Health Ministry strategies keeping coronavirus death rate low


Modified 18 Nov 2020, 10:06 am

COVID-19 | Various strategies planned and implemented by the Health Ministry have kept the number of Covid-19 deaths in Malaysia at a low nine deaths per one million population, deputy director-general of Health (Medical) Dr Rohaizat Yon said today.

The rate is far below that of the United States, which is 741 per one million population; United Kingdom (732), the Philippines (70) and Indonesia (54), based on the international data, he said.

As of noon yesterday, Malaysia recorded 318 deaths from Covid-19 or 0.6 percent of the total number of 49,730 cases.

Rohaizat said an analysis shows that the Covid-19 deaths in Malaysia are mainly patients aged 50 and above, who make up 85.4 per cent.

“Other major factors that also contribute to the death of Covid-19 patients are comorbidities such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease, as well as the duration of patients seeking treatment at health facilities.

“The various strategies planned and implemented by the Health Ministry have shown a positive effect, where the death rate recorded so far in Malaysia is 0.6 percent (of the total number of cases), which is low compared to the deaths recorded in other countries,” he said in a statement uploaded on to the ministry’s Facebook page.

Rohaizat said the battle to break the Covid-19 chain of transmission is ongoing.

He said the ministry is still striving to improve the Covid-19 recovery rate and reduce the death rate, besides continuing to increase the level of health delivery to all patients, regardless of whether they are Covid-19 patients or other patients.

He also said that the ministry always ensures the readiness of hospital facilities, among others the Intensive Care Unit and ventilators; Covid-19 Quarantine and Low-Risk Treatment Centres and mobilisation of health personnel at a more optimal level.

"The world is still struggling against the Covid-19 pandemic. Various efforts have been implemented at the global and Malaysian levels to win this war.

"The cooperation extended by all Malaysians in complying with the standard operating procedures and the huge sacrifices of the frontline personnel in facing the Covid-19 infection, as well as the backliners, are appreciated,” he said.

- Bernama