YOURSAY | M’sia, too, has a Trumpian leader and his slavish followers



YOURSAY | ‘Najib is playing to the gallery of his supporters who would blindly believe him.’

Harapan fell after my 'sumpah laknat'? Najib says God shows who is right

COMMENT | Turning to the Almighty as a last resort

Speaking The Truth: God is supreme, omnipresent and divine. God does not curse anyone, neither does God listen to one's prayer to take revenge. God is kind and loving and always there to guide us to do good things and bless us with great happiness.

We, as true believers of God, only seek His grace and kindness to subjugate our sins and show us the right path.

It pains my heart to read people saying such things as God's revenge. That means they do not know who God is. God does not expect us to steal, lie nor curse anyone.

Every religion speaks about the virtues of God. Revenge or curse is certainly not a virtue. One cardinal point to note is you reap what you sow.

Former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak is talking now, well after the change in government took place. This is mere political talk to suit him and his fallacies.

To me, he has raised Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin's status to that of God for what he had achieved through treacherous means. We do not curse him and his allies. We are watching to see where this will lead him.

Anonymous 770241447347646: Najib, are you also admitting that the loss of Umno after 60 over years was also due to the curses and prayers of the people?

Are you also admitting that God listened to the heartbeat of the people and made sure BN lost in GE14?

That even today when your party has joined the government through the backdoor using manipulative means, are you saying that God also works through manipulative ways to get His results.

How to believe an individual who said time and again he was not involved in the 1MDB scandal and yet all the evidence from around the world lead to you?

So please do not use the name of God in vain.

Undecided: It is not unusual for politicians to enjoy some level of support despite being dictators, thieves and kleptocrats as exemplified by the Marcos family in the Philippines.

However, the level of support Najib seemingly enjoy from many Malay-Muslims through manipulation is unbelievable.

This is despite being branded a kleptocrat by so many countries, and it shows how broken our political system and governance are.

Najib must be envied by criminal politicians the world over, as by a ‘sumpah laknat’ (an oath beseeching God to curse another party if the latter is lying), he is able to overthrow a democratically-elected government.

OceanMaster: Najib, as long as there is a segment of the society continue to buy into your crappy stories, people like you will continue to thrive in the upper echelon of the social and political strata.

I think you and others who allegedly steal, plunder, lie, and point finger at others rather than taking responsibility will survive very long around here, because that segment of ignorant society is growing bigger by the day as the country spirals down into the craphole.

The Analyser: As far as I can assess, god is just about the worst thing that ever happened to Malaysia. Apparently, amongst his other failings, he has:

- failed to respond to the prayers of Malaysians

- produced a nation of indecisive, unmotivated drones waiting to be told what to do

- been abused by generations of unprincipled politicians

- unable to keep abreast of social changes

- demanded adherence to outdated concepts

- protected himself against valid criticism

- initiated levels of discrimination unacceptable in the 21st century

Anonymous_534b7352: Najib, your day has yet to come. I cannot believe you are so cocky already. Your judgement day will be severe, trust me. The punishment will be comparable to all the misdeeds you have accumulated all these years.

I am sorry for you sometimes but not always, especially thinking of how much money you have accused of siphoning away from the taxpayers and suffering rakyat.

The Wakandan: Najib is playing to the gallery of his supporters who would blindly believe him.

That is the situation we have in Malaysia. It does not matter whether a prime minister stole from the country he is supposed to govern and protect.

Newday: Writer Phlip Rodrigues, while your observations make sense, but your comment that only Najib and the simple folk in rural heartland believe in his tale, the truth is otherwise.

Look at his massive following on Facebook and those that tune into his Facebook live. His appearances throughout the country draw massive crowds.

They are all convinced he is as innocent as the pure driven snow and represent clear and present danger at the election booth. The conman and his PR machine have done a very good job.

We cannot dismiss his success as simply as you have.

P Pillai: US President Donald Trump's daily tirades used to give me a good laugh every morning. Unfortunately, he seems to have gone quiet the last few days (after suspending his coronavirus daily briefings).

I am heartened to see our own Trump has taken over. Thank you, Tuan Klepto for making my day with your comment about your sumpah laknat.

Keep up the good work - we all need a laugh in these difficult times.

Just A Malaysian: The fall of Pakatan Harapan is a good thing. The internal conflict has failed the first Harapan government. Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his Bersatu was never in line with the Harapan manifesto.

There is always this inner desire of most Malay politicians and Malay masses for an all-Malay utopian government. Now they have it - at the worst possible time with a Covid-19 era economic depression.

It will be a real test and a wake-up call. We need to fail and suffer before we can accept reality.

We need the best people to develop this country so that the weak and the poor can be helped. The post-Covid era will be interesting. Let's see how the dream team performs.

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