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YOURSAY | PAS suffers from memory loss too

YOURSAY | ‘PAS used Umno as a vehicle to power and Umno used PAS similarly.’

PAS leader claims amnesiac Umno blinded by lust for power

Newday: PAS ulama leader Mokhtar Senik, there’s too much power lusting by all of you.

You have really reaped what you have sown by jumping into bed with Umno in the first place. It was not a new Umno that you agreed to work with. All the Umno warlords from before the 14th general election (GE14) were (and still are) there.

In PAS’ power pursuit, you chose to ignore this as if somehow through a pact that you had become equal partners. You used Umno as a vehicle to power and they used you similarly.

If you really follow your religion, you will realise that you have immeasurably sinned in your selfish power pursuit.

Go it alone in Johor. Go on. What have you got to lose apart from face, credibility and your election deposits?

Vijay47: Mokhtar, the PAS-Umno relationship is a marriage made in hell. So what are you crying about being the loser in Umno’s not unexpected decision of throwing PAS out onto the streets?

You both were trying to use the other. You say “Umno has fallen back to its old ways of lusting for power”. Fallen back? Umno has never deviated from its obsession to rule and you were a willing accomplice in its efforts. But just to serve your own ends.

Now that the writing on the wall reveals that there is only so much of a sick party’s ranting of religion and fake piety your naïve, ignorant supporters can stomach, PAS desperately pleads for reconciliation.

How poetic that in good times and bad times, for richer and poorer, PAS and Umno truly deserve each other.

OCT: PAS thinks that since they are religious leaders, Umno must stick with them no matter how PAS performs.

A good and capable party like Umno will never team up with PAS as PAS is a liability. This is Politics 101. But PAS doesn’t get it.

The first thing Umno will do is to take care of its division leaders. Umno will not sacrifice its seats for PAS to compete as PAS has no value to add.

It’s high time PAS comes down to earth that religion alone cannot win but political acumen does.

PAS faces annihilation and it is very afraid to be exposed as a party that nobody wants.

Politics has no permanent friends or enemies. As long as you can bring victory to the table, you are a friend but if you fail to win seats, the curtain comes down on you.

Get real PAS, the party is an unwanted child, not to be touched with a 10-feet pole.

Dr Jangan Main Main: Hello PAS, you have gone to bed with every major party, your past treachery and disloyalty to your political spouse speak for themselves.

Remember what happened to PAS’ friend, DAP, in 2015?

If PAS is brave now, withdraw your 18 MPs from supporting Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob. The Perikatan Nasional (PN)-BN government will instantly collapse and GE15 will be called.

But then PAS will lose three ministers and five deputy ministers and many will also lose spots in government-linked companies. Allowance and perks will cease to exist… are your MPs ready for that? No way.

YellowGecko0625: PAS, you stabbed PKR and DAP in the back, you ditched Muafakat Nasional for PN/Bersatu, which is stabbing Umno in the back.

They all became your comrades when you needed them but when new opportunities arise, you ditched them. If anyone else will trust you, then they must be blind.

Malaysia Bharu: Morally bankrupt PAS has shared too many beds for the taste of power has come to its destined end.

A spurned lover. Now like a woman scorned it is striking out spewing expletives at its erstwhile partners that have ditched them. PAS is now a danger to itself.

Anoy8: “(Keeping Umno) strong... but not too strong...” This is so PAS can still remain relevant to support Umno. You also want to have a share of the power that Umno has. There is no difference between the both of you.

By the way, when you are in politics, the objective is to have ultimate power, best without any dependency on anybody.

That’s why it conflicts with religion because politics can never be as clean as religion. If you combine both you will likely be telling lies like what you are saying now.

Power Ranger: Indeed, PAS is no different than Umno. If PAS is not power crazy, it will not cling on to Umno and Bersatu in order to survive. PAS just wants to sit in government.

Just look at all the ministers and government officers from PAS. They go for overseas trips and talk nonsense when interviewed by the media.

PAS does well in Kelantan and Terengganu because the people there appear to be easily manipulated by the party. Even though there have been no developments and progress for so many years, the people there still choose PAS.

Hopefully, the new generation who are more educated and exposed to the world will make a change for themselves.

Lazycat: If it was a three-cornered fight, unless Pakatan Harapan can show us hope, I'd rather vote tactically and have a strong Umno/BN that does not need to accommodate PAS/Bersatu.

Just look at the calibre of their members when appointed into government.

For Harapan, I am not quite sure if they have reflected on themselves and moved on from blaming voter turnout for their losses.

IndigoTrout2522: Why does PAS keep begging Umno to be “married” to them even though the latter has made it very clear that they have already “divorced” PAS?

The only reason is that PAS knows very well that their candidates and party will lose without Umno support. PAS will likely be obliterated, except in Kelantan and Terengganu. You deserve it for all your extremism.

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