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Nor Mohamed, come clean on forex speculation
Published:  Jul 26, 2006 2:17 PM
Updated: Jan 29, 2008 10:21 AM

It would now be embarrassing to Pak Lah's administration if he continues to serve as second finance minister after being responsible for such a colossal loss, says a reader.

On Forex scandal: Jaffar 'knew about losses'

Come Clean: Recent developments have shown that Second Finance Minister Nor Mohamed Yakcop indeed played a pivotal role in Bank Negara's forex scandal between 1992 to 1994. It would now be embarrassing to Pak Lah's administration if he continues to serve as Malaysia's second finance minister after being responsible for such a colossal loss of up to RM30 billion of the people's money.

The most honourable thing for him to do would be to step down and come clean on the enormous forex losses as a result of speculation in the international currency markets in the 90s.

MSY: The forex scandal is 'plunder' of the highest order. Pak Lah must not close one eye to this gross offence of misappropriation of funds, which had allegedly occurred. Pak Lah who serves under the BN government must carry through his pledge to clean up the country.

The best way to do that is to start with all the alleged abuses and misappropriation of funds over the last 20 years of the BN rule. The Sabah immigration scandal, Perwaja, MAS, Miti share allocations and the use of the people's EPF money. Until he does this and investigate the losses, BN will forever be haunted by the ghosts of the past. The people will not rest until we see the culprits brought to justice, and if not, BN must be held responsible.

In the Philippines, the crime of plunder is punishable by death, which is what former president Estrada is facing. We must take this seriously and investigate the crimes which may have occurred in the last 20 years.

On Mahathir: All credit to Chinese M'sians

Anti-Mahathir: I would like Mahathir to know that Chinese Malaysians are well aware of our contributions and there is no need for his acknowledgment, time and again. Indeed, the Chinese might again be branded "extremist" again (when Mahathir needs Malay or Indian support).

Honestly, we don't need your (Mahathir's) praises at a time when you need support from us. We know you are a hypocrite. You are lucky because at this moment, PM Abdullah is not powerful enough to use ISA against you.

PT Tan: Basically, what the two man said at the launch of the book sounded like the refrain from one of the great authors (I cannot remember who). It goes something like this,

"When I was a child, I think like a child, act like a child and cry like a child now I am no longer a child. I do not think like a child or act and cry like one"

I hope PAS and gang will grow up and do not act and cry like one.

On Pahang MB: We are not ready for woman PM

HJ Angus: I suggest to the women in Malaysia to form a new independent party to prove that not only can a woman become the prime minister but she will probably be a better PM than the ones we have had since independence. If you listen to people like the Pahang MB, you will forever be subservient to such leaders who do not realise that women power is real.

Women are already working in all careers that men do but the only area that they lag behind is political, but don't you women think you can produce a much better candidate rather than listen to such a put-down?

Interesting to read Mahathir's observation on Suqiu president and vice versa. I wish PAS and the rest of the anti-Article 11 gang will read the article and learn to agree to disagree.

On Malaysiakini's Chinese version turns 1

Subscriber 88kini: First of all, a very happy anniversary to you!

I enjoy reading malaysiakini articles daily without fail, and find them of absorbing and interesting.

The book reviews in the Chinese section are wonderful. For instance, the one on the former Nanyang executive director Kou Yok Ling's book, entitled 528 (May 28) 'Nanyang Bustle -An Eyewitness Account' is excellent, but the book is only available in Chinese.

Is it possible to persuade Mr Kou to have his eyewitness account translated into English to widen his readership to a bigger group of people among the English educated?

Similarly, the review of 'Eng Ming Ching, Setengah Abad Dalam Perjuangan: Memoir Suriani Abdullah' {Kuala Lumpur, SIRD,2006) is fantastic! Again the book is not available in English! Please request the author, Ms Eng, to have an English version of the book.

On New police station to curb crime in USJ

Meng: Build, build, build. It's easy to build and for government to approve projects with little thought to safety and infrastructure issues. For example, it's ludicrous that USJ being such a huge housing estate only have two police beats? Now, before the police stations are up, the government approves the building of UEP Heights and the Berjaya Heights across the Pinggiran USJ. Another 1,200 to 1,500 homes will be built.

Traffic is another issue. Built first, worry later. The Taipan area in USJ is now a madhouse, what's more, MPSJ approved the building of a multi-storey office cum shoplot block on a small piece of land. The traffic and parking is now absolutely horrendous. If I can avoid it, I never want to go into Taipan. Every inch is fair game for building a skyscraper, regardless of existing traffic. This eventually kills business around the area.