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Yoursay: Day of reckoning approaches for power transition


YOURSAY | ‘It’s too late Rafizi. Mahathir has his hands on all the levers of power.’

Retirement date may be imposed if Dr M doesn't commit to a timeline - Rafizi

Clever Voter: History tells us when a ruler is reluctant to vacate his seat, he will either be forced out peacefully or through a people’s uprising. It is unlikely the latter will take place in Malaysia.

But if Pakatan Harapan adheres to its “rule of law” approach, we should expect Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad to leave with his dignity intact.

Mahathir will continue to howl internally and externally. For a man approaching one century, he needs to accept that time is beyond anyone's control and this is one factor he cannot influence or buy.

A forced retirement would be embarrassing to say the least. Given his sanity, Mahathir will not opt for such a route. We could see a change as soon as the case involving former premier Abdul Najib Razak is closed.

Drngsc: What is stopping the Harapan presidential council in asking Mahathir to step down by a certain date?

If the council can appoint him as prime minister, then they can also ask him to step down. That is the democracy we have. The fault lies with the council.

It must be noted that this PM and the uncertainty of the transition are purportedly reasons that are driving foreign investors away. We must think of the country, not of individuals. Leaders will have to make tough decisions.

This is one that the presidential council must make. The people are waiting and watching.

Tidak Harapan: Mahathir feels he is the only one who can run the country. He doesn't seem to realise the mess he created during his first term in power, especially in race relations.

Now he is again seeking the same policies and the others don't seem to be able to control him as he continues to behave like a dictator and constantly opens his big mouth to pass negative comments about other countries when he is unable to accept criticism about his own.

Harapan is giving him too much respect. Better to rebel now than later, even at the expense of losing government.

We need new leaders from the next generation. His generation and the one he anointed have done untold damage to the nation, and caused it to be known as one of the most corrupt nations of the developing world.

Anonymous_1543386425: I thought former PKR leader Rafizi Ramli said he had given up politics?

All amateurs are bound to fail when trying to deal with Mahathir who has the government machinery in his hands.

PKR is split because Anwar is siding with Rafizi. So how will Anwar get the majority support of the MPs?

It is best that Anwar make the final sacrifice for Malaysia and let someone else be prime minister so that Mahathir has no excuse to delay the power transition.

There are other competent Malays who can take over from Mahathir.

Cogito Ergo Sum: It’s too late Rafizi. Mahathir has his hands on all the levers of power.

If you think you can impose a retirement age on him, guess who will be ‘retired’ prematurely from everything?

Shalimar Abdullah: Why are you so impatient, Rafizi? Why don’t you let the Harapan presidential council decide on the transition of power?

It’s not for Rafizi to rock the boat and cause disunity within Harapan.

Anonymous #33227154: Mahathir's refusal to indicate a clear transition timeframe is harming Malaysia.

He is putting his self-interest above the country's. The Anwar-Rafizi team seems much better than the Mahathir-Azmin Ali team.

Capo: Rafizi, you can wait until next year but the majority of Malaysians cannot. Why are you unilaterally shifting the two-year time frame for power transition promised by the electorate in the GE14?

Never ever play with people’s trust. If Harapan cannot keep their promise but, instead, dance to the whims and fancies of Mahathir, then don't be surprised that the thoroughly disenchanted people will have to rise up and throw him out this year itself.

We don't need a government consisting of less courageous people.

Annonnymous 080: Mahathir lived his life spewing different things at different times to justify different crowds. He plays race and religious issues but when others were to query, he is menacingly upset.

Mahathir never had the intention to honour everything. The Malay proverb ‘sekali air bah, sekali pantai berubah’ (different people will make different rules) sums it up.

To prepare for GE15, Anwar needs three solid years. Just as Mahathir is experiencing dissent and throwback by the civil service, Anwar would face the same from the Mahathir loyalists.

Any delay would only weaken Harapan and strengthen Muafakat Nasional. But does Mahathir care?

And Justice For All: (Perhaps) Mahathir’s plan is to cross three years as prime minister so that he can go to the Agong and say he wants to dissolve Parliament and call for a general election together with the Sarawak elections.

The Agong can't say no to that. Rafizi is smart. He knows this. So any action (power transition) to be taken must be done before May 2021.

Salvage Malaysia: I’m afraid the more people are pressuring Mahathir, the more he won’t step down.

And I’m inclined to believe too that there will be no more Harapan coalition very soon. A new coalition will be formed.

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