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YOURSAY | Kudos to general for gumption to question liquor sale ban

YOURSAY | ‘I appreciate General (Rtd) Hashim Mohd Ali’s remarks.’

Ex-armed forces chief wants liquor sale ban rescinded, questions motive

IndigoKite6964: Our soldiers, regardless of their racial origins and beliefs, put their life on the line for this country. Many have already paid the ultimate price for our freedom, and many more are prepared to defend it.

The bullet doesn’t care about race or religion. Only PAS care about this and to threaten the very freedom these heroes who fought and died to preserve our country.

I appreciate former armed forces chief General (Rtd) Hashim Mohd Ali’s remarks. Our blood, no matter what race or religion, is red.

When will PAS understand that we are not an Islamic state and stop interpreting the constitution that way? The fact that they get to sit in Parliament is proof enough that we are not an Islamic state.

Non-Muslims have equal rights with Muslims in this country and thank you, general, for telling them precisely that.

WhiteRaven7644: Well said, general, I salute you. How I wish that we can turn back time to the ‘50s era', where all Malaysians from totally different backgrounds lived as one in a harmonious society without any animosity or ill feelings against one another and were one big happy family.

This is unlike the self-serving politicians who scheme to divide, control and rule us as what we are witnessing now. Our once beautiful society has now been ruined, and only people like our generals will truly understand what life was before.

BlackTiger7716: I salute you, sir. There are still some sane Malays who understand Malaysia is a multiracial country and should not treat non-Malay/Muslims as second-class citizens.

This government, led by this self-called ‘Abah’ and together with PAS and Umno, are trying to compete amongst themselves to be seen as better Muslims.

Islam is a religion that respects the interest of all races. Look at UAE and in particular, Dubai. All racial interests are taken care of and only during prayer time on Friday are all shops closed. Why can’t these religious/racial bigots learn to make Malaysia a better nation?

The Wakandan: Thank god we still have Muslims like Hashim standing righteously above petty religious bigotry unlike those so-called religious teachers in white robes. Multiracial Malaysia is our future.

Once the multiracial tenet of the nation is done away with, our future will be bleak with our people becoming more polarised and suspicious of each other. We must not allow extremism to destroy our country.

As the general said, he had non-Muslims in his command who fought and if necessary, to give their lives in defending the country. Hashim has been exposed to multiracialism and understands the true concept of Malaysia. We cannot live in a vacuum and be an island.

Mazilamani: What do you think is the cause for contraband cigarettes flooding into Malaysia, resulting in poor sales of legally manufactured cigarettes and the loss of billions in taxes for the government?

We are repeating the same mess when it comes to banning liquor in the country. We will be inviting contraband liquor into our country.

Actually, what percentage of Malaysians are addictive drinkers. How many lives are lost in accidents compared to drug abuse in a year? I bet most night accident cases involved drugs rather than alcohol.

Let us seek advice from people outside religious groups.

MarioT: Well said, sir. I like to have a drink or two from time to time and enjoy it very much.

Even if it is banned, liquor sales will still go on through the back door, similar to cigarettes. I am told that one can obtain cheap cigarettes quite easily, thus, depriving the government of revenue.

Our main focus should be eliminating corruption which is seen to be rampant in the civil service at both the state or national levels. Recent arrests of Immigration Department officers, although alarming, are just the tip of the iceberg.

Why the corruption was undetected for so long when luxurious and expensive items are being purchased with the ill-gotten money, is anyone's guess. Seriously, all departments should undergo a spring cleaning.

BlueLynx2013: PAS has yet to say anything about corruption. In fact, the day former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak was found guilty, they went to his house to provide moral support.

PAS is only interested in trivial matters, especially those concerning other races.

PurpleWhale7438: Indeed, the root of all our problems is corruption, not the sale of liquor. That caused the hardship and decay in our nation.

If money from corruption was recovered and channelled to build our country, we would be better than any Asean nations.

PAS should think of ways to develop and improve the country, especially in Kelantan. Don’t think of only what is haram or halal and try to control the freedom of other races.

What about the 1MDB looted funds worth billions? Are the funds haram to PAS?

Kuniyo: PAS is only interested in controlling people. They control what you eat, what you drink, how you should dress, and who you can ride a motorcycle with. They don’t even let you watch movies or attend concerts.

But who flouted Covid-19 standard operating procedure and acted as if nothing had happened? Who bought Mercedes vehicles for themselves with public funds while the state doesn’t have clean water?

Who naik gaji (increase salary) for themselves during this pandemic after they received the oil revenue? PAS.

Iphonezours: It takes the ex-chief of our armed forces to have the guts to oppose this ruling.

Meanwhile, those non-Muslim members of parliament and state assemblypersons from MCA, MIC, PBS, et cetera, are staying dumb and silent on the matter.

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