YOURSAY | Xavier's defection - politics just got even dirtier


Modified 15 Mar 2021, 11:10 pm

YOURSAY | 'Many public agencies have become the cat's paw to ruling parties.'

Sivarasa: Xavier wouldn't have jumped if not for 'selective' MACC probe

Umno: Why would MACC pressure cause Xavier to jump if he's innocent?

Vijay47: Sungai Buloh MP Sivarasa Rasiah, you have more than implied that MACC has allowed itself to be used as a political tool.

Similarly, most Malaysians, whether government or opposition-leaning, share the perception that despite their pious protestations, many public agencies have become the cat’s paw to ruling parties, rather than serving the government of the day.

But at this junction, we must part, sir, when you proceed to claim that selective investigation was the reason for Kuala Langat MP Dr Xavier Jayakumar becoming a turncoat.

In the primary article (announcing Xavier’s defection), there are close to 250 comments, every single one expressing shock, disappointment and contempt at Xavier’s betrayal.

Ironically, the sheer number commenting is a tribute to him, that the public held him in such high esteem that they expected him to fight till the bitter end in defence of his good name and the image of Pakatan Harapan.

Xavier is not your standard rookie, still wet behind the ears. For 23 years, he had fought brave fights as a member of the opposition, standing alongside DAP through thick or thin. And he keels over the moment MACC brandishes a rusty sabre?

It might be unfair of us to demand it, but come hell or high water, we expected him to fight - with truth on your side you simply cannot lose, you would emerge the greater hero. Instead, like a cowardly mongrel, he surrendered and betrayed.

Can we imagine the alternative? Would anybody dare accuse veteran politicians Karpal Singh or Lim Kit Siang of any impropriety? The very thought would make any intending accuser stop dead in his tracks. And if he did accuse, he would soon wish he were never born.

Today, Xavier can stand on that pantheon of shame with PKR defectors Azmin Ali, Larry Sng and Edmund Santhara. Xavier, with your act of treachery you allowed reputation and respect to slip through your fingers like five million grains of sand.

Malaysia Bharu: Why should anyone be afraid of MACC, or for that matter, any of the law enforcement entities, if they have not committed an offence?

All the more, a seasoned politician and elected MP in the rank of Xavier who has taken an oath of office to defend the Constitution?

His defection is all the more intriguing because he was recently on the MACC radar over a corruption probe involving his family friend, M Thinagaran, as well as several of the former’s associates and former ministry staff.

How close was Xavier to the smoking gun? Sivarasa's simplistic explanation, nauseous to say the least, adds little to the Xavier fiasco other than a spineless self-serving chicken that abandoned his party and voters to save his own skin.

Dr Raman Letchumanan: No one person is bigger than the party, including PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim. It is the party's good name that should be preserved. If they are a liability they should go.

There cannot be smoke without fire. Xavier’s close confidante is being probed for corruption. There appears to be some evidence, including a luxury car allegedly used by Xavier.

Only 22 months in power and showing alleged corrupt tendencies. My only concern is he should clear his case in court if charged. If not guilty, what's the reason for his defection?

We want to know the real reason. But if he is wishy-washy, then he cannot be trusted. Anyway, any decent person can take his place.

At-Sixx: As an opposition MP, you are especially expected to be tough to withstand any bullying or perceived bullying by anyone or agency.

Since Xavier jumped ship, he doesn't have the resilience expected of his role. Either that or there's enough dirt to trouble him. Or maybe there are other reasons. Only he knows.

Either way, it's really unfortunate for the voters. The question is: why can an elected MP switch camp when voters are not allowed to switch their votes?

6th Generation Immigrant: Whether or not Xavier was forced, bought, coerced, blackmailed, shifted political beliefs and stance or just suddenly became aware of the nation's political surrounding, we the citizen voters must surely also accept some blame for this feverish frog-jumping fetish in this nation.

Like the majority of all our other elected politicians, Xavier does not have the basic qualifications to become an elected representative - integral, committed, clean and seen clean, truly seeking to represent the people and nation - and yet we elect him and them into positions all the time.

The initial screening and deep vetting of all potential politicians is a tool the people possess and yet we have failed to use or even employ.

Though we are rightfully disgusted, aren't we now just shutting the stable door when the horse has bolted?

Businessfirst: I think it is unfair to suggest Xavier is guilty of wrongdoing so he "jumped" because of fears arising from it.

Whether you are innocent or not, being harassed by state organs is no fun and games. You can be "framed" and until the case is over and you clear your name, you incur time, costs and energy as well as high-stress levels for yourself, family and friends. Even your bank accounts can be frozen.

The publicity, the distraction, etc, and he is not a young man anymore. Will his family be targeted too? Perhaps he did not want to go through this ordeal? Perhaps he wanted to retire anyway so the pull factors were also attractive.

What I think is fair to say is that he did what he did more for himself, personally, than out of concern for the people who voted for him.

Mano: Umno information chief Shahril Hamdan, shocking as it is, Xavier seemingly succumbed to pressure. We hope investigations are completed and he is given a chance to exonerate himself.

But, why do we feel so short-changed by MACC? It would be the right thing for a neutral body such as the MACC to go after all the corrupt ones. There are plenty around.

The point is the selective mode to suit the executive. That is contentious.

MACC can start from Umno/BN from the years beyond, where all who made politics as their livelihood, from top to branch leaders, lived off the rakyat, the public coffers and facilities, etc.

Then go down to others, the NGOs, some of which are actually proxies for many politicians, the government-linked companies (GLCs) and the private sector.

Meanwhile, build more MACC detention centres, have a truly professional stand against corruption, which the commission should hold on to at all times. People will eventually respect it.

ProMalaysia: I fully agreed with Umno for once… if he is not guilty, no matter how much pressure, as a man he should stand up fighting and not succumb to threats.

This episode shows the true colour of the man. Once given power as a minister, he may have gone astray to enrich himself, friends, etc. Maybe that is why he was allegedly entrapped.

Isn't MACC supposed to be neutral and the police as well? What about politician Paul Yong’s alleged rape case? Is there still a case?

SHGC: Based on all the comments, hearsay and such that have transpired, MACC now has no choice but to investigate Xavier. Otherwise, MACC is indeed seen as a political tool of the government and doing selective persecution and prosecution.

In other words, whichever way Xavier is going, he is just a chess piece.

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