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Yoursay: IGP deserves to be sued for inaction in Indira’s case

YOURSAY | 'It is simply shocking that the police are unable to locate Riduan Abdullah since 2016.'

Indira Gandhi to file RM100m suit against IGP over missing daughter

Anonymous 4056: It is simply shocking that the mighty Royal Malaysian Police are unable to locate a commoner like Muhammad Riduan Abdullah since 2016.

It is clear as daylight that Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Abdul Hamid Bador has failed in his duty and is evidently only paying lip service to the entire issue.

It was the same scenario with Abdul Hamid’s predecessor Khalid Abu Bakar, who failed to locate Indira Gandhi’s ex-husband and her abducted daughter, Prasana Diksa, during his time as the IGP.

The police’s alleged inability to carry out the judiciary branch’s decision does not inspire confidence among the rakyat, who are understandably upset regarding this issue.

Rupert 16: The current IGP, Abdul Hamid, should not be shouldering all the blame for the police’s inability to find Riduan.

Indira should also sue ex-IGP Khalid Abu Bakar for dereliction of duty.

Vijay 47: Indira, how I wish I could be more comforting to you but my thoughts will only add to your anguish and despair.

You will lose the suit being instituted against police chief Abdul Hamid. But in an act of mercy, cost may not be awarded against you.

At the hearing, the IGP would most probably tender all manner of evidence to support his stand that he had all along diligently and conscientiously done all within his means to track and apprehend the convert-kidnapper as demanded by the court, but to no avail.

Abdul Hamid’s plaintive words accompanied by gentle teardrops will be as assuring to you as they must be to the wives of the still missing pastor Raymond Koh, Amri Che Mat and the family of Joshua Hilmy and his wife Ruth.

As if haunting you in your daily nightmares, you will recall how abductions carried out in broad daylight and captured on video somehow seem unable to be resolved by our police force. What more can you expect of them where your daughter kidnapped by your ex-husband is concerned?

What benefit can you hope to savour by meeting the IGP?

The only certainty is that he would serve you dishes of kind promises, he might even send you a Deepavali card with silver writing on a golden background.

Indira, our environment is terrifying - a renegade is treated like visiting royalty, the prime minister himself graces a racist congress.

What hope do you have when a widely-held principle is that the worst Muslim trash is better than a non-Muslim of honour?

Pray, Indira, that is all that is left for you. If man cannot help you, perhaps God will hear your cries and see your tears. Then at least karma will unleash vengeance.

I am so sorry, Indira, the sad reality is that it would be a long while before we see a mother and child reunion.

Jaya Jayam: Even if Indira successfully sues the IGP for RM100 million, the victory won’t be able to bring any restitution to the mother who has been left helpless.

May karma bite those responsible for the separation of mother and child and caused unbearable pain and suffering for more than a decade now.

I prefer to see karma work in this lifetime, not the afterlife.

Alamak: Yes, the inaction of the police in the face of firstly, the High Court decision, and later the Federal Court order, in the Indira matter deserves condemnation.

Pokokelapa: I salute Indira for her perseverance to be united with her kidnapped daughter. It is going to be six years since the Ipoh High Court order, and 10 years since the entire saga began.

The IGP and the government are definitely answerable for the inaction despite the court orders and must be held accountable.

It is unthinkable that our police are saying that they are still looking for Riduan after all this while.

New Msia: Only a mother knows the pain of losing a child.

Though those in the uniform know about it, the curse of not carrying out a court order to reunite a mother and a child will never leave them.

Slayer: This issue is turning into a joke.

If the IGP and his entire police force are not capable of finding and arresting a common man like Riduan, how can we trust them to find and bring back fugitive businessperson Jho Low to Malaysia?

Vent: There are some people who claim that the RM100 million amount to be demanded in the civil suit to be excessive.

So what is the realistic amount to be demanded by a mother whose infant child was plucked from her bosom by a person whose identity is known to the police and yet “impossible to find”?

I feel RM100 million is a suitable value to be paid by the IGP if he loses the case for not apprehending a low-down criminal and not upholding the justice system which supposedly protects the rakyat from criminals.

Steven Ong: Please do not make a mockery of the Malaysian justice system.

What is the point of having courts and laws in this country if court orders are not being carried out effectively?

Boeyks: Has Indira’s situation come to the present scenario because there are those who think that their personal belief overrides the Constitution and the law?

Anti Racial: Indira’s lawyer Rajesh Nagarajan was quoted in the article as saying that the IGP purportedly didn't perform his duties in finding Prasana.

It is perhaps easier to make people disappear than finding disappeared people.

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