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YOURSAY | Should a convicted man be allowed to travel overseas?

YOURSAY | 'You don't see this kind of treatment given to the ordinary rakyat.'

Najib seeks temporary passport access to be in Singapore with expecting daughter

Dr Raman Letchumanan: Even rich and powerful accused/criminals seem to have the special privilege of being able to attend to their children admitted overseas for normal hospitalisation.

Just like hiding their stash in off-shore tax havens, the government says this is normal, nothing illegal.

At home, many died from Covid-19 without their loved ones present because of travel restrictions and lockdowns.

Are the courts going to set new precedents for the accused to freely travel overseas for spurious reasons? Would the courts inquire why such normal childbirth cannot be availed locally? Are our medical facilities so bad?

OrangeKancil6903: How come they get such privileges? If a person is charged in court, he or she shouldn’t be enjoying such benefits until he has been successfully cleared of wrongdoings.

What is this telling would-be offenders? No politician would fear the consequences of corruption.

Cyclonus: Yes, please allow. In fact, please ensure both former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak and his wife, Rosmah Mansor, are on the same flight.

Heck, make it a family affair - the son who was also charged with tax evasion should also be there to rejoice the birth of another family member. And please don’t forget the family lawyer (who is facing money-laundering charges).

I can’t wait to read what foreign journalists are going to write about this.

Steven Ong: Can a convicted criminal (pending appeal) even leave the country?

The opposition should get Singapore’s Home Ministry to ban him from entering the country, as they had banned controversial Muslim preacher Zakir Naik.

Banning extreme preachers and convicted criminals is for the safety and peace of a country. Both could be a bad influence on one’s citizens.

Face Green Green: It’s really a big joke to the court process if this is allowed. Why not just release them with no further action, since we know what the outcome will be after GE15?

This is a waste of time and resources; you don’t see this kind of treatment given to the ordinary rakyat.

What’s next? Applying for leave because the cat’s giving birth?

Court allows release of passport so Rosmah could fly to Singapore

The Truth: Why is Rosmah, who is facing a massive case of corruption, allowed to leave the country to be with her daughter for a month? Does that mean the hearing of her court cases will keep being postponed until 2030?

Why are many other ordinary Malaysians, some of whom with parents who died of Covid-19 in foreign countries - many more with children or grandchildren born overseas, etc - have to go through all the hassle to apply to leave Malaysia?

And by the time the approval came, the dead had already been buried, the newborn already arrived. We have two standards - one for the politically connected and another for ordinary citizens.

MarioT: Would such a request be granted to an ordinary person?

If such a request is made by an ordinary person, chances are that it will not be granted for the reason that there is a likelihood the person would abscond.

Yes, this clearly shows the double standards of law enforcement in this country. They are on trial for serious crimes and should not be given special rights.

One (Umno president Zahid Ahmad Hamidi) wants to go overseas for medical treatment, which I am sure is available locally. The other on a lame excuse of needing to be with a daughter who is giving birth.

Gajah Duduk: Give me a break, unless Rosmah is helping to deliver the baby herself, there is no reason for her to travel to Singapore.

She is alleged to have stolen millions from the people. How is she not a flight risk?

Headhunter: Either it is an excuse to leave the country or it is a very poor testimony on the competence of Malaysian doctors, who are deemed not good enough for their precious daughter and grandchild.

Either way, it is unacceptable to accord such treatment to leaders who have been accused of grand corruption.

It’s just like our education system, which is also not good enough for them as they send their children overseas but expect the rest of us to be eternally grateful in spite of the falling standards and leaning towards religious extremism.

Don’t expect these so-called leaders to show exemplary behaviour.

Xtcher: So now she’s allowed to go to Singapore with conditions attached to the release of her passport.

Why is it that her daughter chose to give birth to her child in Singapore and not in Malaysia, where she will doubtlessly be given the best medical attention available due to her parents’ status?

More importantly, wouldn’t that avoid the question of whether the child is eligible for Malaysian citizenship?

Well Thats Fantastic: I really feel that the importance of this case has been lessened by this action. 

Millions were allegedly lost and stolen, with their passports taken from them for a reason, but now they are treated like royalty again.

The biggest mistake every thief makes is to not steal millions because they land in jail much faster when stealing bread or nappies.

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