YOURSAY | Going after 1MDB 'warrior' while culprits roam free

YOURSAY | 'Instead, Clare should be honoured for her courageous work.'

S'wak Report editor charged with defamation over T'ganu sultanah case

COMMENT | Punishing Clare to silence future critics

Malaysia Bharu: There has not been as much enthusiasm shown in apprehending Jho Low, the supposed chief mastermind of the 1MDB scandal who put our taxpayers in debts to the tune of RM45 billion.

Even super-rich celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Paris Hilton were feted with 1MDB funds allegedly stolen by Jho Low.

But our police seem more zealous in reining in Sarawak Report's Clare Rewcastle Brown, the brave woman who exposed the kleptocracy and in the process, enabled us to recover some of the stolen funds from abroad.

It was efforts by the likes of Clare that brought an end to the kleptocracy. Has PDRM got their priorities right?

BobbyO: Indeed, Clare should be honoured for her courageous work in exposing the kleptocrats who stole billions of ringgit from this nation.

Instead of being grateful to our warrior who stood up and fought for this nation, she is being hauled up to possibly face jail time. Even then, by right, the case should be filed as a civil suit.

While some can interpret what she said to suit their political agenda, the fact is that this case will be covered by the global media.

Malaysia is suffering under the Covid-19 pandemic, with over 25,000 lives lost, and millions in financial ruin. It will take years of work to try and bring the nation back to normalcy.

This is where our energies should be focused. The last thing we need is more negative reports from the global media.

Oriole: If you oppress and litigate enough people, pretty soon the old fear will grip the nation and people will no longer speak openly about this 1MDB case.

Already, there are people who think it was all a hoax to bring down a "great" leader. By the next generation, that belief will be so entrenched that history books will probably record it as a hoax.

After all, there are enough “kangkung” professors coming out of our universities who can turn such revisionism into truth.

OCT: Umno is the puppet master of the new government. This government has been trying many ways to get at Clare as she played a part in exposing the 1MDB scandal.

They want to get even with her, so the slightest mistake by her will be classified as criminal and can be charged.

This government seems to have no interest in jailing the culprits behind 1MDB. However, they are more interested in pursuing those who shamed the government.

Here is a case of Clare allegedly defaming the royalty. It is deemed serious. On the other hand, when ex-law minister Takiyuddin Hassan disobeyed the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, where was his reprimand?

This charge may stick, but whether it is enforceable or legal is another matter. Clare will be persona non grata to Malaysia.

Either you are with the government or you are not. And if you are not, then you are the enemy. No two ways about it.

Newday: The relevant part of the book is much ado about nothing. It discusses Jho Low and his penchant for name-dropping to gain insider access.

The Terengganu Sultanah was, unfortunately, one of those who he name-dropped. Unwittingly, she was dragged into this mess by Jho Low.

If anyone should be the target of a defamation suit, it should be Jho Low himself. As per usual, in Malaysia, it is the messenger who is targeted.

BlueShark1548: It is interesting to note that she is charged now even though Her Royal Highness filed her suit in 2018! Why did it take the Attorney-General’s Chambers so long?

Clare will likely not step into Malaysia anymore, so how is she going to defend the case?

JusticeNow!: The truth of the matter is, no one in Malaysia or the world has taken a second glance or commented on the sultanah’s “role” in this issue.

All the people have heard is that the kleptocrats took the Terengganu Investment Authority (TIA) and turned it into 1MDB.

In fact, if not for the civil suit, no one will know there is a sultanah in this story. It’s just background noise for the main story.

Jaycee: We should be giving Ms Rewcastle Brown a medal for relentlessly investigating the 1MDB fiasco and for bringing the perpetrators to light.

If it was not for her brilliant and tireless investigative journalism, the rakyat will not know the enormous amount that was stolen from the rakyat’s coffers.

Thank you for standing up to all those who try to silence you and not give in to their threats and/or lawsuits.

There are many of us who are standing with you and if you need to crowdfund to finance the many “fights” to come, please let us know.

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