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YOURSAY | We expect better from a leader of an Islamic party

YOURSAY | ‘Instead of building hope and peace, he is instead building rift and despair.’

I'm not a Freemason - Anwar to tell Muslim leaders everywhere of Hadi's allegation

The Wakandan: Malay politics is at its dirtiest with the smearing assault on a political leader’s name.

There seem to be no holes barred at disparaging one’s political opponent, and no dignity nor rules on the part of the political players, especially from PAS, ironically a party based on religious purity.

This is a desperate attempt at justifying Perikatan Nasional (PN), a government formed not from the ballot boxes but from backdoor political treachery.

The attack strategy on Pakatan Harapan is still the same from day one when Harapan was the government voted by the people in GE14 - that it is a coalition controlled by DAP with anti-Malay, anti-Islam and anti-royalty slants. It is an attack that employs racial and religious elements.

We have come to a very dangerous political game and what can we do about this? Our country should not go down this far to be no different from the most contemptuous banana republic.

Lovemalaysia2: Anyone who cares to google how membership in the Freemasons works will know that PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim couldn’t possibly be a member. It’s stupid to even think it.

That said, there is a load of fake information published about the organisation.

Anonymous_1584152259907.39181584151970432: Islam is a beautiful religion. I am a Chinese Malaysian and I carried the PAS flag and campaigned for the party during Tok Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat’s time.

PAS, at that time, represented the noble value of Islam - justice for all and it was against corruption and oppression. Now with Abdul Hadi Awang as leader, PAS is nothing but a party of hypocrites, the corrupt and the greedy.

Honma: What an embarrassment to the backdoor government. The prime minister appointed an ulama to be the so-called “special envoy” to the Middle East with a ministerial rank, who allegedly sent a letter to the Arab world to run down his political opponents.

This is the best the “special envoy” could do - by making accusations and trying to shame his political enemies. What has our Malaysian political struggles got to do with the Arab world?

Instead of attracting the Arabs to invest in Malaysia, his very first assignment was a big failure and an embarrassment to Malaysia. If he is a man with dignity and honesty, he should admit the mistakes and resign.

Anonymous_be07867c: I think Anwar will shoot to fame with this letter being circulated by the unscrupulous Hadi under this illegitimate government.

Anwar will find a new horizon after this three-year rule of backdoor government as his star is beginning to outshine this Umno-PAS rule.

Harapan parties should maintain their cooperation and they should convince the rural Malays, and those in Sarawak and Sabah, to form the next government without any help from former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

It is not a case of "once bitten, twice shy" but Mahathir has bitten numerous times, though Anwar tolerated even to the extent of losing the elected government, which Mahathir let go by resigning and ostensibly passed the baton to Muhyiddin.

Multi Racial: Anwar, Malaysians were indeed fortunate to have you and your family keep up with the fight against those corrupt and the extremists who would lie and do anything to keep themselves in power.

I understand the journey to power is not easy as you will meet enemies that come in many faces. If there is one person whom I would give credit the most for Harapan’s GE14 victory, it is Anwar Ibrahim.

Without Anwar starting the reformasi movement more than two decades ago and his initiative to form a strong and credible Harapan coalition, victory would not be possible.

Unfortunately, this victory was stolen by the opposition through the backdoor with the help from dishonourable politicians who betrayed Malaysian voters.

Moving forward, Harapan leaders, especially Anwar, should not trust these people ever again. Harapan with their existing coalition parties are formed by many credible people and we believe they should focus on winning back Malaysia for Malaysians in GE15.

With these dishonourable and treacherous politicians out of the way, we believe Harapan will be even better than post-GE14.

Right now, Harapan must focus on winning the hearts of all Malaysians, especially the Malays, through the proper and accurate dissemination of information to those who have been lied to all this while.

Vijay47: I have the pleasure of knowing numerous Freemasons and they all seem reasonably honourable guys, a description I am unable to extend to Hadi Awang.

It must also be noted that the Freemason Brotherhood is not an illegal organisation though it may prefer to remain outside the limelight. However, certain Muslims seem to easily get their hackles up at the mere mention of the Masons, just as they froth in the mouth when it comes to Heineken.

Why are you merely wanting to explain the falsehood of Hadi’s letter, Anwar? Since association with the Freemasons is deemed offensive and even sinful in certain segments of the Islamic world, why are you not suing his pants off and taking him to the cleaners?

Hadi has acquired a wide reputation for being sued for slander or libel where he ended up being ordered by the court to pay substantial compensation or fleeing with his tail between his legs, meekly settling damages before hell broke loose further. For his next act, he may need to sell off his Mercedes.

Mazilamani: His newly bestowed appointment seems to have mushed Hadi's brain. He is doing everything that runs opposed to his diplomatic post. Instead of building hope and peace, he is instead building rift and despair.

Does he know about the purpose and function of his appointment? The prime minister has made an unforgivable mistake.

Surely for one, he is speaking out of time when our country and the world are battling a pandemic of a scale never before experienced by the world.

The world is running aground and this man is peddling his divisive politics.

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