YOURSAY | Dr M likely the biggest loser, should Anwar be PM


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YOURSAY | 'The time has come for the nation and the Malay polity to stop being under his thumb.'

Dr M: If Anwar succeeds, he will be under Najib and Zahid's thumbs

IndigoTrout2522: We do not yet know if PKR president Anwar Ibrahim does have the numbers, but if he does, Dr Mahathir Mohamad will be one of the losers.

Mahathir himself had tried to recruit Umno MPs to cross over to support him. Had he succeeded, he would have dumped DAP.

He succeeded the first time, soon after the last general election by recruiting a dozen to join Bersatu. This time, he failed and so he lost the majority, Bersatu and the premiership.

His Pejuang party is now a lone wolf with just five MPs. He would do anything to stop Anwar from succeeding and becoming PM, just as he had done to other PMs and DPMs.

For him, it is either him or the highway. His ego, pride, vindictiveness, divisiveness, authoritarianism and racism still show.

There are many good, selfless, incorruptible, service-oriented leaders in every political party and likewise, there are many selfish, greedy, corruptible, self-serving leaders too in all parties. With good, sincere and strong leadership, hopefully, Malaysia will be led by the first group.

Not everyone who comes to power will automatically be subservient to Umno leaders Najib Abdul Razak or Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, or even Mahathir. It is now time for a new generation of leaders to rise to govern this nation. That is the hope of Malaysians.

Gerard Lourdesamy: Mahathir, the mastermind behind the Sheraton Move, speaks. Enough of your sandiwara.

We know that Muhyiddin Yassin, Azmin Ali, Hishammuddin Hussein and Hamzah Zainuddin are all your proxies. The conspiracy to stop Anwar and weaken PKR and DAP started with your blessings in late 2018 and early 2019.

You had no intention to hand over the post to Anwar and you disliked working with PKR and DAP. So, you got your proxies to engage with Umno, PAS and GPS.

However, your desire for a Malay-only government under your absolute control did not pan out because Umno refused to allow you to poach their MPs individually. Even now, your drama with Pejuang is just that.

You are very happy to let Muhyiddin and Bersatu run the show at the expense of Umno. The big plan is to incapacitate Umno by sending all their top leaders to jail and freezing its assets to gain control over Umno.

Eventually, Bersatu takes over Umno - initially through a power-sharing agreement and later through seat negotiations for GE15 - before a reverse takeover using the power and privileges of the prime ministership.

Too bad that a number of Umno MPs have decided to bring down Perikatan Nasional (PN) and go with Anwar.

Even if Anwar does not make it, a snap GE will end Bersatu, Pejuang, you, Muhyiddin, Azmin, Hamzah and the rest of the traitors and defectors.

Umno will win on its own, even without PAS. Bersatu will cease to exist. The time has come for the nation and the Malay polity to stop being under your thumb.

Darmakochi: Don't forget, Mahathir, you also put Anwar under your thumb even though you became prime minister the second time, and that’s because PKR gave its support to you.

After taking over, you messed everything up and betrayed the trust that the people put in you. The country is in a political mess because of you. Please disappear from the political scene.

White Mamba: Indeed, Mahathir is the cause of what is happening in Malaysia today. The Sheraton Move could not have happened without his blessings

I remember a video circulating in social media of a group celebrating Pakatan Harapan’s victory soon after GE14. When asked about Mahathir, a young woman said that at his age he couldn't have a personal agenda.

Well, how wrong we were!

YellowGopher3008: Yes, the current sad state of this country was caused by one grandmaster who got it all wrong, knew it was wrong and yet did it over decades to serve his selfish agenda.

Low education standards, low-income economy, low living standards, low integrity but highly corrupted politicians are all the results of his doing.

Vgeorgemy: Some Malay-Muslim MPs have now taken a stand that treacherous elements are much more dangerous than DAP.

So, it is nothing to do with Najib or Zahid but all to do with the party that betrayed the voters' trust. Thus, we can live with these Malay-Muslim MPs.

Caripasal: We know. Only Mahathir is the best PM. Only Mahathir can be the PM without the influence of Najib and Zahid.

We disagree with the inclusion of Umno MPs. However, we hate the traitors more. Even if Umno is using Anwar to force a snap election, it is still better than allowing those traitors to continue ruling the country via a backdoor government.

I wonder if Mahathir will persuade Warisan and GPS to support Anwar, should his son, Muhkriz, is to be given the deputy prime minister (DPM) post. If he does, the possibility of Anwar kowtowing to Umno is lower (Mahathir’s exact excuse for rejecting Muhyiddin as PM).

We will see if he chooses a “liberal’ Anwar (his reason for rejecting Anwar) in exchange of Muhkriz for DPM.

Sensibility: On this, I fully agree with the old man. Muhyiddin refused to drop the charges against Zahid, and Najib was convicted. So, they are now apparently dealing with Anwar. Only complete fools can’t see it.

The Wakandan: Well, this is the day that Mahathir dreads the most - that Anwar by chance will become PM. The person he does not want the most to be PM is Anwar, not so much of Najib Abdul Razak.

Like Abdullah Ahmad Badawi before him, he also did not push through Mahathir’s pet projects. However, Anwar is another kettle of fish altogether.

He knows everything about Mahathir after being with him in the 80s and 90s. He also has a personal score to settle with Mahathir after the latter put him in jail - and that is a very strong motivation for a man to even the score.

Mahathir’s weak spot is his family, in particular his sons. Anwar can do a lot of damage to Mahathir’s vulnerability.

Hang Babeuf: Have you, or has anybody, ever seen anything like it? Like this?

I have seen many political "messes" in my lifetime. But Malaysia's current version of "the total political stuff-up" is truly world-class.

Credit must go where credit is due. Such things are not easily achieved. Achieving them requires maximum wilfulness and delusion, plus stupidity and stubbornness from all players - a very large number of deeply committed yet equally benighted players.

Syabas, Malaysia! Living up to promises: a land where anything and everything can happen, a land of endless possibilities.

But where nothing much, nothing really new, ever does - because all the contending possibilities together cancel one another out. Well done!

"Malaysia boleh!" Can do what exactly...? Now? How?

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