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For change to happen, Malays must break silence on racist system

Institutionalised racism is crippling the nation, according to author and think-tank founder Chandran Nair, who is appealing to the Malays, especially the young, to voice their rejection of race-based ideologies.

Drawing a comparison with white supremacists, he argued that the Malay political elites and their enablers from other races are capitalising on these divisive policies for economic privileges.

“This state-built architecture is led by the elite Malays, not ordinary Malays,” he told Malaysiakini.

For self-aggrandisement, Chandran said these demagogues sowed seeds of discontent, fear, and animosity towards others among an innocent Malay population that does not deserve this indoctrination.

“A direct comparison can be made with white supremacists and the most recent example in the US is Donald Trump. He exposed how widespread white supremacy is in that country.

“They use the poor white people to further their racist policies against Blacks, Hispanics, Chinese. This is the same tactic used by racist politicians in Malaysia,” he added.

Chandran said the situation in Malaysia is more dire where the iniquitous tentacles of institutionalised racism are wrapped around key sectors such as education and the economy.

He pointed out that the government, being an instrument of institutionalised racism, is responsible for splitting Malaysia apart.

“Affirmative action in education targeting the disadvantaged and needy rural Malays needs to be extended to the poor Chinese and Indians as well. There is no need to dismantle (the existing system).

“The system also allows various economic advantages to the Malays, some of which is necessary but needs to be well managed so that it is not exploited by wealthy Malays in areas such as homeownership, loans, investment funds, etc. No other country does this based on race...

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