns, the DAP ministers are playing their fiddle. If DAP has any integrity left, it must exit the present government under Mahathir and remain a Harapan-friendly party.

If Mahathir chooses to dissolve Parliament as the result of this, then I can say the non-Malay communities will back DAP to the hilt for daring to stand up against the mad old man.

DAP will still get back its seats, but Bersatu will be wiped out. It’s the best thing to do to save the party and the nation: DAP must exit the government in protest against the actions of Mahathir in condoning and instigating attacks against the non-Malay communities/non-Muslims.

The status quo is untenable for DAP as a party and if the DAP ministers love the party and the nation more than their positions, then they will have to do the right thing, now.

Quigonbond: Kit Siang, unfortunately, the problem isn’t with Malaysians being persevering. The problem lies with a right-leaning PM and his minor party.

The problem can go away and good sense prevail if that party is put in the right place. When will Harapan presidential council make that happen?

Babylon: Let me localise your quote of Charles Dickens since you came to power.

"There has been no best of times, it is the worst of times, it has been no age of wisdom, it is the age of foolishness, it was not the epoch of belief, it is the epoch of incredulity, there was no season of light, it is the season of darkness, there appears no spring of hope, it is the spring/summer/autumn and winter of endless despair."

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