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YOURSAY | Will Anwar's 'reformasi' turn into 'reformati'?

YOURSAY | 'How does the coup make Anwar any more principled than Muhyiddin?'

Dr M: If Anwar succeeds, he will be under Najib and Zahid's thumbs

Proarte: The fundamental question is whether securing 'power by any means' by PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim is acceptable? Are there any clear lines which the DAP and Amanah will not cross? Or is it power at all costs?

The 2018 general election was won on a ticket of anti-kleptocracy, a non-racial 'New Malaysia' with a needs-based affirmative action policy, as opposed to a Malay-centric one. If Anwar is going to be dependent on the supporters of the kleptocrats from Umno, then this would betray the will of the rakyat and render 'reformasi' as 'reformati'.

Anwar (DAP and Amanah as well if they accept the Umno kleptocrat supporters) would have betrayed the nation if they cause the collapse of Perikatan Nasional (PN) due to a game of 'musical chairs' caused by unprincipled Umno frogs.

Who is to say they will not cause the collapse of Anwar's government in the future, if the inducements offered to defect prove to be inadequate or they change goalposts?

The only honourable thing for Anwar to do is to call for a motion of no confidence in Muhyiddin's government in Parliament and for the House speaker to accede to this.

If the House speaker blocks the motion of 'no confidence' to protect Muhyiddin, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong may well refuse to see Anwar, who wants to play the 'numbers game' in determining the government of the day.

The Agong, in the scenario of a manufactured constitutional crisis, may well call for the dissolution of Parliament, resulting in a general election. This would be the right thing for the Agong to do.

The rakyat can then have a democratic choice of government, rather than a foisted 'backdoor' Anwar government.

Bobby0: Pejuang leader Dr Mahathir Mohamad, it was not wrong for you to get Umno politicians to join your then Bersatu party. But when Anwar decides to work with some in Umno, you raise objections or make statements that this may not work.

Do you have the list of Umno politicians that want to support Anwar? Now, all we are hearing is speculation about those who are going to support Anwar. There may be surprises in store on who will, in the end, join Anwar. So, let us not speculate about this.

In order to stop Anwar to become PM, you have no objection to Muhyiddin working with Umno. Look at what you have created - a return of all the old politicians in power. The return of all the government and semi-government agencies in the hands of the yes men. All of them compromised.

So, why are you complaining that Anwar is working with some of the politicians from Umno? Maybe with all the coalitions’ powers from the political parties of PKR, Umno, DAP, Amanah, Warisan, and even GPS, working together, we might finally see peace in the political arena.

Maybe only then we can concentrate on facing the enormous problems facing our nation as a team.

Anwar may turn out a much better leader than you. He might succeed where you failed miserably. Are you scared that he might do better than the 22 years you were in power?

Anwar should be given an opportunity to serve.

Vent: It is immaterial whether we know who the new frogs are or not. What is material is that they have all crossed over from Umno and Anwar has embraced them in his undying desire to be PM. How does that make Anwar any more principled than Muhyiddin?

The country is in a free fall engineered by desperate politicians and watched helplessly by us Malaysians.

PKR was always the weakest link in Harapan, thanks to the ditherer who is now clearly being supported in his quest to be PM by a party of racist and corrupt rogues, perhaps only to have it pulled away from his feet in a game plan that he has clearly fallen for with his new-found 'Dutch courage', gained from drinking at Umno's Kool-Aid fountain of frogs.

Warisan leader Shafie Apdal has shown that he is a far more credible leader than Anwar, any day.

Mazilamani: What does it matter to Mahathir that Anwar becomes the next PM and being under the control of Najib or Zahid?

Didn't Malaysians say the same thing about him when he was leading Harapan as the seventh PM? Didn't his aide say that Mahathir felt overly pressured by DAP, which allegedly resulted in his resignation?

Anwar has yet to show the numbers supporting him. Therefore, he is not the PM yet.

BlueLynx6753: Anwar, without DAP’s 42 MPs but with 10 to 15 Umno MPs and all 11 Amanah MPs, does not even have 60 MPs.

Guan Eng seemed to be telling Anwar that "if you got 112, then we would support you to be PM". DAP has been played out by Anwar too many times.

Anwar is a desperate man, He is losing support every day, even about 15 of his own PKR 38 MPs are waiting to leave at the right moment, disgusted by his leadership.

His image with the public is getting from bad to worse by the many missteps and stupid remarks he has made. He has apparently made a deal with Najib and Zahid.

So, he thought that the best time to strike was just before Sabah election (also to undermine Shafie and Warisan Plus by confusing the Sabah people) and before his appointment with the Agong, which Anwar knows would be a non-event as he would not be able to prove to the Agong that he has the numbers.

Beman: A point to consider. Zahid seems to offer too voluntarily and easily the information that "many" Umno MPs are supporting Anwar.

Normally, one would expect a leader of a political party to deny that the MPs of the party are deserting him for another party.

So, Zahid's ease in volunteering the information may suggest that Umno is laying a trap for Anwar. Let's wait and see how this episode unfolds itself.

OrangePanther1466: If Anwar really has the majority, where are the MPs from?

He has said his support excluded Warisan and Mahathir's group (that's a total of 15 MPs). Now, GPS and PAS have said they still support Muhyiddin. For sure, Bersatu with 31 MPs will be supporting Muhyiddin.

Based on the last count, the opposition had 109 MPs (that includes Warisan, Mahathir's group and three independent MPs). So, if Anwar says he has a solid majority, that means at least 29 MPs from Umno must be supporting Anwar. That’s 75 percent of all Umno's MPs.

So, Anwar is effectively going to bed with Umno, as Zahid has confirmed, but not getting married, so to speak. So, is this a great step towards regaining the rakyat's mandate?

Why is everyone crucifying Mahathir? Mahathir is an intelligent man who loves this country dearly. He only wants the best for us.

RZee: Mahathir should just keep quiet. If he didn’t play Anwar out, and unsuccessfully try to lay the blame on his defecting Bersatu boys, Anwar would be PM now, with Harapan still in power.

YOURSAY | Dr M likely the biggest loser, should Anwar be PM

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