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Yoursay: Spot checks of KTM stations must be made compulsory

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YOURSAY | ‘Lackadaisical attitude is still prevalent in the gov’t sector.’

KTM spot check: Loke unhappy three out of four ticketing machines not working

Anonymous 2474851496751998: Transport Minister Anthony Loke, your ministry should conduct more spot checks and come down hard on Keretapi Tanah Melayu’s (KTM's) maintenance of its trains, equipment and infrastructure.

The Electric Train Service (ETS) trains, which are heavily used, are badly maintained. Toilets doors do not open automatically and tap water does not flow.

Rubbish is also left behind and not collected. The worst of them all is its online system.

Hearty Malaysian: Sack the managers. I believe that these problems have been around for a long time. There are a lot of people in KTM who are given fat salaries but are always missing in action.

Dear YB, please try to book a ticket online and see for yourself if the KTM website is providing good service.

Anonymous_1556754503: There must be a team on the ground to monitor and check on the actual state of affairs of KTM’s equipment and infrastructure.

Some years ago, a visiting chief executive officer (CEO) of a huge US-based multinational beverage company came to Malaysia to conduct a spot check on its vending machines.

The staff said the first thing the CEO did was to visit locations of the vending machines to make sure that the machines were in working order. He understood that the vending machines are the golden goose of the company.

Annonnymous 080: YB, please take a train ride to Bandar Tasik Selatan and inspect the ticket machines there.

The machines virtually spit out change into the air, lacks information and it is tedious to use for average Malaysians as its designed for midgets!

I wonder how it even passed Sirim and Transport Ministry quality control.

9th of May: All ministers and their ministries should conduct spot checks on all these service providers and if they are found lacking, their CEOs should be fired. They are paid hundreds of thousands and they do nothing.

There are new MRT stations but water leakages are everywhere, for example, Phileo Damansara station.

During the peak period, the escalators and vending machines go out of service. We have first-grade infrastructure but "F" grade maintenance.

Anonymous_0668d7ab: Hold the KTM management responsible and answerable. If they can’t get a simple thing like ticketing machines to work (which can affect revenue), then heads must roll.

Get an effective leadership to take over.

Dark Angel 2: Under the BN government, spot checks were unheard of and KTM has always been badly managed.

Thank you very much, YB Loke, for going down to the ground to inspect the situation yourself. I would also like to thank the minister for the RM100 monthly pass. It is the greatest thing you have done for Klang Valley folks.

LFMJ: Things will only change when you take disciplinary action against the head of department or staff responsible. The disciplinary action can be in the form of transfer or warning letters for work not done.

How can such inefficiency still occur in 2020? Spot checks must be conducted often.

PMO: I salute you, Loke. Keep it up. You should visit the same locations again next week to see if maintenance work has been carried out.

The other ministers should emulate this YB and conduct their own spot checks.

Maimun: Well done, YB. However, you still need to take action and remove dead wood that are not contributing to your ministry. There are too many of them.

I am sure many will be unhappy with you and would label you as a racist. But don’t worry, the rakyat will always support you for all the good things that you are doing.

Anonymous_7c9a867c: In the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), escalators were not working for several days during my visit several months ago.

We can install all the new technology we want but it is pointless if we have people who are slackers and have no urgency to fix problems and be efficient. It’s about time we infuse new blood into the system.

Anonymous 2465861491622056: Well done, minister. May I suggest that you instruct KTM to reduce their charges for using goods trains so that more businesses can use its services for intercity transport.

This will help reduce the number of lorries on the road and help the government in managing the petrol subsidy.

Kangkuong: I would like to suggest to the Transport Ministry to create a smartphone application to keep tabs on maintenance and management by KTM.

We can develop a simple but effective app that will allow commuters to take pictures and report to the relevant department or to the ministry’s headquarters.

Anonymous #13571680: YB, since we are at the topic of maintenance, how many automated enforcement system (AES) cameras are in working condition.

If I am not mistaken, the last count was four locations. I hope the Transport Ministry will also look into this.

Anonymous_1547638541238.97951547637684420: When you adopt a bottom-up approach, you eventually come to the realisation that the problem is not just the one tree but the whole forest.

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