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YOURSAY | ‘Rafizi, ensure you bring back Nurul too to revitalise PKR…’

Rafizi to return from hiatus, aims for PKR No 2 spot

Ferdtan: Many, including myself, have been laying off politics for one reason only.

We are so fed up with the current opposition leaders who are clueless about winning the hearts and minds of the people. Instead, they squabble among themselves over positions within and without their parties. The recent Johor state election is a good example.

This announcement by PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli that he is coming back to active politics after the humiliating defeat of Pakatan Harapan by BN in recent elections is the only cheer we have.

Welcome back, Rafizi, and we hope former party vice-president, Nurul Izzah Anwar, joins his team in the party election. We hope Anwar Ibrahim, who is expected to return unopposed as PKR president, stays neutral in the deputy party president contest.

Reset: Rafizi, ensure you bring back Nurul too to revitalise PKR and Harapan, which are losing appeal with the rakyat.

Build a strong coalition, but it should be based on goal alignment and not just an alliance of convenience (which surprisingly seems the focus of some Harapan strategists, which led to the loss of trust from many with all the public disputes among themselves).

It will be a tough journey to win back trust and reignite the fire, but for our beloved country, it is a worthwhile effort and you will have our support.

By the way, there will be resistance from many and thus, do get ready to reach out and build a strong collaborative network while upholding your principles.

Undecided: It is good that Rafizi is back as he has the potential to be a good prime minister for all Malaysians.

His first task would be to rebuild and unite PKR, as the party was considerably weakened after the Sheraton Move.

My greatest fear is too high expectations of him from Harapan supporters. He has clearly stated that his views are quite different from other top Harapan leaders when it comes to forming coalitions.

He not only has to convince leaders of his own party but those in DAP and Amanah as well if there is going to be a united front in GE15.

Milshah: It is great to hear Rafizi is coming back. But if I may give a piece of advice - the truth is nobody could stop BN's return.

The Malay voters are dead set on backing BN. They were not happy when Harapan ruled. It may take a few GEs for Harapan to become strong again.

What Rafizi could do is to try to strengthen Harapan. So I won't blame Rafizi even if Harapan still loses in GE15.

Oktoberfest: Old faces in Harapan that are either tainted, stale or ineffective should voluntarily go for the sake of the nation’s future.

This will leave clean and capable ones to take over the mantle of leadership. Some examples (to go) that come to mind are Anwar and DAP leader Lim Guan Eng.

We need firebrands like Rafizi, and Muda leader Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman, who can draw the attention of the masses. Harapan needs to change to face BN and company.

Rafizi has to play it safe and smart or else he will be in court again and lose the opportunity to contribute to nation-building. Indeed, tough times are ahead, but I’m hoping good things will come our way though.

IndigoTurtle3676: Rafizi, I had great respect for you until you left politics/PKR/Harapan.

You pointed out correctly that Harapan is losing support (especially among Malay voters) and some of the strategies were not correct.

With regard to losing support, you and one other former vice-president, have to share the blame. By divorcing yourselves from PKR/Harapan, both of you gave the signal that PKR/Harapan have problems and not worth supporting.

While you indicated you tried to voiced out your concerns but were not taken seriously, I hope you can do better when elected deputy president.

Don't abandon the party again but stay and fight and contribute positively. If you think you and your associates’ policies can strengthen PKR/Harapan and have sufficient support, I think you should go for the president’s post and reorganise/reenergise PKR should you win. Good luck.

HangTuahPJ: Anwar, if you really care for the nation and its people, step down now and be a senior party adviser.

Let Rafizi take the lead. If you still insist on being PKR’s No 1, that means you are selfish and just want to be prime minister. Step aside for the sake of the nation, please.

MerdekaMerdekaMerdeka: Anwar, how many more state elections and general elections must PKR, along with its Harapan partners, lose before the reins are handed over to the 'in-sync-gen' leaders? The next three, maybe four GEs, before the realisation finally sets in or providence intervenes?

It's time for Rafizi and Nurul to helm the ship. Together, they are a formidable team. Relinquish your position, Anwar.

Scarecrow: Harapan is admitted into hospital with PKR already in ICU and only now the quitter and opportunist wants to come back after his teammates were just mauled in a number of severe battles while he was watching from the comfort of his home, gloating at his suffering friends, saying: "I told you so."

And now his legion of worshippers are saying, "Hail to the king! Welcome back!"

Iphonezours: There will be negative and positive feedback on Rafizi's planned return to PKR's politics, what more after the latest thrashing in the Johor state election.

Some may call him opportunistic, some may even call him untrustworthy, while others will welcome him back.

PKR has been in the doldrums since the traitors caused Harapan to collapse in 2020. If Rafizi is able to rejuvenate the party, why not. After all, it will be the PKR members who will decide Rafizi's fate in the upcoming party election.

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