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COMMENT | I believe Muhyiddin, but we can’t have a ‘paloi’ PM now

COMMENT | To be honest, I have both sympathy and empathy for Muhyiddin Yassin. I understood his feelings and had experienced what and how he must have felt.

I think what he poured out during his recent interview came from his heart and soul. And surprise, surprise, I believe him. Yes, I do. This time.

On May 23, the prime minister said he was prepared to take abuse from the public amid frustration over measures against Covid-19 but urged people to play their part in bringing the pandemic under control.

“They can blame the government. They can scold the prime minister. I accept. Scold ‘stupid prime minister’, it’s okay. I can say it on television.”

The prime minister is a man, after all, a human being with feelings and emotions. If you feel nothing after 346 Malaysians died within a week and the Covid-19 infections have crossed the half-million mark, then you must either be a ghost or an alien from outer space.

I’m also glad that Muhyiddin has been honest by conceding that in March last year, the government had no experience in dealing with the pandemic.

That is to say, the government started implementing SOPs while groping in... 

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