Govt's CMCO work-from-home orders explained


Modified 22 Oct 2020, 11:39 am

KINIGUIDE | There has been a lot of confusion regarding the government's order for managers and supervisors in states under conditional movement control order (MCO) to work from home.

There are also questions on whether a swab test is necessary.

This KiniGuide aims to answer those questions based on Defence Minister Ismail Sabri's press conference, an FAQ by the International Trade and Industry Ministry (Miti), and a press statement from the Human Resources Ministry.

Who is required to work from home?

Only managers and supervisors in formal sectors are required to work from home.

Who is considered to be in a management or supervisory role?

Miti said that this is based on each company’s policies.

Refer to your human resources department and employee handbook.

What if I am a regular staffer?

You can proceed to work as usual and observe government standard operating procedures such as maintaining physical distance, wearing a mask, and frequently washing hands, among others.

What industries are affected by this work-from-home order?

All industries are subject to the work-from-home order except those in informal sectors or in transportation, according to Miti.

The ministry said the informal sector includes workers in retail, grocery stores, eateries, and plantations, while delivery riders are considered to be in the transportation sector.

Isn’t there a list of industries affected?

There is none at the moment except for the exemptions mentioned earlier.

I'm a manager required to work from home. Are there exceptions?

The government allows 10 percent of those in management or supervisory roles to be in the office.

However, they can only be at the office for 4 hours from 10am to 2pm, three days a week.

Can a company change the four hours to a different time?

No. Managers exempted from the work-from-home order can only be in the office for 4 hours from 10am to 2pm.

I have to go to the office, do I need to take a swab test?

Covid-19 swab tests are mandatory for foreign workers working in the construction sector and as security guards in red zones.

Those who are showing Covid-19 symptoms must also take a swab test.

For others, the swab test is not mandatory but is highly recommended.

Can I get the test done for free?

All Social Security Organisation (Socso) contributors can get tested for free at panel clinics.

However, it is only free if the company schedules the test for you.

Can I do the test at other clinics?

Yes. Your employer can apply for a subsidy to do testing at non-Socso panel clinics.

Your employer will have to make payment first, and then file a claim with Socso.

They will get a rebate of RM150 for each worker tested.