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YOURSAY | Migrant workers, refugees are Malaysia’s George Floyds

YOURSAY | ‘Just because some had created problems, it doesn’t mean all of them are troublemakers.’

NGO chief bombarded with hate comments for posting on refugees

ZainiHussin: NGO Refuge for the Refugees director Heidy Quah, ignore the cyber bullies.

In fact, our education system had created a lot of bullies as most of them had been sent to residential schools at a very young age and they lack parental guidance.

That is the generation we have today - a generation of bullies.

Don't give up doing good, Quah. Allah will certainly bless you. Wasalam.

Iphonezours: Yes, do not be afraid, continue to highlight and defend the vulnerable. The Perikatan Nasional (PN) government cannot accept their own weaknesses and wrongdoings.

As Malaysians, we have failed to uphold the rights of all, regardless whether they are citizens or non-citizens.

Lately, racial sentiments have increased, all due to these irresponsible politicians who seem to institutionalise these actions.

Remember Malaysia, this is a multiracial and multireligious country. We are equal in the eyes of God, regardless of religion. We either swim together or sink together.

To those immigration officers who are so inhumane, remember what goes around comes around, you may one day face such a situation.

Rentap Returns: Quah, thanks to you and people like you, the world has a chance to be a better place. Shame on those who do not appreciate your sincere efforts.

Simple Truth: NGOs trying to help refugees should not be threatened. Those who do so have no humanity left in them.

If authorities can’t feed the refugees in the detention camps, don’t capitalise on their suffering by selling basic necessities with indecent price tags.

I have heard of this too because I have been told by refugees themselves. For those who can’t help, please don’t make things worse by making your unwelcome remarks or issuing threats against people like Quah.

What goes around will come around. Those who have should help those who don’t have. You think they want to become refugees if they have not been persecuted at home?

Annonnymous 080: Keep up with the fight, Quah. These Malaysian are hypocrites. Just because some migrants had created problems, it doesn’t mean all of them are troublemakers.

Kepala Tak Centre: Quah, I can’t understand why do you love these refugees so much? Do you know that many Malaysians are struggling on a daily basis to feed themselves? Do you know that many Orang Asli are basically abandoned to face their fate themselves?

Where do you get the funds to run these NGOs? Nobody is so kind in this world if nothing is profiting them. So, what is your profit in helping these refugees?

IndigoTiger8957: @Kepala Tak Centre, what about NGOs that help Malaysians who are struggling? What are they profiting from?

It is fair if you want to discuss what our government or society's policy towards refugee are, but don't go on a personal attack that adds no value to the discussion.

MyMalaysia: I really don’t understand some people out there hurling negative comments against Quah’s work.

Shame on these people. Can’t they understand the plight of the woman described by Quah and her newborn baby? What’s wrong with helping foreign citizens? They are humans, too.

Don’t let race divide as we all belong to the human race.

Anonymous_9021060605: It is sad how Malaysia has a segment of population with no compassion.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the decades of government policy of providing for certain quarters from cradle to grave?

When you do not have to work for your success, you do not understand hardships.

BlueShark1548: Detention camps are intended to be temporary transit centres, not luxury hotels. Even developed nations provide basic accommodations and necessities.

Those who stayed longer are refugees who refused to go back to where they came from but prefer to wait for developed nations to accept them, which is getting less likely over the years.

Local NGOs should not try to make Malaysia appear is if we are not compassionate or treat these detainees cruelly. If the NGOs are concerned, then arrange to deliver at their own expense whatever necessities to the refugees.

Bear in mind that Malaysia does not get much assistance from the rest of the world. Yes, some may have been in the camps for years, but what can we do?

Yoda: @BlueShark1548, have you been in one of the detention camps? If not, go check it out.

Pandangan: Quah, religious fanatics and spineless racists are aplenty in Bolehland. This is to be expected from such social garbage or 'sampah sarap masyarakat'.

Changlimou: Unfortunately, a huge segment of our population actually do not subscribe to human rights and fair play.

A fine example is the campaign against the ratification of Icerd (International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination), but they will make a lot of noises about the Palestinian cause which smacks of hypocrisy.

Roger 5201: A sad day indeed for human rights in Malaysia when race politics seems to permeate our last vestige of human decency.

Quah has merely exposed a raw and very inconvenient truth. Come on Malaysia, we are better than this.

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