Yoursay: The PM who reneged on a promise to his coalition partners


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YOURSAY | ‘How can a gov’t talk about integrity and honour when it is led by a man who has none?’

Azmin and Co calls for 'national reconciliation'

Annonymous: Former PKR leader Azmin Ali and his gang of traitors, the rakyat rejected PAS and kicked out the most racist and corrupt regime (led by Umno) on that victorious event of good over evil on May 9, 2018.

You, Azmin, joined hands with Pakatan Harapan leaders Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Mohamad Sabu, Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, among others, and was vociferously condemning the Umno regime and those corrupt BN politicians and kleptocrats.

However, once in power, over the last two years, you shamelessly schemed with the very same corrupt politicians that the rakyat kicked out in your hidden agenda to betray your PKR president and your comrades in the Harapan coalition.

This destroyed the Harapan coalition government and caused untold damage and suffering to the country and great turmoil in the Bursa Malaysia, plunging the ringgit further.

In your greed and hideous attempts to grab power and seize the premiership, you tried to form a backdoor government with the same corrupt politicians as well as PAS religious bigots who will further divide and destroy the country.

And you dared to shamelessly say that you want to "revive the economy, generating growth, creating jobs and implementing policies for shared prosperity regardless of race and religion"?

Anonymous_1967: Reconciliation? You were uttering a word that means little to you, Azmin. You and your followers pulled a failed coup with the full awareness that such a move would result in division, confusion and instability, yet you went ahead.

If you are a man of sound principles and a gentleman, you and your followers would not have taken this route. What unfolded on Monday gave us average Malaysians a glimpse of your ambition and thirst for power, misplaced pride and conceit.

Fairman: Azmin wants to work with PAS, Umno and Bersatu to make the administration predominantly Malay-Muslim. By saying there could be no DAP in Perikatan Nasional, you have shown scant regard to voters who elected its 42 MPs.

Finally, your action will mean that those MPs from Umno who are facing criminal charges will escape prosecution. Once in power, you will replace the attorney-general cum public prosecutor. The new AG will apply to the court to discontinue the proceedings.

That was the main reason why the culprits facing the ongoing trial painstakingly took the effort to delay proceedings since last year.

Newday: What now, Azmin and co? A full grovel fest, is it? Stunning! Actually, you haven't grovelled anywhere near enough yet.

Just look at the damage you have done to a relatively stable government and for very selfish reasons. You reap what you sow.

BagusCurryPuff: Given that Azmin has now replaced former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak as the most despised politician in Malaysia, it seems strange that his supporters are still sticking with him.

I wonder if he has told them that they can still extort something from other groups by staying together? If so, they are playing a dangerous game. If things fall apart and there is an election, this bunch is toast.

Anonymous_1543386425: Azmin, you and your group are no longer relevant. Your suggestion does not merit any comment.

Mahathir in his live address made a grave mistake when he suggested a unity government.

At 94, Mahathir still wants to be the prime minister of a unity government? Ridiculous! He does not know the meaning of being gracious and retire. It is very sad to see Mahathir in this state.

Let the Agong announce Anwar to be the next PM as Harapan has the biggest number of MPs. Why did Mahathir rush to make his live announcement before the Agong made his decision?

Kahlil Gibran: In this whole saga, it was a good thing that Umno and PAS backed down because they could not agree to a unity government.

They saw through Mahathir's plan. He planned to form a unity government from all parties and he will select people who can work with him.

Then, he will form a new party and proceed to destroy all other political parties (the power of the PM is absolute) and make Malaysia a one-party system like China. His family will be a new dynasty and rule the country.

Anonymous 4783630177484: When all is said and done, it is clear the Mahathir has no intention of handing power over to Anwar. This is what he said in his national address as interim prime minister on Wednesday:

"I promised to resign and give Dewan Rakyat the opportunity to determine who would replace me. If it is true that I still have much support, I will return. If not, I will accept whoever is chosen.”

After emerging victorious in GE14, the PKR, DAP and Amanah combo threw their weight behind Mahathir to be PM despite Bersatu having only 10 percent of the seats in the Harapan coalition. Implicit in that agreement is for Bersatu to do likewise when it comes to the handover. That is not the case.

For Mahathir to say he would let Dewan Rakyat decide on the new PM means that Bersatu MPs would not vote for Anwar. Worse still, should the Dewan Rakyat vote for him instead, he would continue as PM.

How can a government talk about integrity and honour when it is led by a man who has none?

Anonymous_1538808416: I got the feeling that this bunch of goons were told to do so by a hidden hand to stage a coup by making use of BN and PAS, and then ditch them.

The intention is to cause the downfall of Harapan. With the collapse, the promise to hand over the premiership to Anwar no longer exist.

A man who does not act with honour

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