YOURSAY | Spy software - our hypocrisy in dealing with the Israelis



YOURSAY | BN and the so-called ‘dignity’ groups have no qualms going to bed with the Israelis.

Report: Israeli cyber startup helped Najib spy on opposition in 2018

Najib: Senpai deal three times bigger under Harapan, ask Dr M about it

Vijay47: How smoothly that spinning wheel spins! So now it appears that Israel, the merciless oppressors of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Palestinian human rights; and the Jews, the insidious agents of world domination, are actually alive and well and living in Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.

And not only that, they do so under the loving patronage of Najib Razak, Umno, and wait for it, Dr Mahathir Mohamad! Can we ask for anything more in the noble cause of international harmony?

The good ship “Mercy” may sail the Red Sea, bringing relief and comfort to the distressed of Gaza amid much lamenting, beating of breasts and shedding of tears.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Najib and friends, the “fearless defenders of race and religion in the Middle East and beyond”, are rolling on the ground laughing at the idiots and their usual antics outside the National Mosque and the US embassy whenever the bugle is sounded.

There is one Israel for public consumption and another for turning to when times go really desperate and the satay hits the fan.

All manner of justification can be offered for fraternising with seemingly long-hated enemies; the surprise is that there are still hordes who queue to buy snake oil from a ‘bossku’ and his reliable mantra of “You can count on us to protect you, our race, and our religion”.

Many of us certainly do not protest good relations with Israel, we only sneer at the hypocrisy Umno and evidently Pakatan Harapan, practise.

The use of public funds for party purposes as in this Project Magnum has been so long established that when we come across further evidence of it, we don’t care to even bat an eyelid.

The only small surprise is that Mahathir, who frenziedly froths at the mouth when the Jews are mentioned, seems not amiss to seeking the aid of his supposedly lifelong foes. Wherefore art thou, O Zakir Naik?

Sun: First, paint Israel as a devil to suit political posturing. Then sleep with an agent of the so-called devil to ensure one's political survival.

When all that fails, posture as a white knight fighting for the people even when one is on trial for an alleged kleptocracy of world-shattering dimensions.

Truly, the mark of a man who loves truth so much that he indulges in it very sparingly, or not at all. And there are people wanting him back. I cry bitterly for my country and its people.

Kamikasi: My sincere sympathy to our Malay friends. On one hand, being misled by Umno and PAS to hate DAP and Jews, but on the other hand, stealing money from the Malays and having coffee with Jews.

Pakcik Kiah: Yes, you have Kleptocrat No 1 working with Israeli spy agents. PAS and Umno should take to the streets after Friday prayers to protest against this.

Where are you now, Umno Youth chief Asyraf Wajdi? Or are you going to blame this on DAP as well?

Apache: It is impressive for Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) to work secretly with the Israelis and yet show to the whole world that Israelis are enemy number one to the Islamic world.

So, what say PAS to MO1 for playing behind their back? We don’t need PAS leader Abdul Hadi Awang to be the ambassador to the Middle East as MO1 has successfully united the Israelis, Arabs and BN.

FairMalaysian: If this news is true, where are the vocal and patriotic “nationalists” who pretend to be the arch-rivals of the Jewish state but can get that “devil” to help them to spy on Malaysians.

And US$1.5 million to spy on Malaysians for political reasons? Let us see how Hadi Awang reacts. More to that, was the Pakatan Harapan government aware of this when it took over from BN?

Anonymous_1544340881: Well, just when you think their hypocrisy is at the worst and can go no lower, you are proven wrong again and it hits new depths.

For all the anti-Israel, pro-Palestine, anti-Jewish statements, you discover yet again that BN and the so-called ‘dignity’ groups have no qualms going to bed with Israelis when it suits them.

I wonder also, knowing how intelligent and innovative the Israelis are, while the Special Branch (SB) is using the equipment to spy on others, has it occurred to them that the Israelis might be using the same equipment to spy on the SB?

Well, even if they did, we probably would not know and can do nothing about it since I doubt our UiTMs, UKMs and other universities are of the standard that can detect such spying, let alone thwart it.

We seem good though in making Nazi salutes. I wonder how that would go down with Israeli spy agency Mossad.

Anonymous_1587811123147.90651587810205590: Can we ask the SB to testify who gave the order to ink the business deal with the Israelis?

Why are Malaysian citizens banned to travel to Israel or have any business trading with Israel but the Malaysian government can deal with Israel?

JD Lovrenciear: Our passports declare we cannot visit Israel. Our politicians scream anti-Israel slogans and rile up public sentiments to hate all things Israel.

But here, you have the vanguards of national security subscribing to lethal spy work. What can we say now?

MS: How great that a Malay-Muslim government is finally buying and using the same technology the Israelis use against the Palestinians.

May we now assume that the Buy Muslim First campaign will cease and be replaced by a Buy Jewish First campaign?

After all, it is well-known that Israeli products are far superior to anything coming from Kelantan or Jeddah.

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