Forget 'happy ending' and do your job - Indira's lawyers tell IGP
Published:  Jan 30, 2020 4:12 PM
Updated: Jan 31, 2020 9:54 AM

The legal firm representing M Indira Gandhi has rejected Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador's remarks concerning the search for their client's missing daughter.

Noting that Hamid (above) said he is working towards a “happy ending”, Raj & Sach argued that there is no need for this in view of the Federal Court's order.

“There is absolutely no necessity for a win-win scenario when there is an order from the Federal Court for the IGP and police to arrest (Indira's ex-husband) K Pathmanathan (Muhammad Ridhuan Abdullah) and return Prasana Diksa to Indira.

“The IGP’s comment that he is seeking a win-win situation is mind-boggling, to say the least. The IGP need not seek anything. The IGP need not make any party happy.

“Yours is not to make reply, yours is not to reason why, yours is but to do and obey the judgment of the Federal Court. The IGP has failed to give effect to the order of the Federal Court,” the firm added in a statement this afternoon.

Pathmanathan took Prasana in 2009 when she was 11-months-old, shortly after he converted to Islam and assumed the name Muhammad Ridhuan Abdullah.

The Federal Court later ordered the police to track down Indira's former husband, whose whereabouts remain unknown.

Following this, the police set up a special task force.

'Does IGP know where father and daughter are?'

Meanwhile, Raj & Sach said Hamid's remarks give rise to the question if the police chief knows of Prasana and her father's whereabouts.

“This begs the question in the mind of millions of Malaysians – does the IGP actually know where Pathmanathan (Muhammad Ridhuan) is? Does the IGP know where Prasana is?

“What does the IGP mean by a win-win situation? We have no answers to these queries,” it added.

M Indira Gandhi

On Tuesday, Hamid told reporters that he had taken a personal interest in the matter and vowed not to allow the case to drag further.

“Our side is working on finalising this case. This can be interpreted in many ways. But I have assured that we will not allow this case to drag on. So efforts towards resolving it are ongoing.

“But I am unable convince... that a case which has dragged on for so long, can be resolved in a heartbeat (sekelip mata). But I am personally monitoring this case, so that it would come to a 'happy ending' for both the father and mother,” he added.

Hamid said the separation has resulted in negative consequences for both parties – Indira and Ridhuan.

“It is not like I want to reconcile them but (I want to) safeguard the welfare of the child and to also help eradicate a mother's longing for her child. That sort of thing.

“Rest assured, I would not allow this case (to prolong). I am working in my own way...the police are working (to resolve the case). But I do not tell this to the media because this is a sensitive issue, all sorts of things can crop up until the people become afraid.

“But I am working towards resolving this case... on a happy ending. That is my assurance,” he added.

Hamid was commenting on Indira's plan to sue him for RM100 million over his alleged failure to track down her daughter. 

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