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YOURSAY | Khairuddin’s RM1,000 fine – more questions than answers

YOURSAY | 'I'd like to beg the authorities to strictly apply the law and not practice double standards.'

Cops still probing minister says Health DG; lawyers don't rule out court charges

BusinessFirst: Let us not miss the forest for the trees. If there is to be proper accounting, then the issue that should be investigated (unless the compound notice is deficient and only covers one breach) is whether the compound is bona fide.

When was it actually issued? When was it paid? Are there any physical compound notice and proof of payment? Did all the family members and the entourage carry out home quarantine or not, or did they also pay a compound?

Who lodged the complaint or how was the complaint initiated? Now, this to me is the mystery.

For a compound to be issued, there must have been someone somewhere issuing a ‘complaint’ of sorts.

Even something as simple as a parking ticket starts with a car park warden noticing a car without a parking coupon and issuing a summons.

When was the complaint initiated or summons issued and if so, why were there continuing breaches, or did someone conveniently notice on July 25 (just one day after the home quarantine period ended) and lodged a report, and then had the quarantine notice issued on Aug 7, which was a Friday?

When and how was the RM1,000 paid? If so, why was all this not mentioned when the complaint about the minister’s conduct was raised in Parliament and generating anger for several days?

Hang Babeuf: “Was compound against Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister Mohd Khairuddin Aman Razali backdated to avoid court?”

In all likelihood. That is certainly the way it now looks.

Anon25: Khairuddin had made an honest mistake. He is showing profound regret – he had paid the fine and even offered to give up four months’ salary.

DAP leader Teresa Kok and the lawyers must accept what the minister has offered, and move on.

Such an act of understanding and forgiveness will bring much goodwill.

Xmen: I totally disagree. If the minister can get away with an apology, then any other person can also openly apologise for their mistake to escape prosecution.

The rule applies to everyone, irrespective of the position he or she holds in government.

Alistair Maclean: I would like to beg the authorities to strictly apply the law and not practice double standards.

The fight against Covid-19 has not ended and it will be some time before we can claim to be safe from this pandemic.

Any double standard will have severe negative impacts on the preventive measures which have been successfully implemented by the Health Ministry.

Let us not waste our good work thus far. For God's sake, apply the same procedure and charge the minister for his blatant breach of SOP (standard operating procedure).

YOURSAY | So the invisible man turns up at Amanah defection event?

PAS calls off Amanah defection event after 52-min live video of empty chairs

Newday: Why would you actively promote an event (defections of members from rival party Amanah) like this?

It is as if PAS is trying to claim bragging rights for party-hopping. Are you trying to outdo your dodgy coalition senior partners in this regard?

Whoever the Amanah person is, surely you need to quickly reconsider your future. To jump back to PAS would show that your religious moral compass has been overtaken by the dark side.

You know that PAS must not be our future. Do something about it, but not this.

Sayonara MY: After seeing what happened to all the frogs in Sabah and the peninsula, nobody would want to jump anymore.

Look at the frogs in Bersatu. Nobody wants them. No party wants to give them seats to run. They are practically now begging for seats. It serves them right.

Does anyone still want to jump? It will be political suicide if they do.

PinkCougar1252: Action should be taken against the organisers and the political party of this event for making a mockery of our democratic system of government.

By abetting elected MPs to defect and jump from one party to the next, they are disrespecting the wishes of the majority vote.

Their actions should be considered as an activity detrimental to parliamentary democracy, which is a crime in this country.

P Dev Anand Pillai: PAS had some good values and principles when the late Nik Aziz Nik Mat and Fadzil Noor led it, but it has now joined hands with the devil.

Let us hope that the followers realise this and make amends.

YellowEagle3055: The last time Pakatan Harapan was in government, PAS people watched from the sidelines at their former comrades in Amanah strutting around as ministers. Now PAS people get to be ministers.

The Malaysian government is an equal opportunity employer. All major political parties have got the chance to be in government. It’s not the sole prerogative of BN anymore. This is progress…

Tembikai: I wish this potential frog did turn up so that we know who he/she is. Otherwise, we may mistakenly vote him/her during GE15 and later on, trouble takes place.

Moontime: Either the state party leader from Amanah got cold feet or PAS got their legs pulled.

I tend to believe it’s the latter because it is well-known that a majority of PAS leaders are gullible and easily misled.

Cyclonus: The chairs weren’t empty. The frogs can’t be seen on camera. They were hopping for 52 minutes to get high enough to be on camera…

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