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YOURSAY | A cabinet that is beholden to Muhyiddin

YOURSAY | 'It's no surprise that these nine Umno ministers stay and support the PM.'

Cabinet ministers, including those from Umno, rally behind Muhyiddin

Malaysia Bharu: What good is this shenanigan from a group of yes-men to show the PM's support base? Seventy of them?

Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin is reduced to scrapping the barrel bottom? What does that prove? Do any of them have the moral courage to face the rakyat that did not elect them to power?

What good is the support from a bunch of unelected and shameless rejects appointed by himself and paid exorbitant salaries, perks and privileges to prop him up as PM?

If he has the guts, instead of suspending Parliament, he should prove his majority and legitimacy on the floor of the Parliament.

It is so disgraceful that our country is held to ransom by this wayward group that even the king and brother rulers are unable to deal with.

Humble Opinion: Muhyiddin’s cabinet members have given their backing for him to remain as prime minister.

However, the paramount question is: do the rakyat really support this failed government? As they claimed all decisions are collectively agreed upon, then all should resign because they have failed us miserably.

Pleb: The Perikatan Nasional (PN) strategy now is to ensure they are still in government as long as possible and hope that continued vaccine delivery without delay will save them.

They are trying to get as many people vaccinated as possible, which will lead to a reduction in Covid cases. And they hope that people will choose to forget the record high in Covid cases, and celebrate the reduction as an achievement by the government.

Well, I think the majority group in Malaysia will be receptive to this.

Dr Raman Letchumanan: Arguably, the largest cabinet relative to population in the world met after a hiccup. An executive that many claim is enticed with position and money to prevent its own collapse.

The past week has seen great turmoil like never before. Record Covid-19 infections, record casualties, a health system that has broken down, the health frontliners planning to strike over unfair employment terms, the cabinet told off by the king and rulers and the opposition baying for the government to step down.

Coincidently, the PM came down with diarrhoea, a simple ailment but he has to be hospitalised for a week.

The rakyat were awaiting some bombshell announcement when the cabinet finally met. Yes, it is indeed earth-shattering. The first, and perhaps the only announcement, was “cabinet members unanimously rallied behind the PM”.

Sun: So, what is this supposed to mean? Nothing, actually. Even if all 70 members of this bloated cabinet support him, he will only get 64 votes because six ministers/deputy ministers are senators.

What Muhyiddin needs to prove is that he has the support of the majority of MPs in the Dewan Rakyat to stay in power.

All that is needed is for four MPs who were on his side to not vote on any government bill to pull the plug on the delusion that he is a PM commanding a majority in the Dewan.

OCT: It's no surprise that these nine Umno cabinet ministers stay and support the PM. PM gives them a lucrative post with high pay, plus perks which they cannot afford to refuse. All these benefits are gone the moment they don't support PM. It would be too great a sacrifice by them.

For now, they sing this tune. However, in the event that there is a change in government, it can be expected to see all these nine cabinet members will sing another tune. They will say they had been misled by PM. Same old story.

All these politicians have no principles. Their principles are power and money. All others don't matter at all. These politicians don't care whether the rakyat live, suffer or are sick as long as they themselves are well taken care of.

They are a bunch of sickos. Malaysia is not their motherland. Greed has clouded their rationale. No one of the PN cabinet ministers is interested in helping the rakyat at this critical moment.

The sooner the PN government goes away, the better the rakyat will be. It's a foregone conclusion that rakyat must jaga rakyat.

FairMalaysian: Comical, isn't it? When Najib Abdul Razak was PM, we saw how his ministers dutifully defended him although the whole world was laughing at us.

Therefore, that this happens should not come as a surprise. If we had gone after Najib's ministers for letting the people down, this won't be happening now.

Mushiro: What a nonsensical statement from the nine Umno ministers. They say they are supporting the PM because all decisions made by the cabinet were done collectively and the focus now would be to ensure the success of the National Recovery Plan (NRP).

Collectively, these politicians have brought Covid cases in Malaysia to be among the highest in the world and they seem lost and do not know how to move forward. NRP seems to be their new buzzword.

PinkPanther3559: The Agong should invite a Pakatan Harapan MP (Anwar Ibrahim) to form the next government. This is because the people had given a five-year mandate to Harapan (PKR, DAP, Bersatu and Amanah).

However, a backdoor PN government led by Bersatu was formed last year but it has failed the rakyat miserably. Worse, the PN PM Muhyiddin refused to submit himself to a confidence vote. As such, his legitimacy until today is being questioned.

The king should allow Harapan to administer the nation until the next GE. That is fair and square. Anwar could set up a stable government by inviting some from Umno, Warisan and Sarawak-based parties to join the coalition.

Doc: After a year-and-a-half this nation has been under the PN regime, it is safe to say this regime is built of the foundations of racism, corruption, kebodohan (stupidity), lack of direction and cohesion, no central leadership or homogeneity, confusion, religious nonsense, total disregard for expert opinion and common sense, insanity, a collective of low IQ individuals, disregard for providing basic humanity to the people they serve, shameless and they have really thick skin.

Open Mind: Ultimately, it will be the rakyat who will decide the fate of the PN government. Looking at the noises in the social media, there appears to be some movement building up slowly and steadily.

Let’s hope the youth can build up some momentum to demand a more competent government with good governance and integrity.

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