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YOURSAY | Get this into our thick heads - corruption is stealing

YOURSAY | ‘It’s wrong by any holy book and plenty to be ashamed about.’

'More questions than answers' - Gomez responds to MACC's 'tell-all' presser

Oriole: The silence of the prime minister and the cabinet on this matter raises even more troubling questions about our tolerance for corruption, corporate misdeeds and general wrongdoing.

Is the anti-corruption agency set up as lip service to a government that has little inclination to address such misdeeds?

Given their close links with the 1MDB case, they should be tripping over themselves to ensure a clean and transparent administration. It looks like old habits die hard.

Hrrmph: A big thanks to political economy professor Edmund Terence Gomez for highlighting all these pertinent issues.

Unfortunately, those intend on fudging the truth, who care nothing about the rights of Malaysians to proper governance nor the integrity of the country's institutions, we can expect to hear more "cleaning cicak and bird poo" excuses.

How dense must the majority be to think that these continuous exposes of how corrupted our system is, is not going to impact our well-being in the long run? Do they think that we have bottomless pits of money to be stolen by whoever is in a position to do so?

We need to change the narrative. Corruption is stealing. The majority may not understand corruption, but they will understand stealing - something that is wrong by any holy book and plenty to be ashamed about.

Speaking Sense: This case must not be allowed to fade away through inaction. We must not be satisfied until a full and impartial inquiry has been conducted.

It’s ridiculous for the one accused of wrongdoing to be excused just because he says he has done nothing wrong. And for the MACC Advisory Board to have the power to close the case just like that.

Those guilty must realise that they must pay for their wrongdoings. And in an agency like MACC, if there is even a perception that the head has behaved improperly, he certainly must stand aside until he is properly cleared, or he must resign or be removed.

FairMalaysian: The people should demand the resignation of the Anti-Corruption Advisory Board Abu Zahar Ujang. This is a case of "harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi."

Now that the issue of his exceeding the authority has arisen, and this involves the credibility of the MACC, Abu Zahar has no option but to resign. The independence of the body has become questionable.

By the way, they are supposed to work for the people's interest, not the MACC's interest.

MS: For the sake of full disclosure, the media should now provide the full details of the MACC's Advisory Board members.

We know it includes an ex-IGP, the brother of the chairman who is a propagandist, an ex-consultant, a property developer, and a professor.

Next, their individual views on the present scandal and their knowledge of Security Commission rules, including who appointed them, should be made public. It is time to lift the lid on this can of worms.

Quigonbond: This stinks of someone who thinks he should be in a privileged position that he should be excused for holding shares for his brother.

This may not be a big crime, but the displayed attitude of being above the law, of not even thinking something is amiss or wrong, not showing any kind of regret or contrite, makes it a controversy.

This is MACC we're talking about. They are supposed to be squeaky clean.

Securities Commission to 'be in touch' with MACC chief

Public Transit Is Better Than Highways: There is no way on earth or hell that MACC chief Adam Baki would be able to walk out of this investigation without some form of fallout with his position in the anti-corruption commission.

His days were literally numbered the moment he went public in a press conference and admitted that his account had traded shares by someone that isn’t him.

The Security Commission will literally eat him alive on the matter, and Azam had just dug a hole than he can ever get out of.

Does he not have a lawyer advising him that he maybe shouldn’t have gone public with the said explanation? If he did, he probably got a terrible lawyer.

Annonnymous 080: When I got my children to open their trading accounts and insisted that I be allowed to trade on their accounts, I had to fill up many forms and give official undertakings. This process needed repetition yearly though to date I have yet to trade on their accounts!

Did Azam fill up any such document and was it endorsed and filed up at the broker's office?

It is so strange to hear civil servants - what more serving senior civil servants - opening trading accounts as many only rely on mutual unit trusts as well as their PNB (Permodalan Nasional Berhad) accounts.

Now, not only Azam has to go on garden leave before his eventual vacating but also Abu Zahar and his entire Anti-Corruption Advisory Board members. Ceasar's wife should be above suspicion.

Purple Occa 8200: Abu Zahar, you are a disgrace. You have zero knowledge about your responsibilities. You should resign immediately.

As for Azam, he thought he was smart and became arrogant, and now he has shot his own foot.

Ismail Sabri should immediately suspend these men. The problem is, he needs to wake up from his slumber first.

GrayGoose8208: Remove this MACC chief now to show the government means business and possibly retain some dignity in the long run.

But then again, ‘maruah’ (dignity) doesn’t mean anything to these individuals or the government. As soon as they can get away with it, these practices will continue to flourish.

Sad but true, I don’t see much hope in Malaysia anymore. It’s time to pack up and leave. The discrimination is enough to give up hope already anyway.

Undecided: The ‘ketuanan’ mentality, so well exemplified by the MACC and its advisory board elites in this share ownership farce, has over the years taken root in every important area of civil service and its institutions.

This state of mind made those elites think consciously or unconsciously that they are above the law, and they did not have to be competent to remain in their jobs as long as they have the right connections.

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