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YOURSAY | Hope that Anwar’s office ‘upgrade’ not the only reform

YOURSAY | ‘Does the upgrade include some multi-million renovations and new furniture?’

PM hands 'upgrade' letter to Anwar at bipartisan meeting

ScarletPanda9731: Congratulations to opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim for the upgrade of your office in Parliament with facilities on par with a minister, which is your right in any parliamentary democracy.

I must also thank Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob for keeping his word on the reforms signed between his government and the opposition. Be true to your word, and you will be remembered in Malaysian history as the prime minister who kept his word.

Ismail Sabri, endorsing an Umno MP as Dewan Rakyat deputy speaker is wrong, so retract it. It does not send a healthy signal to the people. The opposition must have a voice in Parliament.

Daniel: I'm not sure if upgrading the opposition leader’s office facilities is of such supreme importance that it takes precedence over parliamentary reforms and anti-hopping legislation, for DAP national organising secretary and Seremban MP Anthony Loke to be blowing his trumpet so loudly.

Even the proposed appointment of a deputy speaker was such a let-down.

By the way, does the upgrade include some multi-million renovations and new furniture?

Anthony Chan: I agree. The upgrade of the opposition leader’s office to ministerial level is not a reform to shout about. The ninth prime minister has also upgraded four people to ministerial level by appointing them as either special envoys or head of a council.

This, in addition to the bloated ministers and deputy ministers that are obviously ministerial levels. Such posts cost the prime minister nothing because they are paid by taxpayers.

All Things Considered: The upgrade of Anwar's office is probably the only 'reform' we have heard so far of the government and Pakatan Harapan’s memorandum of understanding (MOU).

Perhaps Harapan now can also ask for an upgrade of all opposition MPs’ offices. The politicians can all live happily ever after.

ThirdForce: If Harapan leaders truly prioritised the rakyat's wellbeing, then they would've prioritised the initiatives in the MOU that had greater impact on improving people's lives, especially considering the hardship brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, as opposed to having these types of initiatives in the MOU being implemented first that seemingly provide 'upgrades'/perks/positions to politicians.

Senior Citizen77: It is disappointing to read such negative comments.

The upgrade is indeed a positive sign that both the government and the opposition are working together for the good of the nation. It is time for Anwar to be recognised for what he has done for the nation.

If not for Anwar-inspired Harapan, BN would still be robbing the rakyat, especially the Malays, by giving them crumbs to buy their support. With Harapan not having the numbers, this is the only sensible way forward.

Lost Hope: Whatever happened to the so-called reforms? Where is the prime minister’s vote of confidence? Why is the speaker still in the House? Why is there a need for a third deputy speaker? Why did the previous law minister not punished for misleading the House?

Why did the speaker not allow the Pandora Papers to be debated? Why is the failed ex-prime minister allowed to lead the National Recovery Council? Why is a selective investigative committee set up to investigate former attorney-general Tommy Thomas, but not on Mohamed Apandi Ali?

Why is there no special committee set up to investigate the case of Teoh Beng Hock, and the missing pastor Raymond Koh and social activist Amri Che Mat? What about the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu?

The list goes on. So Harapan, please wake up and reject this cheap carrot from the government. Have you no more dignity left?

Seriously Loke, is this what the rakyat voted you for? For the opposition leader to have more perks and recognition but voiceless as ever? This is sounding more and more like Umno and Bersatu.

Justice: One of the reforms agreed in the MOU is judicial reform.

Have the Bar Council, Advocates Association of Sarawak and Sabah and other stakeholders, for example, consumers associations, human rights organisations and other relevant civil society groups, been engaged and consulted on judicial reforms?

One aspect or area that needs urgent reform is to ensure that judges, legal and judicial officers are not aloof, indifferent and disconnected from society due to lack of exposure, training and understanding of the history, culture, customs, traditions or way of life of our people, particularly our indigenous communities.

Understanding of the common law and administrative law and even the spirit of our constitutional provisions appears to be waning in the courts.

Executive powers keep expanding, so inevitably it will impact on the rights of our people. Thus, the courts must be very knowledgeable, especially on administrative and constitutional laws including equitable doctrines and principles such as estoppel, legitimate expectation, etc.

GreenMoose7204: People are so easily swayed by the most insignificant of actions. When in actuality, we still see prosecution of the innocent and those who stand up for justice.

Sugarcoating should not be at the expense of all Malaysians getting what they truly need, such as access to local universities based on meritocracy, proper medical healthcare by professionals that take their jobs seriously, carrying out businesses without undue interference from the politicians or authorities as long as they are done legally and diligently, and supporting just causes without fear of the authorities knocking on the door due to political differences.

Undecided: An optimist will see this move by Ismail Sabri that he wants and needs the opposition’s help to carry out the reforms as promised in the MOU.

A pessimist will likely see this as just a bribe to ensure support from Harapan so that Ismail Sabri can continue as prime minister.

Clearwater: @Undecided, and how about the realist? He is hopeful but fearful at the same time.

But with more reason to fear as those entitled are too entrenched and powerful to be easily removed. It is a long journey and this is just the beginning.

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