YOURSAY | Khairuddin gets off - why are we not surprised

YOURSAY | ‘To all shocked and scandalised M’sians, a word of advice: keep your expectations low…’

Khairuddin cleared, AGC classifies case as 'NFA'

MS: Did everyone seriously think Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin will be different from Najib Abdul Razak? That the lies and cover-ups will cease? That the attorney-general (AG) won't do his utmost to serve the one who appointed him?

Malaysians seem to enjoy getting shocked and disappointed by the crookedness that has almost become a way of life - just as going about masked and fearful is the new norm.

The anger, disappointment and frustration with Dr Mahathir Mohamad during his 22 years was loudly expressed when Abdullah Ahmad Badawi took over. Then there was the facepalmed shock and consternation when he kept sleepwalking right through his reign even as the boys led by honourable son-in-law ran riot on the 4th floor.

Najib's turn at the swill, while immensely satisfying for him and that woman, turned out to be a series of suspicious activities and questionable decisions which bloomed into a full-fledged multi-billion-dollar scandal.

So, more shocks and disappointments which boiled over in May 2018. The Pakatan Harapan reign of egregious error provided more shocks as a bearded man from Maharashtra was warmly embraced and when motivated crowds were gathered to lather up the requisite ‘maruah’ (dignity) for unity.

Then came the king of disappointments and shocks when the king accepted the resignation of the conniving coot, green lighting the path for the Sheraton conspirators to walk in - unelected and very unwelcome.

More shocks and disappointments and anger followed with a series of spurious quid pro quo appointments.

Finally, but not in any way the last, the massive, elaborate and concerted cover-up mixed with contradictions and corrections to manage the fallout from the Turkey escapade which, according to the Hansard, bagged RM82 billion.

And today we learn the poor man who admitted to being guilty, who was unconscionably fined and induced to forfeit four months salary is actually the innocent victim of an incompetent Health Ministry gofer - unsupervised and untrained by a grandstanding director-general (DG) and a mousy health minister - but unbelievably bold to not follow one of senior minister Ismail Sabri's standard operating procedures (SOPs).

So, to all shocked and scandalised Malaysians, a word of advice: keep your expectations low; don't be fooled by their titles and their childish attempts to deify themselves with murals; don't rush to make heroes out of any of them but recognise them for what they really are - ethical and moral pygmies whose oversized egos remain nature's way of compensating for their mediocrity.

Hrrmph: Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister Khairuddin Aman Razali was already fined RM1,000. Why was he fined if he had done nothing wrong?

And for something as simple as that - no Form 14B - they took months to decide that it is a case of ‘no further action’ (NFA)? It seems more like they spent all that time to find a way out for this very privileged person.

I am looking forward to the circus show in the coming months and the self-serving statements to be issued. In this depressing pandemic time, with no theatre performance etc, maybe we should thank the authorities for taking it upon themselves to entertain the rakyat with their pantomime and comedies.

If only their contortions weren't affecting us in real life.

Oxymoronictendencies: So, this man didn't go to Parliament during the time he was supposed to be in 14-day immigration-mandated quarantine? No one saw him there? Perhaps it was a cardboard cut-out people saw?

Now I wonder what constitutes "evidence"? Well, he arrived from Turkey on a certain day and that will be in the immigration records, won't it? His mandatory quarantine period is 14 days from that date, isn't it?

Did he attend Parliament during that 14-day period? I understand he did. Unless the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) are entirely inept, it’s incredible that the AG can claim that PDRM could not establish that fact.

Either he was there or he wasn't. It's not rocket science. He's been fined and presumably paid the fine acknowledging he committed the offence, hasn't he?

This in not rocket science, Mr AG/Mr IGP (inspector-general of police). It doesn't require detective work or a degree in forensic science. A rookie police officer should be able to establish the facts and document the evidence.

Perhaps the burden of proof is just too hard for the PDRM to gather or for the AG to comprehend. Most likely, the PM said "enough is enough, make this case go away. I need this man's vote in Parliament and I don't care if the law has to be broken to get him there to vote ... just do it".

There really is no other explanation. The AG's lame excuse that "there is insufficient evidence" is really beyond belief. Either the guy breached his quarantine and went to Parliament or he didn't.

ABetterFutureWhen: Yes, utterly nonsensical. The flouter holds a minister position. He's a lawmaker voted in by the rakyat. He has responsibilities to his fellow lawmakers and the rakyat, morally and legally.

He's not an idiot that requires to be served the specific Form 14B to stay home as he's surely aware of the quarantine order - if he's not but knowingly endangered so many, he's not qualified to hold any public office and must be jailed as it's no different from anyone possessing a lethal weapon.

What an utter disappointment that this government has creatively thought of this open-and-shut case defence after spending so much time and resources. Any wonder why infections are rising sharply?

Shouldn't the Health Ministry staff or officers involved be sacked then for their dereliction since this flouter is too stupid to understand SOP without the said ‘missing’ form?

The Overlook: A eureka moment for the Attorney-General Chambers. Whoever came up with the 'brilliant' idea of using the Form 14B to solve their conundrum must be getting some rewards now. I wonder who.

Malaysia Is Surrealist Art That Can Be Bought: By now, it's clear as day that with the current government, it's all a game of strategy.

It's okay to constantly rile up 35 percent of the masses so long as 50 percent remain appeased and the leftover 15 percent don't care enough to make a difference.

What a slap to the five Rukuns of the Constitution, but what a clever strategy for a country where sentiment far overrules cognitive process.

YOURSAY | So Khairuddin can get a refund for the fine he paid?

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