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YOURSAY | No way out – PM must resign to allow a new govt to be formed

YOURSAY | ‘The king has spoken. The prime minister has to resign, action needs to be taken…’

Istana: Takiyuddin misled Parliament on EO, Agong 'very disappointed'

Malaysia Bharu: Thank you, Your Majesty Yang di-Pertuan Agong, for exposing the betrayals by these leaders. These are the same leaders that claim to defend race, religion and royalty. The same leaders who divide the people to feather their own nest.

What they have done amounts to treason. It is unforgivable because these are the same leaders that scream “derhaka” against the common people when it serves their interest.

Most of all, the Parliament speaker must be held responsible for turning a blind eye to the open abuses that undermined the Agong’s authority, so much so, he had to be told that parliamentary laws do not supersede the Federal Constitution.

Hopefully, Agong will withdraw the power bestowed on this failed autocratic regime so that the Covid-19 situation can be brought under control, the people are freed from tyranny, the nation recovers from abuses and mismanagement and most of all, good governance and prosperity return to this God-given land of ours.

Quo Vadis: The truth cannot be hidden. It will come into the light. The sun will shine, and the darkness must flee. All the darkness you can imagine cannot put out the light of one candle of truth.

The king has spoken. The prime minister has to resign, action needs to be taken also against the attorney-general (Idrus Harun) and the de facto law minister (Takiyuddin Hassan).

There is hope in this period of overwhelming suffering, lies and more lies, disrespect of the rule of law with impunity and flagrant violation of the Constitution.

Federal Bakery: We are like dogs barking after the caravan has departed. It’s too late now to wonder where the silver and other valuables that we held dear have gone.

Feb 29, 2020, is the beginning of our woes - the day when we felt we had been victims of a three-card trickster. An elected government was replaced by means so devious that only fools would have thought that the birds let loose on that day of infamy would not come back to roost as buzzards.

We, now standing on the high branches of our tree, are seeing the foliage of the tree being denuded by the birds that we thought were of our flock. They are not. There are those who do good. There are those who do nothing but cause mischief.

You don't need a Parliament to make the division. Getting rid of the usurpers is what is urgently needed.

Previous allegations of insult against His Majesty have moved the police with great speed to arrest and deal with the purveyor of the insult.

Now, His Majesty has himself declared his displeasure on the conduct of several individuals. No longer is there any need to speculate about His Majesty's displeasure nor is there any uncertainty about who the authors are.

Surely, there must follow the strongest action from our ‘royal’ police force and put out of circulation those responsible for His Majesty's displeasure.

As his displeasure flows from his concern for the rakyat, action must be taken urgently.

Vijay47: This must be the first time in memory that the Agong has stepped into the arena and openly criticised the government for want of respect to the Rukun Negara, the Constitution, and the institution of the monarchy.

Not only did the king condemn the law minister and the attorney-general specifically, but his statement was also couched in strong language never encountered previously. Yet even here, His Majesty displayed royal restraint - the words used were “amat dukacita”, not “amat murka”.

It surely is the height of arrogance and cheek for the two to have seen the Agong on July 24, given assurances that the emergency ordinances would be debated in Parliament and yet just two days later, on the 26th, coolly inform the House that the emergency ordinances had been revoked on the 21st!

Again, showing immense generosity, His Majesty used the word “misled” when the more accurate description would be “lied”.

In a way, this shameful state of affairs was expected, it was almost inevitable. Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin and his ministers had been cavorting without any heed whatsoever to the protocol and dictates of parliamentary democracy or even the limitations of law and regulations. They had bestowed upon themselves the right to do as they pleased.

There cannot be any doubt or hesitation regarding the next course of action. Muhyiddin and all those who disdainfully swaggered with him must resign.

BusinessFirst: I agreed. It is inevitable that Perikatan Nasional (PN) and the cabinet need to resign because:

1. It has never been clear they had majority.

2. Even if they did have majority, what has transpired is disgraceful, and having been reprimanded by the Agong for misleading Parliament, the cabinet needs to resign.

3. Those directly involved need to go.

4. The rest, even if they did not lie or mislead personally/directly were present when this was said, must go too. When the law minister said what he said in Parliament about the emergency having been revoked on July 21, their silence has endorsed or acquiesced, through their omission to disavow it, to this statement, and therefore, are accessories or abetted all that followed.

5. Even if they somehow were too lazy to find out and just go with the flow, they need to resign as their government has acted unconstitutionally. If they have any moral integrity, they need to step down. No more “I am only staying in my post because of the fight against Covid-19”.

Sorry to say, you are dispensable, and 17,000 daily infections, more than 8,700 deaths and millions of unemployed do not need you to continue failing at the public's expense nor will they shed a tear.

6. The House speaker also needs to go together with his deputy. The shutting down of debates, the deliberate attempt to stall until Aug 2 so that they do not need the king's consent for the revocation as by then the emergency has lapsed, shows that the speaker is acting hand in glove in this attempt to push through unconstitutional moves to help PN remain in power.

Apanakdikato: The parliamentary sessions in the past few days have been utterly abused by PN with the primary objective of staying in power. So much precious time has been wasted by PN beating about the bush, instead of allowing critical debates and discussions on how to flatten the pandemic curve which has seriously gone out of control.

Hundreds of precious lives are lost on a daily basis due to the pandemic, and yet the PN government has no idea of what to do and stubbornly remains in a state of denial that its plans are not working.

The PN government spends more time politicking instead of bringing together the country's expertise and resources to battle the pandemic.

When PN ministers and leaders blatantly and repeatedly flout the standard operating procedures in full public view, we realise that they have never been sincere about taking care of the rakyat and country, but rather are engrossed in selfish self-preservation and enrichment.

Let us pray that our beloved country will have a strong leadership and government soon to bring us out of this pandemic and economic devastation.

Dr Raman Letchumanan: Now who has pawned their maruah (dignity), insulted their religion and tarnished the image of the rulers?

The ruling class and the elites who are the protectors of the 3Rs (race, religion and royalty).

If this is not a wake-up call for a better Malaysia for all Malaysians, then our country is doomed perpetually.

To the opposition, don't dream you can take over and carry on where PN has left. To me, you all are made of the same mould. You may hold the fort until the 15th general election to put in place a new set of leaders.

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