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Young women name, shame abusers online in #metoo resurgence

SPECIAL REPORT | It began in early June when Amanda C decided to publicly expose a man for sexually harassing her.

Amanda is not a social media influencer but her move to name the alleged perpetrator and demand accountability from him struck a chord. Her tweets saw over 500 retweets while her Instagram videos garnered more than 20,000 views.

The template caught on, and soon other Malaysian women began sharing their experiences of surviving sexual harassment on social media.

It was not long before Malaysian Twittersphere realised that a few men with a wide following on the social media platforms were being called out by women for their questionable behaviour. The allegations were shared on social media by several thousand users, pushing some men to delete their accounts.

One of these men was Abdul Qayyum Jumadi, co-founder of Englishjer, a popular social enterprise known for its English language programmes at universities.

Later, in June, more than 14 women - some who met him at Englishjer events, including at universities - came forward to claim that he had sexually assaulted them. Some alleged that he had made recordings of the assaults.

Qayyum denied the accusations and offered to contact anyone hurt by him for a resolution...

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