Yoursay: A fully-loaded 'Zakir Naik is Islamic icon' exam question



YOURSAY | 'Read the question. It looks quite provocative, borderline indoctrinating even.'

UniMAP finds nothing wrong with question about Zakir Naik

Vijay47: If we thought that the original questions were offensive, poorly crafted and of a quality hardly to be expected of a university examination, the defence by no less than the UniMAP vice-chancellor (VC) himself is worse and even frightening.

R Badlishah Ahmad’s (above) justification reflects the standard of coaching and guidance that students labour under at present and proven in the results of such education - that the graduates are suitable only to be Grab and Panda practitioners, or participants in the widespread pastime of 'Mat Rempitism'.

In preparing questions on a given topic, there would be the stem or foundation in the questions themselves. The student would be tested on his understanding of the stem, with answers obviously being not readily discernible from the statements made. A certain measure of clear thinking is necessary even, especially in a local university.

Nevertheless, ab initio, a term which you being the vice-chancellor may recognise, the entire question was incredibly wretchedly managed.

The subject matter itself was reprehensible. Was controversial Islamic preacher Dr Zakir Naik, with all his questionable history, the best you could excavate?

While I grant that candidates could be tested on Adolf Hitler as much as on Mother Teresa, this intruder from Mumbai should have been at best disregarded, considering the turmoil he puts this country through.

To your university’s undying shameful record which you deny anyway, the stem, questions and choice of answers painted the students into a corner: Zakir Naik is portrayed as “an icon spreading true Islam”. Which Islam would that be - Shia, Sunni, or some other variety?

The answers were all pre-ordained, the students were not allowed any alternate – any answer that did not depict this alleged criminal as Islam’s gift to humankind only showed the candidate to be sensitive, to feel threatened for no reason and ignorant of their own religion. I am sure, Badlishah, that your pride in the questions would have reached heavenly heights.

No one expected your review panel to reach any conclusion other than that the questions were testimony to the high standards expected of UniMAP – any other determination would have been a deserving condemnation of your quality.

Why, those who pass the examination could even aspire to becoming vice-chancellors! No question about it.

Brandon: Read the question. It looks quite provocative, borderline indoctrinating even.

And the response by the VC is equally stupid.

If they really wanted to promote free thinking or new ideas, the question should read as “Give your opinion on Zakir Naik” rather than give closed-ended questions that do not allow me to express that I think Zakir Naik is an alleged criminal and a coward.

Existential Turd: Badlishah, thanks for confirming that a degree from a local university, and in particular UniMAP, is not worth the paper it is printed on.

Its students are only limited to working in government agencies. And hence the continued dumbing down and radicalisation of the entire government entity, making it ever more difficult to steer the country back to secular development.

Hang Babeuf: "UniMAP finds nothing wrong with the question about Zakir Naik," said Badlishah.

There is nothing that's right about anybody or an institution that can find nothing wrong in UniMAP in this Zakir Naik examination question matter/fiasco/disgrace. If you see no problem, then you are the problem, especially if you are the head of UniMAP.

More and further, there's no way you can give yourself a clean bill of health on this. Again, if you think you can, you are at the very core of the problem. Don't you get it?

Ranjit Singh Malhi: Yes, the questions are judgmental and not based on facts. No one in the world has the correct answers to all questions. Some of the proposed answers lack validity.

Worse still, the denial syndrome reflects immaturity and a fixed mindset that views constructive criticism as an affront to personal pride and one's level of intelligence.

This is the price the nation pays for mediocrity. May God bless Malaysia.

Anonymous_f9ff4347: At the vetting stage, the vetting board should have hauled up the question setter for investigation as to his agenda for setting the question.

Unless the vetter is also in the same boat, the investigation at the vetting stage would have prevented the question from going into the official examination paper.

Also, at the investigation stage, the setter would have been asked to account for his actions and put on suspension or be sacked. Why were all these not done?

Don't talk about your standard operating procedure (SOP) and compliance standards when quite clearly these were not effective when the agenda is questionable.

Anonymous_f9ff4347: The board of directors of UniMAP should look at the enrolment numbers for UniMAP and sack this VC if the numbers dropped drastically.

With what has happened in the exams, and his comments that nothing is wrong with the questions, potential applicants will surely steer away from this university.

Who wants to associate with a university that promotes a fugitive and treat its students as if they are stupid by making them pick closed-ended answers against their wishes?

Anonymous_5a309591: No wonder our university graduates from local universities look like stupid idiots when they are given a task to write one-page or two-page technical reports.

The problem we have here is that these idiotic professors do not really know what the Industrial Revolution 4.0 is all about. How can questions such as this build the character of an individual?

Zakar_Naik: I guess this sums up the current standard of intellectual discourse and scholarship at UniMAP. Thanks for showing us where exactly you stand.

But I suppose it doesn't really matter what international ranking the university gets. It will still be seen as a 'top' class university by Zakir Naik supporters and that will be good enough.

Anonymous_f9ff4347: If I were the student taking the exams and confronted with these questions that are fully loaded, skewed against my perception of this so-called icon, and I am presented with answers which asked me to answer if I am indifferent, sensitive, ignorant, I will be under tremendous pressure to pick an answer against my wishes.

How can an institution of higher learning be used to propagate something which is contentious, as the students are at your mercy to give an answer against their leanings?

Gerard Lourdesamy: It confirms the stupidity of these so-called academicians and the lack of any acceptable standard of scholarship at UniMAP.

The premise of the question itself is false because most renowned and eminent Islamic scholars do not consider Zakir Naik to be an Islamic icon, an exponent of true Islam and an expert on the Quran and comparative religions.

The university should have consulted with the faculty at the Al-Azhar University and the Saudi religious establishment about the real credentials of Zakir Naik and why he is no longer welcome in the vast majority of Muslim nations.

The myopic view of Zakir Naik held by many Muslims in Malaysia is because he habitually condemns other religions and races in the country. Something that is nectar to the misguided Malay-Muslim majority here who think that Islam condones hate and suspicion.

Yoursay: UniMAP VC disgraces himself by defending Zakir question

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