Act against Perak mufti too

Modified 29 Jan 2008, 10:21 am

As a community leader, Harussani should have calmed the scenario, rather than informing other religious officials at a meeting of the SMS and allowing the situation to be blown out of proportion.

On 'Baptism for Muslims': Raja Sherina, husband detained

Accountability: So the elusive 'Raja Sherina' whom the Perak mufti Harussani Zakaria has accused for initiating the unfounded SMS rumour of baptism of apostates has finally been apprehended.

Hrussani claimed that he initially received the SMS from Raja Sherina, and she later went to see him about it. As a community leader, Harussani should have calmed the scenario, rather than informing other religious officials at a meeting of the SMS and allowing the situation to be blown completely out of proportion.

With the SMS that he had allegedly received from Raja Sherina, wouldn't the most appropriate action he should have undertaken was to discreetly verify the matter? If the Perak mufti felt that a proper investigation was needed, he should have confided it to the police, and let the police carry on from there.

Should Raja Sherina be investigated and penalised for sedition? Who really is the person behind all these inflammatory emotions through the spreading rumours? The woman who confided in Harussani? And why is Harussani, a male religious leader holding an exalted status in the community, shifting the blame to Raja Sherina.

On Umno's doses of venom

Truly Malaysian: All the rhetoric about bloodbath and fighting for the cause for race and religion boils down to dollars and cents. All that was spoken in reality does not carry much weight. You scratch my back my back, I scratch yours.

Let's face the facts - every reasonable Muslim and non-Muslim in Malaysia knows this is unhealthy situation domestically and internationally. As the world gets smaller, the bigger picture is: are we heading the right way? Patriotism is a collective sentiment not built on dollars and cents. It takes more than that to invoke real patriotism.

What a pitiful state we will be in another 10 years if the biggest and the most powerful party cannot recognise this. I really wish MGG Pillai was around, he would have had a field day.

Disappointed Malaysian, Penang: Hishammuddin Hussein must exercise care and caution when he utters racial remarks or resorts to provocative actions that might be misconstrued as an "act of inviting the non-Malays to a fight".

History has proven throughout the world that when a minority group is being oppressed or discriminated against, that victimised group is bound to take up arms against the oppressors that could lead to bloodshed and ultimately destroy a nation.

There is a certain degree of tolerance among the oppressed. But when that tolerance is breached, it would lead to chaos. One doesn't have to look far. Just look at Sri Lanka. Every peace-loving Malaysian should learn a lesson from the Sri Lankan experience.

MSY: The enemy is not within and it certainly is not the other races. Umno is not doing justice to the Malay people because they have failed to eradicate poverty in the Malay heartlands. Instead there are many mansions, and E-Class and Kompressors cars owned by politicians or those businessmen close to politicians.

Malaysia is slipping in competitiveness and productivity, and instead of engaging in ways to improve Malay competitiveness in this globalising world, they talk about losing their rights and land, and the spilling of blood with their keris, etc.

John Lim: After hearing the rhetoric in the recently concluded Umno general assembly, I wish to voice my views captured by this wonderful quote that I dedicated to Pak Lah and his key team.

"If you just set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything at any time, and you would achieve nothing." - Margaret Thatcher, British stateswoman.

On Bukit Gasing battle-cry: On to KL City Hall

Razali Mohd Yusof: I fully support the issue to forbid development at Gasing Heights because as a Petaling Jaya resident for 50 years, I believe the green belt should not be destroyed. During my younger days, we used to patronise the waterfall and jungle trekking there. Zulkhasnan was a PJ resident in the 70s. I hope he will sympathise with us.

On NEP an Umno gimmick to rob Malays: Anwar

Dr Raj Kumar Maharajah: Obviously, the hard times Anwar had went through have made him a better human being - a person who respects others regardless of their colour or creed. I think the only hope left with Anwar Ibrahim is that he has charisma, the support and the political will to make a change in a multiracial country such as ours.

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