YOURSAY | Anwar's gambit as Muhyiddin under fire over new Covid wave

YOURSAY | 'We have to wait and see how this drama unfolds itself.'

Anwar granted audience with king on Oct 13, urges M'sians to keep calm

The Wakandan: Anyone is better than the present Perikatan Nasional (PN). The objection to PN is that they came to power through the backdoor, not from GE14. And therefore, they are backstabbers because of their treacherous disloyalty to their election promises.

PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim may not be the most ideal but we do not know unless he does the job.

Anyway, GE14 was won on this platform - that he would be PM. Dr Mahathir Mohamad was meant to be a stop-gap leader until Anwar could take over.

MS: Mahathir, Anwar, Muhyiddin Yassin, Najib Abdul Razak, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah - they are all cut from the same Umno cloth. As such, every one of them (except Najib for obvious reasons) has earned some sort of "old school" eligibility to lead, stumble and screw up in the consequential ways we have seen since the 80s.

Mind you, none of them is ideal. All of them are compromised characters with seriously questionable political pasts. They are flawed in varying degrees but unfortunately, they are all the country now has - a country where the rotten political system has done nothing to encourage new blood and cultivate new thinking based on inclusiveness as opposed to the ‘ketuanan’ (racial supremacy) concoction brewed by the likes of Mahathir.

So, the choice now is limited to recycling the same old characters whose collective policies over the decades have brought the country to where it is today - weak, hopelessly divided, inefficient, corrupt and among the most likely to be a failed state in the region.

So, instead of trying to scuttle this latest move, as if others aspiring for the leadership are substantially better or more qualified, the antiquated process we are saddled with should be allowed to play out.

We have really nothing to lose. Nothing substantial will change as the 22 months of Harapan showed that the majority are really averse to meaningful change.

If Anwar's numbers do pan out, Malaysians will, for the first time ever, be able to know what "reformasi" is all about.

Having been serially cheated by the saviours of the past, I will keep my expectations low, expecting really nothing to change when new snouts gather at the swill.

Proarte: I think if Anwar shows that he can get the support of Umno and PAS MPs who have no scandals or dubious track records, then I think it is legitimate that he should be given a chance to lead the country.

Anwar's would not be a 'backdoor government' because the 2018 election gave him the democratic mandate to lead the nation.

It would only be a 'backdoor government' if Anwar is dependent on MPs allied with the likes of Umno leaders Najib, Zahid, Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor and PAS leader Abdul Hadi Awang. Reform cannot occur if deals are done with these men.

Anwar needs DAP, all of PKR and Amanah MPs on board if he is to form a stable government.

If there are ructions from these component parties because they feel Anwar has gone over to the 'dark side' for the sake of personal power and not for the sake of real reform, then the Yang di-Pertuan Agong should not entertain Anwar's request to form the government.

The Agong should then call for the dissolution of Parliament until such time when it is safe to have the general election.

Citizen_Zero: Anwar, if you have your cards in order, any time is a good time to remove this backdoor government. We, the people, need to reclaim our power to set things right for the sake of what is right.

That said, I am aware of some sentiments that this is not the time for any politicking and sudden changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The concern is understandable.

But here is also an important point: Good people must work twice as hard because corrupt people will not think twice about stealing and corrupting everything.

There is nothing wrong in engaging in politics for the good. Even now. Better to see the politicians manoeuvring in front of our eyes than behind closed doors. Better we make our move in the midst of Covid-19, than the deplorable make their move hiding behind Covid-19.

Pick a side everyone. You know the right thing to do. We have to do it. There is no one else.

FairMalaysian: Anwar's strength is not the key variable, it is the weakness of Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin and PN that is bringing them down. PN is now at its weakest in all the months it has been in power.

My advice to Anwar if he becomes the next PM - don't look to the past. A lot of healing is required to get the nation together to face the challenges that are facing the country and the world.

But there cannot be any such misdemeanours from now on and those committing wrongdoings should face the music. If we continue to dwell on past issues, there will be no future for this country. Put all those things behind us and look to the future.

Fair Play: Optics are very important, more so political optics. And in politics, those who shout the loudest have the most to lose. Think former PKR leader Azmin Ali.

The fact that Anwar has said that he has been granted an audience with the Agong next Tuesday speaks volumes.

Anwar, best of luck to you. I would love to see how Mahathir reacts to the news.

Raja Chulan: Statutory declarations (SDs) are given freely by our MPs and State Legislative Assembly members.

They either collect rewards (money) in the process or just to double or triple insure themselves. They will want to be on the side of the winning party.

Anwar will be a fool to just rely on SDs. The real business of horse-trading will start once Anwar reveals the list after the Oct 13 meeting with the Agong. Whosoever with the deepest pocket and able to satisfy the greed of the traded MPs will win.

As the rakyat, is that what we want? Is that what we have voted for? For them, they want power to make money. For us, what about principles, policies and the promises they make in their manifestos?

Sphzxcv: Yes, no GE please during this Covid-19 pandemic. Just appoint whoever has the majority to be PM.

I hope Anwar does not take in those tainted Umno MPs. It will just taint him as well, and the whole reformasi agenda of his will go down the drain with him.

We voted for a clean government and we intend to keep it that way for the betterment of the country. If he takes those corrupt and racist MPs, I will not give him my vote in the next GE.

PeakyBlinder: Anwar, please don't let your power for hunger get in the way of protecting the well-being of the rakyat.

The last thing we need right now is a nationwide election. It is simply irresponsible to endanger the health of the rakyat when you know very well what had transpired in the Sabah election.

2 cents: Initially, I had some reservations on whether Anwar should do a takeover at this time.

But after looking at how someone tried too hard to create that fatherly image and threatened to brandish his "cane", Anwar now has my full support to launch this takeover.

Beman: We have to wait and see how this drama unfolds itself. Would the king accept the claim of the PM wannabe by just looking at a list of MPs' names and some documents or would the king call the MPs up one by one in person to verify the claim?

The former would be based on trust to a certain extent, while the latter is not desirable during this Covid-19 epidemic as politicians are more likely to be exposed to the virus after the Sabah election.

It looks like the king may have a difficult task ahead of him. Whatever happens, there should be no general election for now.

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