Yoursay: Are we to believe no one noticed 5 state leaders were missing?


Modified 18 Mar 2020, 12:31 am

YOURSAY | Lives are at stake and the pandemic doesn’t care if you’re PH or PN.

KSN apologises after pro-Harapan states left out of Covid-19 meeting

Anonymous_1544340881: Firstly, chief secretary to the government (KSN) Mohd Zuki Ali, you are the top civil servant at a time when the nation is facing a major crisis, how could five states not be represented at the Covid-19 meeting (to coordinate the enforcement of the movement control order)?

These states represent 50 percent or more of the population of Malaysia.

Secondly, if Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin expressly informed you to involve all states, then is it not a dereliction of duty that you coincidentally "forgot" five states?

Conveniently, it is the five opposition states. If really you are of this calibre, please do Malaysia a favour and resign. Just be appointed ambassador to someplace where you cannot do any damage.

Thirdly, honestly, I give you more credit than this. Since no one can be that irresponsible or unintelligent - assuming you are telling the truth - the fact that you never checked with the PM about the missing five opposition states implies that by subtle and not-so-subtle means, the premier had indicated that these five states should not be invited.

If indeed Muhyiddin wanted all states to be involved, surely as the PM for all Malaysians, he could not have failed to notice the absence of his good friend, the Sabah chief minister (Shafie Apdal), or the Kedah menteri besar (Mukhriz Mahathir) - the person who is running against him in the Bersatu elections.

Yet the meeting went on blissfully, without even a nary concern raised about the absence of representatives from these states.

If the exclusion was deliberate, then this shows that the PM is putting politics over the nation. On the other hand, if it was accidental, then it smacks of incompetence. I am not sure which is worse.

Did no one, not one of the other state leaders, ask "where are the others"? It looks as if all assumed it was normal not to have the "opposition" states present.

The facts point, unfortunately, to this being deliberate but upon realising the backlash, poor Zuki has to take the fall.

Good man! In Japan, they expect perhaps ‘harakiri’ or at least, resignation. In Malaysia, I suppose bonus and a cushy job after retirement.

MS: A real, honourable PM armed with the legitimacy of the office and who speaks and acts for all Malaysians would have immediately noticed the missing state leaders and ordered a postponement of the meeting.

Even if he did not notice the missing state leaders, at the very least, senior minister Azmin Ali sitting on his right would have noticed the absent Selangor MB Amirudin Shari.

Such a serious omission would be minuted and the culprit responsible for the omission hauled over the coals and subject to a domestic inquiry at the very least.

No, this was both arrogance and conceit, aided and abetted by genuflecting yes-men like the one offering his apology.

Given the deviousness of this backdoor regime, there is more to this than meets the eye.

RegularRakyat: This seems highly unlikely as it only so perfectly affected the Pakatan Harapan ministers. If it was an oversight, it would have been more random, maybe one or two other Perikatan Nasional (PN) ministers too.

Perhaps the PN government did not expect the response from Malaysians to be so angry at them for playing political games during a high-stakes situation like this, and could it be that they then decided to blame the civil service?

Ferdtan: Zuki, did you volunteer or was picked to be the unlucky fall guy? Even Sarawak was invited but Sabah was somehow left out, meaning a bad motive was intended.

Now because of the public pressure and criticisms, including from ex-PM Najib Abdul Razak, an apology was issued. This shows Najib has more “class” than the present PM.

Speechless: To miss out one state is already a gross oversight. To miss out five? Incompetence is an understatement. If he was my chief secretary, I would immediately sack him.

Anonymous 2465861491622056: Zuki is trying to save the PM from embarrassment. Look, you are the head of the civil service and should speak the truth.

Did the PM tell you not to invite heads of the opposition states? Do not be like previous civil servants and just follow the PM’s orders. The new reality is that PMs can come and go.

Black Thorn: You know what? People can see through your nonsense no matter what kind of excuse you give.

It is so obvious that the opposition was intentionally left out. This backdoor PM clearly does not want to have anything to do with Harapan as deep down he knows he is ashamed to look into the eyes of his former allies.

No matter what, when confronting such a critical situation for all Malaysians, you cannot avoid the unavoidable. Shame on you!

Zoe: Is there not one honest man in the government? The deep state is deeper than we thought.

It has corrupted the minds and morality of the weak who only seek worldly pleasures - men who claim to be pious and defenders of Islam. Your action brings shame to the religion and you will be remembered as such.

Drngsc: Dear PM, this is a national issue. Whatever happens in Selangor will affect Perak. Whatever happens in Sabah will affect Sarawak.

If you are serious about the apology, the person responsible must pay. Otherwise, we know that you are not serious. And that it was you who gave instructions to exclude the opposition state leaders.

Myviews: The KSN is only a civil servant. That being the case, he would have been thorough in his job unless he is totally incompetent, in which case he should resign.

Assuming he is competent, then he must have been instructed, perhaps by hidden hands, not to send out invitations to Harapan states.

Despicable and disgusting is all we can say. Hello, lives are at stake and the coronavirus epidemic does not distinguish between the political leanings of the various parties.

In his inauguration speech, we recall the PM saying that his government is for all Malaysians. Really? The actions do not tally with his words.

Bird Talk: So, politics is more important than saving lives? What type of government leaders are they?

Yoursay: Please don’t play politics with our lives

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