Covid-19 hysteria: Consulate urges students to seek help


CORONAVIRUS | The Consulate-General of Malaysia in Western Australia has urged Malaysian students to lodge complaints if they are facing discrimination concerning the latest coronavirus outbreak.

This followed the eviction of a Malaysia student from her rented home, allegedly due to the landlord's fear of the coronavirus.

In a statement today, the consulate-general's office said the incident was "unprecedented" and "unfortunate".

"We would like to request Malaysians, especially students, who are facing similar situations to immediately lodge their complaints with our office and the Malaysian Student Council of Australia for necessary attention and assistance," it said.

The office's duty officer can be reached at +61 45214 7055 or [email protected]

According to Australian national broadcaster ABC, a Malaysian student was evicted by a landlord in Perth after returning from overseas.

Across Australia, many people of East Asian heritage have complained of racism following the coronavirus outbreak.

Some have complained about stares in public transport and snide remarks passed in public.

The coronavirus has infected close to 65,000 people at the time of writing and killed around 1,300 people - mostly in China.

Australia has 15 confirmed cases of coronavirus as of yesterday.