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YOURSAY | Hadi overstepping his bounds as special envoy

YOURSAY | ‘He applauds this atrocious new Afghan regime. We should be appalled.’

PAS MP: Salahuddin's Taliban statement influenced by West and DAP

Hadi 'jumped the gun' in recognising Taliban – Salahuddin

FairMalaysian: What Amanah international bureau chairperson Salahuddin Ayub raised were pertinent points. Has the government recognised the Taliban? Has the cabinet given approval to prime minister's Special Envoy to the Middle East Abdul Hadi Awang to do so?

DAP has a number of Malay politicians as elected representatives in its fold. Not only does PAS have no non-Malay elected reps, it denigrates non-Malays by treating them as "low-class" members with no voting rights or equal membership.

PAS' Sik MP Ahmad Tarmizi Sulaiman has to be very careful. If the DAP decides to sue him for defamation, which I believe it should, it may turn out to be a nightmare for him.

Mazilamani: Hadi is only a special envoy. He may have a minister’s pay and privileges, but he is not a full-fledged cabinet minister.

He has definitely usurped a lot of authority. Doesn't Hadi know that he has to present his proposals to the cabinet, which will, in turn, have to be discussed by the foreign minister and Foreign Ministry officials?

Based on Malaysiakini's findings, we have not even established a diplomatic relationship with the new Afghanistan government and are awaiting UN approval.

Vent: "The whole world is helping to restore Afghanistan in terms of humanitarian aid," said Hadi.

Almost true. Much of the world's agencies are also withholding money for "the recovery of Afghanistan" if it includes the persecution of individuals involved with the previous and foreign governments, the gender apartheid on secondary and tertiary education, human rights violations especially that of women's rights, and selective dispersal of international aid.

And while we are on the matter of humanitarian aid, how about waxing on aid for those devastated and displaced by the recent floods and for the families of those bereaved by Covid?

Since charity begins at home. Perhaps PAS can contribute towards this humanitarian aid from the revenue obtained from the continued logging in the states run by them?

GETaFIX: Diplomacy is a profession like medicine or law; its goal is to advance the national interest of a country through dialogue, negotiation and cooperation with the government of other countries.

Our special envoy to the Middle East should have focused on multilateral cooperation and adopted new tools to deal with the new challenges of international terrorism, drug trafficking, money laundering, global organised crime, illegal immigration, enforced migration, environmental degradation and cyber terrorism.

Hadi is absolutely not qualified to discuss the above-mentioned issues simply because he is intellectually bankrupt in international politics and international relations.

Now, what would our PM’s action be on this? He will just hide in one of the turtle islands for the storm to pass. I feel very sad for Malaysia.

Clever Voter: Imagine this is foreign policy. This country becomes the first country to recognise a government that is unelected, clueless over governing and has a record that is not exactly what people would regard as civilised.

Hadi applauds this atrocious new Afghan regime. We should be appalled.

OCT: PAS’ Hadi must think that Malaysia is a rich country that has excess funds to donate to Afghanistan. This shows that Hadi doesn't know the financial position of Malaysia.

All these years, Malaysia has tabled a deficit budget. This means Malaysia has been borrowing to finance our expenditures.

Malaysia is already in trillions of ringgit in debts. It would take our children and grandchildren to repay the debts over their lifetime. Moreover, PAS states like Kelantan and Terengganu are the poorest states in Malaysia.

Most of the infrastructure and welfare of the rakyat are in dire straits and need resources to rectify them. Hadi prefers to care about Afghanistan instead of its own rakyat and states. This shows how stupid Hadi can be. Another glaring fault is meeting the Taliban in Doha, Qatar.

Afghanistan is not recognised by UN. It is wise for Malaysia to do the same. Nothing can be gained from recognising Afghanistan.

At times like this, a caring envoy has to find investment for the country instead of trying to be a hero to give out aid when the country can ill afford it.

No wonder, Malaysia is doomed with envoys who knows how to spend but don't know how to attract FDIs/investments. It is surprising that the PM has endorsed this meeting as pointed out by Hadi. This shows PM is complicit in allowing Hadi to meet with the Taliban.

The PM should be looking into the many problems in Malaysia before embarking on foreign assistance for Afghanistan.

GoldenTiger5095: Just how distorted is this man’s view? Hadi is a "special envoy" to the Middle East, a post created by the government of the day to curry favours from PAS.

The cabinet should be deciding whether to assist Afghanistan and the Taliban. The cabinet has yet to recognise the Afghanistan government (a point Tarmizi has conveniently forgotten), then and then only can aid follow.

The money given as aid belongs to Malaysian taxpayers and their views should be solicited. But we have a government elected by the politicians, not the people.

Cocomomo: Dear PAS Sik MP, can we know which Arab nation has recognised the Taliban set-up (believe they are still trying to form a government)?

Can we know which major Islamic nation has recognised the Taliban group? If the whole world is already helping, why do they need help from tiny Malaysia?

Various aid agencies are trying to help the suffering Afghans - they do not want to deal with the Taliban but prefer to provide aid directly to those needing help.

If your party president really wants to help, he should advise his newfound friends to allow these aid agencies to go directly to those needing help.

If the Taliban group is so good, why many Afghans, especially women, are trying to leave the country?

Coward: Tarmizi, while I would not put it the same way, Salahuddin is not wrong to say Hadi jumped the gun by making the meeting public.

Normally I would expect every contact with a country that we do not have formal diplomatic relations to be held in private, not publicised precisely for the reason Salahuddin said - to avoid being seen as recognising the country.

For this reason, all I am expecting is a statement from his office saying that he met with the relevant office holder to discuss aid - no picture or tweet.

And if you want to drag in DAP, give us a better excuse than just your personal opinion/unfounded suspicion.

The attack on Salahuddin on humanitarian aid of uncalled for. He did not say anything against the aid. Like the DAP link, it's a fiction of your imagination.

One word of advice, it is these types of imaginary things that degrade the credibility of your reply.

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