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Yoursay: Nation needs more civil servants like Nor Salwani

YOURSAY | ‘She has set an example for all Malaysians to follow.’

Audit Dept's Nor Salwani gets datukship from king

Kural: Congratulations, National Audit Department director Nor Salwani Muhammad. The datukship award from the king is very deserving for the service you have rendered in the interest of the nation.

Hopefully, there will be many more from the civil service in the future who would emulate your commitment to work.

Dont Just Talk: Congratulations Salwani on the conferment of your datukship from the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah.

You deserved the honour alone for keeping the original copy of the 1MDB audit report.

Appum: Syabas to a real patriot. One must understand that at the time, Najib Abdul Razak was still her boss and the most powerful man in the country.

She certainly deserves the recognition unlike the many others with titles.

Boeyks: Nor Salwani went against instructions from her superior and is now rewarded with a datukship from the king.

Under the previous administration, she would be considered as disloyal to her superior for not obeying their instructions. This clearly shows how badly the civil service has deteriorated under the BN administration.

Anonymous_1543386425: We need more civil servants like you, Nor Salwani. You have set the example for many to follow. It is also noteworthy that your award came from the Agong, who is much loved by Malaysians.

PW Cheng: Indeed, a title befitting for a noble character for a noble deed.

Not like some datuks who connive, cheat, pay a few hundred thousand ringgit and even commit murder for a title.

Mano: With the present civil service in tatters, we do need this kind of encouragement to spur those seeking to do the right thing in their own working environment.

Nor Salwani is a shining example of what each Malaysian should be.

Cheeky: I salute you, Nor Salwani, for being brave and righteous. No title is good enough for your good conscience and character.

May you continue to shine and be an example to the country’s civil service and society.

Pharaoh: The difference with Salwani’s datukship is that the people know why she was given the title.

There are many others with titles whom no one knows what their contributions were to the country.

Dummies Dhimmi: Salwani can have her datukship, but what about the hundreds who worked against the people’s interest and still walking around with titles? Those titles should be removed and not just those who are convicted but those implicated as well.

Unless of course, they paid for it, in which case it will be shameful to give and even worse to receive.

Cynic: This is what Malay dignity is all about - doing the right thing, not talking about it.

Nor Salwani, you deserve your title and furthermore you were bestowed by Malaysia's favourite royalty. Daulat Tuanku!

Miaowing: Yes, an exemplary example of dignity. No need for chest-thumping pretence at the expense of race and religion.

Sarawak already ahead with teaching Maths, Science in English, says state minister

Wira: Sarawak will be successful in the implementation of English in schools because of two factors.

Firstly, the political landscape in Sarawak is not polluted with racism as Umno and PAS genes are absent there. Secondly, acceptance is a lot easier as English is already an official language in that state.

Headhunter: Well done, Sarawak. Show the rest of the country that we are a progressive state.

Note that the changeover is only RM11 million, which is peanuts when you consider that Jakim (Department of Islamic Development Malaysia) spend that amount in a matter of days.

The federal government should inject more funds to Sarawak for the state to train more teachers and for the purchase of relevant materials for teachers and students.

Anonymous 2018: Sarawak has shown that you care for the next generations, unlike others who prefer on the contrary for obvious reasons.

In the 60s, Malays and many others spoke English and the largest sale of Britannica

Encyclopedia in the world was in Malaysia.

Boeyks: Sarawak will enjoy the benefits of teaching of Science and Mathematics in English in over 20 years’ time when the present batch of students return from overseas.

They will be armed with degrees from well-known universities to contribute to the state's progress and development.

Iphonezours: There is too much of Malay drama on education in the peninsula without really seeing the benefits for the students in the future.

To all those low-thinking people, just look at Singapore and their success. It is all due to the use of English in their system.

Salvage Malaysia: If you ask me, the next prime minister must be from East Malaysia. Sabah and Sarawak still epitomise what Malaysia really is.

I would like to suggest that PM is to be rotated among Peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak leaders.

Only then we can break the sickening racial and religious polemics constantly played up by peninsula politicians.

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