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Vox Populi: Down with mob rule
Published:  May 17, 2006 12:44 PM
Updated: Jan 29, 2008 10:21 AM

Readers respond strongly over the episode in Penang on Sunday where a public forum on constitutional rights organised by a coalition of NGOs was rudely interrupted by several protestors who, together with a mob, later forced to adjourn early. The controversial film 'Lelaki Komunist Terakhir', the fast-approaching Sarawak state elections and former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad's DVD release also draw remarks.

On Police ignored mob, say forum organisers and Penang groups: It's not stupid to protest

AK: It is shocking that a road show to explain what the constitution is termed as an anti-Islamic act. It is irresponsible and cannot be condoned. The leaders of the mob must bear in mind that they are living in a multiracial country sharing various faiths.

Undermining a democratic move to find means to live and co-exist in a multiracial environment is a sin all religions should forbid. Religious sensitivity is not, and cannot be, a term in itself to curb any rightful discussion on issues that may affect individuals.

If such a censorship is allowed to prevail with might and threat, than we are regressing. Our forefathers had painstakingly brought us to this level of civilisation. Let us not lose our wisdom and allow religion to become a tool for division.

Concerned Malaysian: Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid , president of Teras said: 'If it s about non-Muslims' rights, they are represented by political parties in the Cabinet'.

I find this statement totally comical. Where was he when the nine non-Muslim cabinet members presented a memo to the prime minister but were later ticked off by the PM for being too 'bold'?

Non-Muslim cabinet members can no longer represent the non-Muslims in this country for very obvious reasons and that is why we want the IFC to safeguard our interests. As far as our Muslim brethren are concerned, at least they have Umno or PAS to protect their interests.

The non-Muslims have nobody. The recent demolition of three Hindu temples in the Klang Valley is a good example. Where was the MIC when these dastardly acts were taking place?

Lee: The incident is almost the same as the one a few years ago when a wild mob stormed the Apcet II meeting in Kuala Lumpur. It is the same theory. When some people do the wrong thing, the police say they are doing the right thing for security purposes. What logic is this?

People who cause trouble are right and are spared but people who hold meetings peacefully are wrong and are rudely confronted.

Apa sudah jadi di negara kita? Buat baik pun susah. May God bless these people

HJ Angus: Every citizen must be given equal protection under the law and the police have failed to protect an innocent indoor gathering.

If the police can choose to protect only certain citizens if and when they please, it is a dereliction of duty and a form of corruption.

This incident surely proves that we desperately need the IPCMC.

Minority Voice: It does not take much intelligence to conclude that there was collusion between the police and the demonstrators. The police knew that the demonstrators were coming and yet they were not prevented from gathering.

There was no tear gas hurled at them and no water cannons used. They were not told to disperse but instead a lawful assembly of concerned citizens who assembled to discuss issues that concerned the minority of the citizens were told to leave.

Why this velvet glove approach? The reason is quite simple - the minority must keep quiet in this country. And little Napoleons continue to decide when where the strong arm of the law shall be applied regardless of reason. Whither this country?

On 'Last Communist' for MPs' eyes only

HJ Angus: Maybe they will watch only 50 percent of the film with 'one eye closed'.

I am insulted as this implies the MPs have more brains than me. The money for the screening can be put to better use unless the MPs are going to pay.

On Personal attacks can backfire, warns Anwar

Lee: Hello Sarawakians! I am a Malaysian from West Malaysia. Please think very, very carefully about the election in your state. It is time that you vote for change to have a new government to govern the state even though you are BN supporters.

The reason being that a majority of you have not benefitted much under the present government. They have taken away your ancestral land. Where are the education benefits? What about the bumiputera status?

They promised you many sweet things but when they can to power, sorry-lah. Please check whether I am wrong or not.

Give your vote to the opposition. Give them a chance to see whether there is any difference. There should ne mo more time for racial politics. We are Malaysians.

On Queer welcome for Anwar report irks PKR

Kdchia47: The Eastern Times has stooped so low to publish a picture of tranvestites supposedly welcoming Anwar in Kuching. The editor, when approached, says he has nothing to comment.

This is not surprising as he has nothing much in his head. Such a character is bankrupt of ideas.

One can see, hear and read clearly about what the BN is capable of doing. They do not hesitate to do anything as the end justifies the means. They have not only closed one eye but must have closed two and acted shamelessly.

I am ashamed to be a Malaysian.

On Mahathir vents frustration on DVD

AW: Whatever anyone says about Dr M, it cannot be denied that he put Malaysia on the world map. The man has the smarts and he has guts. He speaks and articulates well. In my view, he is one of the brightest, if not the brightest, world leader of his time.

He can speak on any subject and off the cuff too. Unfortunately, this is not reflective in any of the BN politicians in office today.

Where is the logic in expecting and announcing to the whole world that all party members cannot support motions raised by the opposition irregardless of the substance of the motion? If for argument's sake, one parliamentarian rapes another in parliament and this issue is raised by the opposition, is the BN and its leaders' stand still be the status quo?

Silly example, I know. But how else to relate to such a silly ruling? Where is the justification in asking the authorities to close one eye and then think nothing of it? Which side of the brain is not working when you tell the nation to tighten their purse strings when almost half the people are living having difficulty in making ends meet?

I respect Dr M for his brains and wit and his desire for Malaysia to 'boleh'. Last but not least, his courage irregardless of any issue. That is why it is somewhat sad ( for me anyway) that we have lost a dynamite and gained a firecracker.

On ACA to quiz 'close one eye' MP

Leong KC: Please bear in mind in the case of Mohd Said, that if today members of our Parliament (aka the country's lawmakers) can ask others to 'close one eye', tomorrow they can ask other enforcement agencies to close two eyes. So why do we need Parliament to exist?

Why do we need a body to make laws when the people who enforce or administer the laws are asked to close their eyes?

What a mockery it is when the people like Mohd Said make the very laws which he is now asking others to close their eyes to.

Mak Gah: It will be highly commendable if the agency involved in the investigation carry out their duty without fear and favour. Hopefully this time nobody will 'close one eye ' or rather 'close two eyes'.

The law should be applied equally to any Malaysian, irrespective of which political party he or she belongs to. Please, don't turn the law in this country into a laughing stock of people from within and without.