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YOURSAY | 'Muhyiddin, you can spin it any way you want.'

Muhyiddin positions PN as the moral choice, fires coup and 1MDB salvos at Umno

Siva1967: Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin, you can spin it any way you want. The fact of the matter is you and your Bersatu partners along with Azmin Ali and his cohorts are the ones who started this irresponsible act of overthrowing the government.

You went back to the very “enemy” that you swore to overthrow and gave them an opening to walk back into the corridors of power, knowing full well that it is in Umno’s nature to wait for the opportunity to strike and regain power.

I am surprised that I am saying this, but I really hope Umno wins and comes back to full power for the sake of stability.

After 22 months of Harapan and 17 months of Perikatan Nasional (PN), my pipe dream of a better Malaysia has diminished. I know there is no more hope for Malaysia. At least for the sake of political stability, and possibly a better economy, Umno should return to power.

The way I see it, these “crooks” will do anything to put some money into their pockets. With that in mind, they will do anything to stimulate the economy and what better way to do that than to approve many mega-projects with bloated price tags which the country can ill afford.

But who cares, as long as jobs are created, people’s spending power increases, spin-off businesses get going, and the pockets of the ministers and cronies are filled. The country has gone to the dogs anyway, so let’s go down in style.

Mano: Muhyiddin painted Umno as a party that put its self-interest over the people during the Covid-19 pandemic, referring to the Perak coup in December 2020, the federal coup in August, and now the Malacca crisis last month.

Muhyiddin, how about the Sheraton traitors and the Perak debacle of 2009? You’re not so innocent, after all.

ProMalaysia: Muhyiddin is the least qualified person to talk about morality.

Bersatu won only 12 out of 52 seats contested in GE14 and was given the lion’s share of ministerial posts after GE14.

PKR should have taken the PM post, but as a party of principle, party president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail honoured her words and gave the post to Bersatu chairperson Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Instead of defending the government that voted him in, Muhyiddin sabotaged his coalition members and arrested DAP members using Sosma and as home minister, he allowed extremists in Umno and PAS to run wild and hurl insults against DAP.

Then he took PKR MPs out of the coalition and teamed up with extremists in Umno and PAS, and caused the collapse of the Harapan government.

Now this man and the PKR traitors who jumped ship to Bersatu are fighting for their survival. Let Malacca voters bury this party, together with all the other traitors.

Hadi touts coalition of 'non-extremists' under PN banner

Freethinker: “Hadi praised Bersatu president Muhyiddin… for stepping down as the prime minister in order to avoid a crisis when Umno moved against Muhyiddin in August.”

No, he didn’t “step down”. He was forced into a corner by Umno and he went begging Harapan for help to keep him in power. After being turned down by Harapan, he went with his tail between his legs begging the Agong for a way to get out of the crisis but was “advised” to resign.

No, he did not “step down”. He was “thrown out” by Umno and “kicked out” by Harapan.

PW Cheng: “However, Hadi criticised Umno for again bringing down its own government in Malacca, calling it ‘immoral’.”

This goes to prove beyond any doubt that this particular politician has zero principles as he totally forgot that Bersatu did the same to bring down its own federal government. Apparently, to him, that is moral.

The man always had his twisted logic to serve his own interests and he can wave his magic wand to make things halal and haram according to what suits him. A person who can make corruption as halal is no better than a skunk of the highest degree.

Clever Voter: PAS’ motive to destroy its political rivals is well known.

Anyone with views that go beyond the tolerant level can be considered extreme. So long as religion and race are wrongly applied, we have gone beyond the level of moderation, where there is respect for diversity and acceptance of differences.

Hadi is the opposite of this. He is not exactly stupid as he uses race and religious issues all the time. Hadi’s claim that PN is a coalition of non-extremists is simply ludicrous.

Milshah: PAS strategy has always been weak. Last GE, when anti-BN sentiments were strong among the rakyat, they refused to cooperate with Bersatu. Subsequently, Bersatu, together with Harapan, toppled the BN government and formed the new government.

Now, sentiments in the Malay community are with Umno, but PAS chooses to cooperate with Bersatu.

When they should have turned left, they turned right. When they should have turned right, they turned left. PAS and Bersatu will be wiped out in the Malacca state election.

Goliath: If Malacca wants the most extremist coalition to rule with the most backward thinking and non-progressive elements in their government, vote for any coalition that has PAS in it.

It’s almost a guarantee they will destroy the valuable tourism industry of the state by imposing all kinds of religious laws that drive away millions of tourists.

If Malacca wants corrupt leaders to run the state and plunder its richness in history for its own benefit, vote for any coalition with Umno in it.

At the end of the day, the people just know that there is only one coalition that will benefit the country in the long run and it has neither PAS nor Umno in it.

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